Arias Errin

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Arias Errin
Arias Errin during TGC Part 3 era


Eskar Blackquill


19 (during the events of Worlds Under One), 54 (Standard Canon Time)




Eastern Grenian Angel




Soul Phantasms

Photoimpery ​


Errin Industries, Errin Conglomerate, Peace Walker Corps., Society of Faces


Canilla Taiyōno-Errin (father, deceased), Inanna Errin (mother), Romano Taiyōno (Adoptive Uncle),Viircoi Xcarret-Errin (stepfather, deceased), Dyrros Errin (brother), Helena Knezovic-Scarletburn (wife), Emriesk Errin (son), Valen Scarletburn (son)

"I didn't... know that this was happening. I thought what we're doing was for the greater good. This isn't glamorous at all... it's madness."
— Arias to Viircoi Xcarret-Errin in Spirit of Autonomy

Arias Emriesk Errin is an Eastern Angel from the planet Greniou, and was an Alpha Angelic of his kind until later in his life, when he was surpassed by his own son, Emriesk Errin. He is the inheritor of one of the wealthiest monopolies and industries in Greniou, Errin Industries. Arias takes up the moniker of "Eskar Blackquill" in order to thwart the ambitions of his eldest son.

In the Prime Timeline, Arias is an influential rebel leader who led an important uprising on the planet Causica in the Dissonant Rhapsody canon plot, Worlds Under One. [...] [plot details of Worlds Under One]. Ultimately, he is unable to save Causica, and is sent away in shame to live part of his life out in Syelsumoia. Here, he abandons his wife, Helena Knezovic-Scarletburn, after her decision to subject herself to incantations and rituals in order to bring their stillborn son, Valen Scarletburn, back to life. [...] [plot details of Spirit of Autonomy?].


Arias has deep, Prussian-blue eyes and a slightly tanned skin tone. His face seems almost artistically carved. Arias has a head of silky, coffee-brown hair. Standing at 7'3", he is quite a thin man and is very tall. Arias wears a black suit with a dark green strap attached to his left arm, accompanied by black pants and black work shoes and a red tie. As an Angel, Arias hides light gray wings from his peers, although they generally appear only when Arias is in total danger. He is capable of flight and incredible speed. His wingspan is said to be as long as 10 feet.


Arias is initially portrayed as a prideful, even arrogant young man with a blatantly oblivious view of the world. He is very prideful of his work, which also extends to his self-image. When enlisting in the Peace Walker program, he was initially rejected as he was naturally unfit to assume the major diplomatic and combative roles that the program demanded. His ego was bruised, and he grew very bitter as a result of the rejection. Arias did not understand why he could not be placed on the "front lines." Instead, he was placed in the more modest position of a tax collector on Causica by his stepfather Viircoi Xcarret-Errin, which further fuelled his bitterness. In spite of himself, he accepted the job in humility, and was eager to begin working the field as soon as he arrived in the base. Arias even called it an "honor" to be working off-planet.

As he was raised under the lifestyle of the Grenian elite, Arias often struggled to engage in the issues faced every day by those not as well-off as he. As a result, he is almost entirely unable to react when "street smarts" or even basic survival instincts are required. Despite his sheltered upbringing, there is a sense of compassion within Arias that goes against the stereotypical view of rich young men. At first, Arias is shown to be quite prejudiced. As he grows, however, Arias is shown to hold the value of life in high regard, regardless of differing origins (even if he is not always open about it). In particular, he is passionate about fairness and equality.

Being a quick-thinking and resourceful man, Arias often crafts many backup plans, which he can execute on a whim when things go awry. He can be manipulative and opportunistic, shamelessly using the situation of Dan Kitagawa's sister's imprisonment to his advantage, creating a group for his own protection. Arias also utilizes Dan and Helena Knezovic's hatred of the Grenian puppet government on Causica as a vehicle to satiate his own desires [which are?]. To this end, he is also very likeable, charismatic, and diplomatic, and is able to talk his way into forging alliances with other rebel groups. He can be lighthearted and silly--even somewhat immature at times--with his close companions, making him an oddly dynamic character.

As a leader of "The Flock," he is calculated and cunning in everything he does. His fierce passion and natural charisma make it easy for him to motivate his members. He acknowledges and fosters the unique skills of each of his flock members, knowing them well enough to assign them to the duties that best fit each of them. Unlike other leaders he encounters, including his stepfather and the general [who?], Arias does not consider the people working for him to be disposable underlings. He shows great care in making sure each one of them reaches their full potential and comes back from missions unharmed. He is a patient, understanding leader who is not afraid of keeping plans malleable enough to suit his subordinates. He is mostly receptive to criticism, learning the tough lesson that it is important to let others help refine the courses of action he intends to take.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

  • Air Frequency Sensing: Can identify frequencies and differentiate them into different things [such as?]
  • Hawk's Eye: From the air, his eyesight is improved. He can spot enemies easily from afar.

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Photoimpery: [...]



  • Shock Pistol: Arias owns a standard pistol, which shoots out rounds of electric-charged bullets.



  • Light Clones: Arias can manifest clones of pure light during battle, which he can control for approximately seven minutes before they disperse.
  • Light Replacer: Arias is able to create artificial limbs with Lightshifted Mana.
  • Spades: Arias has the capability of manifesting Light Mana as solid fragments which he refers to as Spades. These fragments are as sharp as knives, and can be summoned midair if needed. They do not conform to the laws of gravity, and follow any trajectory that Arias forces them into at blistering speeds. Arias is also able to combine his summoned Spades into barriers or protective fences.


Dissonant Rhapsody

Worlds Under One

  • Dan Kitagawa:
  • Helena Knezovic-Scarletburn: Helena's strong and unwavering persona was a challenge to Arias's traditional style, as well as his need to control others. She did not tolerate his vain attitudes and arrogance. As he interacted with Helena more, he began to notice that she did not conform to his wishes like most others did. More often than not she was better at him in battle; a huge blow to his pride.
  • Rapid Fire:

Spirit of Autonomy


Early Life

Arias was born into a rich family on his home planet of Greniou. As a result of being born into one of the most successful industrial powers, Errin Industries, Arias was able to grow up in the highest Sky Dome, living a luxurious life without many hardships to speak of. Consequently, he was raised with an incredibly narrow view of the world, and is virtually oblivious to the difficulties of others. Arias displays subtle racism and a negative perception of other races early on. In spite of this narrowness in his view of the world, he does also show a degree of compassion for life. When playing Action Joes with a young boy in his early life, Arias tries to suggest a far less brutal punishment than his playmate's original suggestion of having his Grenian Action Joe "find all of the Causican Joe's friends and kill them too." He shows some hesitation in resorting to racially-heated violence, which appears surprising to his playmate and the boy's grandmother.

Worlds Under One

Main Article: Worlds Under One

At the beginning of Worlds Under One, having been placed in the position of a tax collector by his stepfather Viircoi Xcarret-Errin, Arias' ego is bruised and often sulked and complained about not being in the "front lines." However, he is one who finds pride in anything he does despite being against his initial wishes. With his tax collecting job, he was eager to begin working the field as he arrived in the base in Nova Korri. Arias even called it an "honor" to be working off-world.

Arias' early arrogance, however, began to break down when he meets an equally arrogant young woman named Helena Scarletburn, whom he tries to outperform during a tax collection run that went horribly wrong. Being a fanatic for generic childhood stories of heroes and justice, Arias was naturally inclined to take matters into his own hands when arresting a man. Unfortunately, his own actions led him to get a shoulder injury and having to be saved by Helena herself. This resulted in a huge blow to his pride. When Rapid Fire officially joined forces with Arias and Helena as an ally, Arias was not pleased with his involvement in his group. The group was initially a collection of people Arias had put together for selfish purposes, such as protecting him and hiding him from the eyes of General Kyogen and Viircoi.

He assembles the group by using the guise of breaking Dan Kitagawa's sister Sakura out of a prison camp, and uses the mutual hatred of the Grenian puppet government on Causica as a glue to keep the group together. However, Arias does not think things through as a young man and as a group leader when Rapid Fire joined, and gave Rapid Fire a hard time in general. Rapid Fire's calm and dominant form not only instigated Arias's fiercely jealous side, but challenged his authority as a person when Rapid Fire learns of Arias's background as a rich young man and uses such position to defame him in front of his group. Arias grows bitter but then learns the value of life aside from his own when the group ran into a heated uprising in Nova Korri where soon enough Arias is compelled to save his future lifelong best friend, Kahzesouk Mirragroski.

Upon saving the young boy, Arias begins to plummet into a chasm of unbelievable denial and shame, knowing that his kind of people were undoubtedly ruining the lives of the Causicans for mere power and wealth. He grew sick of his old identity but was still unsure and therefore clung on to his old arrogant persona a little longer. After an event, he drops that act and "opens his eyes" to the reality of Causica, seeing how nothing revolved around him and that people were worse off than he was. Then the unspeakable happens when Viircoi holds Dyrros captive and sends him off to a reeducation camp, prompting Arias to become determined to take action against such an oppressive rule.

Spirit of Autonomy



  • Arias is lactose intolerant.
  • He is the second angel character in Dissonant Rhapsody to be part Mantuanese and part Grenian, the other being Reikovic Minskemiln.