Aurora Version 24

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Aurora Version 24
Aurora in GARNET
"Queen of GARNET"
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Biologically 14 (as of the GARNET Incident)









Soul Phantasms

All-Shredding Eyes, Vectors





"Come, Shadow. Let me hold you close—let us destroy this awful world together, and purge it of all its injustice."

Aurora Version 24 (simply known as Aurora) was the most powerful Diclonius to be created by GARNET's DEICLONOS Project. Prior to the events of [GARNET CP], she was responsible for the death of the previously-undefeated Diclonius Echo Version 0, thus unarguably establishing herself atop of the Diclonius power hierarchy. She is considered to be the key factor in causing the GARNET Incident, breaching GARNET's containment along with Shadow Version 27 and attempting to escape the underground complex. She is also responsible for manipulating events during said breach in order to ensure that no Diclonius except Shadow and herself would survive, but she is ultimately killed before she manages to reach the surface.

Her name is derived from the visual effects caused by her Soul Phantasm, her All-Shredding Eyes.


Aurora is 1.64 m, with a light complexion accentuated by the slight paleness from being raised in GARNET's underground complex, although this is a trait that would normally go unnoticed unless careful inspection is involved. Her hair is a very distinct gradient of red through magenta, with reddish hues starting near the top of her skull before transitioning into a strong although not overbearing fuchsia near the ends of her shoulder-length hair. The gradient is never distinctively red or magenta at any point, but is rather a smooth transition between those colors that is only seen with definite clarity under a good source of light, and her hair would otherwise appear to be colored in shades of reddish pink. Her eyes are lavender in color, and they psionically glow with the magenta-colored light of high-energy Psions as she uses her All-Shredding Eyes. As an experiment of the God's Clone Project, she was branded at birth with a serial number just below her left shoulder, in uniform, somewhat subdued magenta lettering that simply displays "024".

Due to security concerns during her containment in GARNET, she was almost always forced to wear a vibrationally-suppressive helmet when outside her containment area. Thus, when interacting with other Diclonii, she would be seen wearing a somewhat angular, forward-leaning helmet made of darkened metal, which would cover the entirety of her skull but let the remainder of her hair spill down to her shoulders. A small visor of impact-resistant black glass was embedded in the front of the helmet, allowing the glow of her eyes to be seen as two opaque blurs of color that increased in intensity as she released her abilities, but the rest of her features would be effectively obscured.


Aurora is a broken individual. Prior to her first few interactions with the Diclonius Shadow Version 27, she was a hollow person with no purpose other than to survive and remain at the top through overwhelming displays of power, even if it meant maiming or outright killing other Diclonii she was forced to fight against. She displayed very little emotion and was unable to connect with any other Diclonius while in containment; coupled with her reputation of being strong and merciless, and the fact that Aurora had to be contained in notably more degrees of isolation due to her destructive powers, this segregated her even further from other Versions.

After meeting Shadow, however, Aurora comes to understand the concept of friendship, then attraction, and inevitably love. Finally finding a reason to live for, her personality is shaped through their repeated interactions, although it is never truly mended: her past experiences and the overall environment in GARNET gives her a warped set of morals which encourages murder if it means preserving her relationship with Shadow. She comes across as a sweet and charming girl whose demeanor actions suggest someone lighthearted and thoughtful, though her "status" among other Diclonii simultaneously lends to her being assertive and determined at times, having no qualms in taking the leads regarding decisions and such. Although fierce in battle, her personality spills into combat situations, and she tends to smile and attempt to casually engage in (mostly one-sided) conversations with her opponents even as she dismembers them limb from limb, although her disposition and topics are notably darker in such cases, carrying an undercurrent of something resembling sadism.

Her attraction to Shadow is the primary driving factor behind her personality and actions during their containment in GARNET. It is a kind of love that borders on being a psychotic obsession to an outside observer, as she has zero inhibitions concerning coldblooded murder and acts of violence against third parties if it means protecting Shadow or otherwise achieving some end concerning him. Although she is liable to be empathetic and display the sweet aspects of her personality to other people, she is just as likely to entirely discard empathy and unflinchingly kill them if the situation calls for it. However, despite her deeply twisted perception of love, her feelings for Shadow could be considered to be undoubtedly pure, as she truly wants him to be happy, even going as far as sacrificing her own life for Shadow to survive in her stead. Even if she were rejected, the possibility of intentionally manipulating or harming Shadow—physically or emotionally—would never cross her mind.

Skills and Abilities


Aurora knew no Magic during her containment in the GARNET Research Facility.

Inherent Abilities

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Psycholaceration: Otherwise known as her "All-Shredding Eyes", it is the ability to nigh-instantaneously project psychokinetic "cuts" or "lacerations" across the air, any surface, object, or person. These psycholacerations are composed of extremely high-energy Psions that are materialized as the Soul Phantasm is exerted, giving the visual appearance of Aurora's target or targets being repeatedly slashed apart by flashing streaks of colors ranging from red to magenta. The Soul Phantasm requires no projectile or contact to be held, as she is capable of manifesting the psycholacerations remotely and through obstacles, although Aurora is heavily reliant on visual stimuli for accuracy: targets that are too distant or outright beyond her line of sight are very difficult to target directly, as she is only capable of creating psycholacerations in their general area rather than being able to specifically focus when she maintains visual contact. The speed of her All-Shredding Eyes, combined with the intense energy output of the individual Psions make sustaining a defense exceedingly difficult even if employing antipsionic measures, and as such this Soul Phantasm was preemptively neutralized by GARNET via the use of a suppressive helmet.
Notably, other Diclonii are partially shielded by this Soul Phantasm due to the sheer vibrational interference of their own vectors interacting with the rampart Psions, causing Aurora's All-Shredding Eyes to be forced to target released vectors rather than the Diclonius controlling them. As such, this forced her to sequentially eliminate an opposing Diclonius' vectors before being able to directly use her All-Shredding Eyes on their body. However, the destructive interference caused by the psycholacerations shredding through a vector effectively disables it from remanifesting for anywhere between one to five minutes depending on the parameters of the vector, thus still making such an scenario a battle of attrition predominantly on Aurora's favor.
  • Vectors: [5 in number, 13 meters of range]