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Tarnished Drake



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The Fusilanguia is a unique, serpentine Malomorph that makes its lair within the heart of Milz'ai-Dar. It is a gargantuan creature, hundreds of feet long, and resembles a giant cobra made from cooling magma with long, spindly limbs. While usually dormant inside the volcano where it lives, many of Milz'ai-Dar's eruptions are a result of the Fusilanguia stirring and becoming active.

The Fusilanguia usually remains inside of Milz'ai-Dar, but on the rare occasions where it emerges, it leaves a trai of lava everywhere it goes as it ravages nearby life. It has been alive and prone to random bouts of activity long since even the Litarians' rule over Ceskion. The Sarkiri believe it to be an avatar, or perhaps an ultimate creation, of one of their gods.




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Ember Fruit

Also called the Zasheoro by the Kovulzel and Ahaja by the Sarkiri, the Ember Fruit is a sitrus-like fruit found on trees at the edge of the Drake's Garden. Incredibly sweet, the Kovulzel have attempted to cultivate the Ember Trees with mixed results; it seems that the presence of the Tarnished Drake's corrosive venom is required in the soil for the tree to properly bear fruit. The roots of the tree absorb this acid alongside other nutrients in the soil, and thus the juice of the Ember Fruit also contains the acid.

The presence of Drake venom in the fruit give its juice a slightly "sparkling" or "sizzling" quality and results in an aftertaste that can range from cloyingly sweet to horribly bitter depending on the ripeness of the fruit and species of the consumer. The skin of the fruit is thin and edible, often acting to balance the aftertaste of the soft, fragile flesh of the fruit. While the skin is a bright, vibrant orange, the flesh is almost completely white, with red seeds scattered in the middle rather than settled in a core.

The Kovulzel commonly eat this fruit if they can get to it, and will both eat the flesh and drink the juice. They may also burn the bark of the tree in their fires to give the smoke a sweet, orange-like scent. Mammalian animals are attracted to the scent of both the tree and fruit, and thus the Kovulzel both have competition accessing the fruit and risks involved in going so close to the Tarnished Drakes.

Sarkiri, however, are unable to fully process and digest the fruit. Though some like the taste, in high amounts it can make the Sarkiri extremely ill. In smaller, safer amounts, it still shocks and jars the senses of these reptiles, causing a nearly drug-like effect that results in disorientation, confusion, and impaired motor skills. Because Sarkiri are not equipped to digest the fruit and its juice, it can cause severe complications in their digestive organs, and the venom can greatly impair their nervous systems and cognitive functions. This can rarely cause mild addiction due to the sensations and the venom affecting the Sarkiri's brain. However, it also often results in death; as a result, Ember Fruit and all products of its tree are explicitly banned as a deadly toxin around She'zar-Reth.