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An individual's Domain is a metaphysical attribute defined within one's soul. It is an abstract concept that represents authority over a particular aspect of reality. It serves as the foundation from which one is able to manifest a Soul Phantasm. A Domain is often a broad concept from which one can derive one or multiple Soul Phantasms, allowing them to impact the world through manipulation of reality on a minor scope, without a medium such as Mana.


A Domain is the overarching concept that influences an individual's innate capabilities. Domains are considered to be alignments to certain concepts which resonate within one's soul. They serve to dictate the inner nature of an individual and the powers that their souls can manifest. It is the point of origin from which irregular powers known as Soul Phantasms are born.

A Domain occurs as the result of the Radix's inherent connection and orientation towards the Fabric's Origin. This alignment parses an attribute to the soul as the Scope (the concept it represents), and assigns a Name(?) to it, such as 'Charge' or 'Severing'.

The "Name" of a Domain follows certain rules of nomenclature, but possesses no specific properties. Domains are always named with a single word, with no exceptions.



A soul's primary, or "natural" Domain. It is latently encoded within the Radix, and as a result can be considered part of a soul's own uniquely exclusive variability. When specifically referring to a Domain, it is understood that it alludes to this inherent property and not a Subdomain.


A Subdomain is a discrete Domain that can manifest a secondary Soul Phantasm. A Soul Phantasm developed by a Subdomain is subordinate in nature to one developed by one's actual Domain. By this, it is understood that one may not express the same level of control when utilizing a Subdomain-manifested Soul Phantasm, comparative to one's main Domain. It is important to note that the existence of a Subdomain does not suppress one's primary Domain, even if the latter is an Unawakened state, as Subdomains are invariably passive in nature.

In contrast to Domains, Subdomains are strictly hereditary, and exist primarily as the result of the almagenetic inheritance within certain species.


Codomains are a significantly rare variant of Domains that exist on the same level of "hierarchy" as the primary Domain. As such, this "codominance" state between them allows them to manifest multiple Soul Phantasms on their own.


A Domain of a higher order, not necessarily overriding one's primary Domain, related to deities and similar beings of power


A Domain of any level can exist in two primary states: Unawakened and Awakened. Awakened Domains, in turn, are subclassified into various other states according to their properties, including (but not limited to) the extent of a Soul Phantasm's manifestation.

  • Unawakened: An Unawakened Domain is one that is considered to be in a dormant state. In particular, this dormancy means that, while the soul has the capacity to manifest a Domain, it is effectively nonexistent in practical terms. An Unawakened Domain does not have the potential to manifest a Soul Phantasm, and has no influence whatsoever on the user.
  • Awakened: ((The conceptual influence of a Domain begins at this point, and a “name” can thus be derived from it.))
  • Active: Active-Awakened Domains (or simply just Active Domains) are a substate of Awakened Domains. Such Domains are those that have produced the irregularity of a Soul Phantasm.
  • Passive: Passive-Awakened Domains (or simply just Passive Domains) are also a substate of Awakened Domains. Passive Domains only exist as subtle alignments or predispositions. They can influence the world through the user, but with nowhere near the level of effectiveness that the user could attain by using a Soul Phantasm.


Domains exist as aforementioned "alignments" or, rather, predispositions of the soul related to the concept in question. [...]

While the existence of Soul Phantasms is generally known throughout the Manaverse as a phenomenon, the existence of Domains is somewhat more obscure. In order to know that a Domain exists, it would require a moderately advanced form of soul-reading or scrying in order to be pinpointed with any degree of accuracy.

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