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Basic map of Ea
Basic map of Ea.

Primary Canon

Lore of Ea


Dominant Race(s)

Humans, Elves, Silisi

Major Deities

Ea, Cyneburga, Sil

Official Languages

​Elvish, Various tongues of Men, Silisian



Orbital Period

Rotation Period

Ea is a planet within the Manaverse.




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Eorland is the western continent inhabited mostly by Men. Eorland was discovered at the end of the First Age and marked the beginning of the Second Age. Eorland was discovered by Hilfam Eorlsson. He was the leader of the first settlement of the new continent. Eorland has a climate that is colder to the South and warmest at the equator. A mountain ridge divides the continent into three parts. The mountains, and most of the area around them, are covered in a lush deciduous forest. Many of the rivers have created fertile valleys with the largest river having created a deep canyon. Grasslands dominate most of the rest of the rest of the continent and the rolling, grass covered hills are a view that the Eorlanders have come to love.


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Nordlond is the northern continent and homeland of Elves and Men. In this land the majority of men are enslaved by elves and have been made loyal to their lord after the first group of enslaved men rebelled somewhat successfully. Nordlond has a mountain range that splits the continent. A large freshwater lake is found in the west. To the south of the mountain range is fertile land near the rivers with large forests growing between the rivers. North of the mountains is bitter cold with snow covering the ground most of the year and leaving only a short growing seasons. The winters in this land are harsh, but survivable. The rivers there are frozen almost year round and allow fast traveling with sleds. The forests here are plentiful and thick and are an important part of life to the inhabitants of the frozen land.


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Novvyland is the most recently discovered continent and is made up of the mainland, Novvyland, and a large island called Silisium. The discovery of Novvyland marked the beginning of the Third Age. Novvyland is a land of thick forests and wide rivers. The only way to get through these forests easily is by traveling via the rivers and only recently roads between settlements. It was settled by colonists from Eorland, mostly by Hilamese. The two largest nations were able to successfully rebel, however, there are two nations that have been reclaimed and are now part of the Grand Empire of Hilam, the most powerful maritime nation in the world.



Silisium is the home of the Silisi and is an island to the north of mainland Novvyland. Silisium was discoveredby explorers from Hilam by an expedition led by Prince Aleksandre of Hilam and because of that the Silisi call refer to all humans as Alisi. Silisium's southern portion is made up of very large freshwater swamp that begins around eighty miles from the coastline. It is unique in the fact that there are many large sinkholes scattered throughout the Great Swamp. The northern section, north of the Great Lake, is mostly a large wetland perfect for growing rice year round. The eastern portion is drier and hillier and where the island's minerals are mined.

Southern Isles

The Southern Isles are an archipelago that provides a safe route to travel between Eorland and Novvyland. It is a tropical region that is warm year round and is home to a group of people that provides the fastest ships in the world and some of the best human sailors in the world.

Major Landmarks

The Lange River: The longest river in the world. Carved a deep canyon through half of Eorland.

The Great Swamp: The largest swamp in the world located on Silisium.



  • Humans

The most widespread race in the world; found on every continent.

  • Elves

The lords of Nordlond; the fairest race in the world. Found mostly on Nordlond.

The children of the waves and inhabitants of Silisium; most agile race in the world. They are humanoids created by Sil and are the only race known to have gills and lungs. They have webbed hands, are thinner than the other races, and have an average height ranging from 5'7" to 6'0". Very tolerant to warmer temperatures. Skin hue ranges from a swamp green to ocean blue. They tend to not wear shoes. Most Silisians have fins on their head that are of variable lengths.

Native Species

  • Goliath

A one ton feline that stalks the plains of southern Eorland. Its skins are highly prized for their use as decoration and clothing. Its fangs are held to be a hunter's ultimate prize as Goliaths are extremely difficult to take down.



Language varies widely for the most part. All the peoples of Nordlond speak Common. On Eorland three languages are spoken. The majority of the people of the Kingdom of Cyne speak Common, but south of the mountain range the population speaks Russian. West of the mountain range, in the Republic of Stone, German and Common are both spoken, but German is more common. Hilam and all of it's colonies speak Russian. The two independent nations of Novvyland have decided to turn away from Russian and as a result the upper classes have started to speak Common. However most of the lower classes do not have the resources to learn a new language and still speak their native Russian. The Silisi speak their own language that was given to them by Sil, their creator.


The majority of technology is like that from the 1700s. All firearms currently available are muzzle loaded. The ships that sail the world are sailboats and are large enough to carry cannons. The only nation to have all of its soldiers armed with muskets is Hilam. Electricity is currently not available anywhere on the planet. The only available power source are the Tear Stones found through the world. The most advanced use for the Tear Stones are the Automatons that the men of Eorland have become rather fond of and have used effectively for war and domestic uses. Elves use their Tear Stones to power their more advanced magic which they can use to cast all manner of spells that would other wise not be possible. Implanting Tear Stones within their bodies is also shown to make the spells more powerful. The most recent advance in their magic is a spell developed by Beomer that could possibly allow transport between dimensions.


There are three main gods worshiped in Ea. Ea is worshiped by the Elves, Cyneburga by Men, and Sil by the Silisi. Ea is the creator, the mother of the world and the world is named after her with the Elves as her people. Cyneburga is the consort of Ea and god of Men, war, and sailors. Sil is the God of the Oceans and all other bodies of water, his people are the Silisi.


Currently there are no on going hostilities since the recent end of Rebellion in the colonies of Hilam. There are a total of 13 nations in Ea, some of which are under the rule of another nation. Hilam and the High Kingdom of the Elves are both looking to expand though and have begun to eye Silisium because it is currently the smallest independent nation on the planet. The nations of Novvyland are also currently hostile towards the Silisi because they did not aid them in their war and have ceased all trade with the nation they now hate.

  • High Kingdom of the Elves

Currently Ruled by King Alfred the Old. He is the very same Alfred that first discovered Men. Capitol City: The Weald

  • Eastern Elven Kingdom

Led by Alden the Wise, son of King Alfred and father of Beomer. Under the jurisdiction of the High Kingdom. Capitol City: Freodim

  • Kingdom of Wufra

Ruled by King Howard III. Hostile towards the High Kingdom of the Elves. Capitol City: Keald

  • Southern Enclave

Ruled by General Lester. Also hostile towards the High Kingdom of the Elves. Capitol City: Strangr

  • Kingdom of Cyne

Ruled by King Hilfam VIII. Capitol City: Canyon City

  • Republic of Stone

Ruled by the Stone Senate which is led by Chancellor Erik. Capitol City: Stein

  • Kingdom of Hilam

Ruled by Emperor Peter, father of Prince Aleksandre. Origin of the Empire of Hilam. Captiol City: Okeanburg

  • Southern Isles

Ruled by Emperor Peter and Governed by Governor Dmitri. Capitol City: Ostrovburg

  • Aster

Northern Nation of men in Novvyland. Formerly the Republic of Aster. Ruled by Emperor Peter and Governed by Governor Sergei. Capitol City: Asteri

  • Essil

Southern nation of men in Novvyland. Formerly the Republic of Essil. Ruled by Emperor Peter and Governed by Governor Andrew. Capitol City: Stronoz

  • Vol Federation

A collection of States ruled by an elected President that serves five years terms and a Council of twenty locally elected representatives. Currently the President is Simon Tibel. Capitol City: Volind

  • Kingdom of Tiil

Ruled by King Erik of the Hill. Capitol City: Hill City

  • Silisium

Currently ruled by The Noble Hilla Wesilla of Clan Wesilla.The other eight clans are Syn, Cilv, Lloz, Hilph, Rillm, Zul, and Vaar. Capitol City: Laazul


Ea has two suns, one large yellow sun and one smaller white sun, and three moons. Ea's days last 27 hours. In the North, the suns shines for 12 hours a day at the height of summer and 8 during the height of winter. In the South, the suns shine for 15 hours a the height of summer and 11 during the height of winter.

One Ean year lasts 10 months of 28 days and is based on the lunar cycle. The months begin when the three moons aline smallest to largest. Summer and winter last three months while fall and spring last two. Each week lasts seven days. The Silisi use the same calender but have different names for the days.


  • An
  • Twegen
  • Preo
  • Feower
  • Fif
  • Seox
  • Seofon
  • Eatha
  • Nigon
  • Tien


  • Easdaeg
  • Cynesdaeg
  • Nordsdaeg
  • Snawsdaeg
  • Brimmansdaeg
  • Welkinsdaeg
  • Anginndaeg


Notable Characters



Elves discover men.

Silisi begin to inhabit Silisium.

First Age

  • FA 0

History is first recorded by elves.

  • FA 97

Humans are enslaved by the elves.

  • FA 354

Humans rebel against their masters.

  • FA 355

War of Rebellion turns against Humans. Only the Enclave and Northern Kingdom Manage to survive.

Hilfam Eorlsson departs Nordlond with as many men as he can fit on his five ships.

Second Age

  • SA 0

Eorland Discovered by Hilfam Eorlsson two months after departing Nordlond.

Kingdom of Cyne founded.

  • SA 0 - 200

Men spread across Eorland.

  • SA 23

Silisi divide themselves between the Nine Clans and carve out their own territories on the island.

  • SA 110

Republic of Stone founded in western Eorland.

  • SA112

Beomer devises a way to increase the power of spells by implanting Tear Stones at key areas on the body.

  • SA 201

Kingdom of Halim founded in southern Eorland. War Declared between Hilam and Cyne.

  • SA 212

Men create automatons powered by Tear Stones in Cyne. Immediately altered for combat and sent south to combat Hilam.

  • SA 213

The Clan Syn discover a new metalworking technique that allows them to create edged weapons that never dull, break, or rust.

  • SA 218

Hilam advance halted and driven back by Cyne Automatons. Treaty signed and war ends.

  • SA 238

Clan Wesilla discovers how to implant Tear Stones into their.

  • SA 253

Last year of the Second Age.

Third Age, current Age

  • TA 0

Novvyland discovered by Hilamese sailors.

  • TA 0 - 250

Men spread across Novvyland

  • TA 23

Clan Wesilla declares war on the other clans. Opposition led by the Syn.

  • TA 25

Clan Syn and allies defeated in battle of Sil's Lake. Island united under Wesilla Rule. Defeated Clans lose majority of their lands. Syn retain their metal mines and forced to supply Wesilla with 75% of their mined Tear Stones.

  • TA 235

Firearms developed by Hilam.

  • TA 253

Republic of Aster, Republic of Essil, Vol Federation, and Kingdom of Tiil founded in Novvyland when they rebel from Hilam. Southern Isles rebel along with the four nations.

  • TA 255

Rebellion suppressed in Southern Isles.

  • TA 258

Hilam Signs a treaty with Kingdom of Cyne and Stone. In exchange for firearm technology the other two nations agree to fight Hilam's colonies.

  • TA 261

Rebellion suppressed Aster and Essil.

  • TA 263

Treaty signed with Vol Federation and Tiil that gives the nations independence in exchange for a trade treaty.

  • TA 278

Firearms developed, along with a smokeless, waterproof gunpowder made from soul stones developed by Clan Syn in Silisium.

  • TA 285

Due to increasing resentment for the Silisi not aiding in their war against Hilam, Vol and Tiil authrize piracy and raids against Silisium. Vol and Tiil also supply and arm pirates from Aster and Essil.

  • TA 301

Current year.


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