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Scientific Name

Entis tenebrae

Native Planet



Heiyami, Nenhygas, North Nenhygas, South Nenhygas, Neilo

Conservation Status

Least Concern

The Hitoyugure (Entis tenebrae) is a sapient species of semi-amorphous beings of darkness native to Rokans. They are one of two races created by the Rokain God of Darkness, Trajodeas, and one of three races that form the Anko Faction, the other two being humans and the Rokain Kitsune.


Hitoyugure are rather unusual in appearance. They are extremely dark in color, with common colors being dark blue, dark purple, and pitch black. While considerably larger than a typical human, they are somewhat similar to humans in appearance. The major difference is their apparent lack any sort of appendage. Their eyes are slightly larger than those of a human, the sclera are pitch black, and their eye color are considerably bright to contrast this. They lack a nose, but their faces house nostrils and mouths, both very difficult to see given their dark color. A number of tendrils are present on their bodies with range of the top of their head to their shoulders. Their entire bodies are covered with various markings, the number, shape, and arrangement of these markings varying between individuals. However, the markings themselves are typically the eye color of the individual in question.

While it may not be readily apparent, the Hitoyugure do have appendages in the form of a phantasmal substance found leaking from their upper torso and the bottom of their torso. They have the ability to shift this into any shape at will.


Hitoyugure are rather unusual beings physiologically. While they are nearly identically to humans, they lack the nose and mouth that humans possess. As a result, they lack a digestive system, and their respiratory system differs greatly from those of humans. The most unusual thing regarding them is the fact that while they otherwise share almost all organs with humans, this seems to end with their appendages. Regardless of the forms their phantasmal appendages assume, they will appear to have no anatomical structure whatsoever.


As individuals of the Anko Faction and creations of Trajodeas, the Hitoyugure have a strong affinity toward the element of Darkness. Because of this, it's common for them to have achlympery. As semi-amorphous beings, the Hitoyugure have the ability to shift their appendages into any shape at will. Their vision allows them to see clearly within extremely low light. They also have the ability to hide within the shadows of other people without easily being detected. Following the split of the super-continent Nenhygas, it's possible for them to have strong affinities to one of the other five prominent elements of the planet (Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, or Light), and have the corresponding ability as a result. Any other abilities they may have vary from individual to individual.



It is widely recognized by the inhabitants of Rokans that the first Hitoyugure were created on Heiyami by Trajodeas, alongside the first of the Rokain Kistune. However, shortly after their creation, their exposure to a solar eclipse led to a sudden mutation in their species. This led to inadvertent creation of the Shokule, a species of dangerous reptilian beings of darkness with the abilities of the Hitoyugure they had mutated from. Trajodeas quickly noticed what had happened and sealed the Shokule on the moon. After realizing what had happened to cause this transformation, he had then created Hitoyugure that were slightly altered to prevent such an incident from occurring again.

Of all of the Hitoyugure to ever have come into existence, the inhabitants of Rokans easily regard Infinic Juptois as the most powerful and the most dangerous of them. Juptois was the last Hitoyugure to be directly created by Trajodeas. He, along side the human Elevix Magnus were created to assist the Anko Faction during their decline in the Quad War. Though at some point after they had successfully gotten the Anko Faction out of the war and rose to power in a diarchy, Juptois had defected from his role. This eventually led to his reign of terror in which he defeated the Warriors of the Eye and Magnus, destroyed Sokohgen, and began his attempt to claim Rokans as his own.


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