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The Houses of Osyrhia, or Ahaasi ne Yasria as they are known traditionally, are the three organised groups of Osyrhic Families who reside in the kingdom of Upper Osyrhia on Ferona, ruled by God-King Jericho, and preside over the planet as its ruling patron deities and demigods. Within its ranks, full deities are referred to as Fathers or Mothers of Osyrhia, and likewise, demigods are referred to as the Sons or Daughters of Osyrhia. The only exceptions to this are Jericho, who takes the title of God-King, and Scion, who is neutral to the Houses but still a higher-order deity, and takes no title or designation.

In addition, the Mothers and Fathers, and consequently their Sons and Daughters, possess colored stones on their traditional garb, as well as their armor, if any. These stones represent the element or domain they are associated with, and consequently, their individual houses. The exception to the colored stones are again, Jericho and Scion, who possess onyx set in their attire.

Goals and Ideals

While the Houses, and subsequently Osyrhia as a whole, have no set goals, their ideologies prioritise social progression above all else. This is a direct result of the circumstances of their formation as a consequence of the First Great War, which ended the previous feudal system. This led to the Sons and Daughters taking extended journeys to promote progress at the behest of their parents, most notably including Judas Numidius and Dennis Matthews. Where Judas travelled the Manaverse promoting progress through knowledge and enlightenment, Dennis as the Patron of War, set out to join feudal conflicts and show their participants the evils of combat in the hopes that they would adopt a more peaceful, progressive lifestyle. This became ingrained in Feronite culture as their unrivalled curiosity of other worlds and desire to form peaceful alliances with them.


The Houses themselves can be categorised by House title--those being Natura, Numidius or Penumbrae--or by family standing, depending on which scholar is asked. As a result, there are technically two factions for each House member, in addition to those unaffiliated with any house. Both are listed under Divided Factions for convenience.

Divided Factions

Arranged by House Title

Main Article: House Natura

House Natura, or, Ahaasu Nyyazre traditionally, is one of the three Houses of Osyrhia, and the house whose domain is that of nature itself. It is led by Father Cumulus and Mother Taeranis, who are said to have formed much of Ferona from nothing, in conjunction with Scion and House Numidius. The House Title is prepended, as opposed to appended, to the individual's name only in Common. In Aalyasr, it is appended. Natura is the only House with this quirk in their naming convention.

  • Natura Cumulus: Cumulus, traditional name Kyyume, is one of the leaders of the House, and is the patron deity of the skies, as well as the spring season. He is commonly depicted as a cloudy black Felidi with lightning-blue eyes, most commonly found sitting on a raincloud. His gemstone is the diamond.
  • Natura Taeranis: Taeranis, traditional name Tehyra, is the other House leader, and is the goddess of earth and nature, as well as autumn. She is commonly depicted as a stone-armored, earth-toned Thenast with amber eyes. Likewise, her stone is amber.
  • Natura Hathar: Hathar, or Hyedze traditionally, is widely known in the Feronite south as the goddess of the harvest. She is Taeranis' eldest daughter, though she is considered a Mother herself due to full deity status. Common depiction is as her mother, only more wheat-colored, and holding a sickle rather than wearing armor.
Main Article: House Numidius

House Numidius, or Ahaasu Nyuomide traditionally, is the second House, led by Fathers Itius and Pyrus, the Brothers of Ice and Fire. As a result, it is the only house whose members are all related by blood. Its domain is that of all things water and fire; most notably the seas and the sun. It is also home to the one Son with the standout name, Dennis Matthews. Though Judas' children are members by tradition, they are not listed here.

  • Itius Numidius: Itius, known in Aalyasr as Yudyye, is the first Father, and the eldest of the two Brothers, although only by mere months. He is responsible for water, ice and the seas, as well as winter. Itius, as his son Judas, is depicted as a slenderly-built white Lycan with--in his case--cold blue eyes, skin and nose. His gem is the sapphire.
  • Pyrus Numidius: Pyrus, or Fyirdze in Aalyasr, is the second Father, and the youngest of the two Brothers. His domain is that of fire, summer and the Sun. He is depicted as a leather armor-clad, built black furred Lycan with flame orange eyes. His gem is the ruby.
  • Judas Numidius: Judas, or Eyyudza traditionally, is the Divine Messenger, as well as Son of Osyrhia. A vampire as a result of corruption by Nycas, he had troubles controlling himself early on in his combined lifespan. He, like his cousin Dennis, and as a Son of Osyrhia, reincarnates every five thousand years. His father, as Pyrus did with Dennis, passed his domain down to him as a means of naming a successor. His coloring is like that of his father, only with a darker, more muted lapis accent color.
  • Dennis Matthews: Dennis, with no Aalyasr name as a result of bucking traditions, is the Patron of War. He, as his cousin, also adopted his father's domain as a means of being named his successor. Dennis is depicted as an armored, well-built red furred Lycan with charcoal black hands and feet, as well as flame orange eyes like his father.





  • Aalyasr, the ancient tongue of Osyrhia, is considered a "dead language" in the same vein as Latin would be. Though very few people outside the pantheon, religious scholars and the Yasr themselves have historically been able to speak it, it is still possible to learn it by virtue of the role of the Sons and Daughters in the Manaverse.
  • The Houses adopted Common names to better hide themselves within society as a result. This is part of the reason why giving another their true name is a sign of honor; it is commonly believed that this practise is the House member essentially considering the other party as close as a brother would be.
  • While the Kyale na Yasryika is the most well-known of the methods of making contact with the Houses among scholars, there are actually two calls, the other being the true name of the individual Member themself. It is said that one only needs to mentally recite the name of a House member, and they will be heard from anywhere in the Manaverse.