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A typical Litarian.

Scientific Name

Plumirapax Sapiens

Native Planet




Conservation Status

Critically Endangered (believed Extinct)

The Litarians (scientific name Plumirapax Sapiens) were a Ceskian race that existed long before the Sarkiri and the Kovulzel. They were an advanced, space-capable race that often visited Ceskion's neighbors, Euthora and Ferona, artificially advancing the societies there under the "understanding" that they were helping the affected races. The Litarians believed that intelligence fostered peace, and so making other races more intelligent would make them more peaceful.

The Litarian society vanished suddenly after being cursed to eternal savagery by Cozion, for the hypocrisy they displayed in their justice system and the gradual corruption of their leadership.


Birdlike, bipedal, long quil-like feathers, covered in shorter, softer down. Feathers on backs of legs and outer edges of arms. Though the feathers on the arms are quite long, the arms are not wings and cannot achieve flight. Feathers also form a "mane" on the head and neck of both sexes.

Often shades of red, orange, gold, and white, though may have developed blue, black, or gray feather tips. Intricate markings, especially around the face and chest.

Long expressive ears. Long, blunt snouts with very sharp teeth. Pupils were slitted and eyes lacked sclerae.

Resembled birds, but had long, reptilian tails and claws. Feet notably resemble those of the Sarkiri, being digitigrade and having a single large, hooked talon on the inside.

Females had brighter colors than males while males had more visibly long feathers. Both sexes stood about five and a half feet tall.


Resemble birds but have physiological qualities of reptiles and mammals as well

Warm-blooded, mesocarnivorous. Eat mainly desert fruits, but are efficient predators that kill quickly and cleanly.

Viviparous, tend to birth one child at a time.


Incredibly intelligent and phenomenally adept at Magic.


Were phenomenally adept with magic, created sprawling civilizations in the desert guarded by the Ribbon Serpents. Playful, intelligent, generally good-natured. Disliked conflict and would rather set up trade than go to war. Believed that intelligence could stifle the natural aggression of predatory creatures.


Naming Patterns

The Litarians preferred to name their offspring with smooth, soft, melodic sounds, which resulted in many vowels, /r/, and /l/ sounds being used in names.

Politics and Government

The leadership of Litarian society could be considered an autocratic oligarchy- the highest leader was chosen by a vote in the council, and the council members would them be picked by the chosen leader. It was difficult to enter this cycle without connections, and impossible for any political opponents, and thus the Litarian government became a political echo chamber, fostering gradual corruption in the leadership.

Scientific and Magical Advancements

  • Wardens: Known as Ribbon Serpents to the Sarkiri, Wardens are ancient golems of red and gold fabric that fly around the ruins of Litarian civilization. They range in size from two meters long to nearly fifty; the smaller ones appear harmless had are nonhostile, but become more dangerous and aggressive the longer they are. The Wardens resemble rays, with a single long strip of fabric forming the central stem of their bodies, and several smaller strips forming the "head" and fins. Some of the largest Wardens may become calcified, forming hard, stony coatings over each strip of fabric and developing true "heads" at the front end of their bodies. These Wardens develop a single glittering orb resembling an eye but functioning as a searchlight in these heads, and seem to seek out intruders to the general vicinity. They are openly hostile and only controlled by spherical objects called Keys, which can be used to summon any nearby Warden and make it docile.
After the Litarians become afflicted with Cozion's curse, the Wardens begin patrolling the outer reaches of their civilization, even as the remnants of said civilization crumble into ruins and sand. They are hostile even to their former masters, as the Litarians no longer have the capacity to wield and use the Keys. Without monitoring and maintenance from their creators, some Wardens fall into disrepair and cease functioning, while others grow to massive proportions as they assimilate the fabric of their fellow constructs.
The original purpose of the Wardens was to serve as access points to a pocket dimension created by the Litarians. The dimension consists of a vast, mostly oceanic world, theorized to be many times larger than their own, with scattered islands spread across the endless sea. The dimension is entirely empty of life aside from those sent there, as well as Ceskian livestock animals which exist in a state of biological stasis until an individual is sent to the island where they dwell. These islands are a form of solitary confinement used for the Litarian justice system, as the government wishes to discourage violence and will thus send violent criminals into solitary exile rather than kill or otherwise physically punish the offender.

Impact on Other Races

The Litarians are known to have an impact on early life on both Ferona and Euthora, visiting these planets early in their existence and artificially advancing the knowledge of the races that lived there.



Somehow angered Cozion. Were cursed to be eternally savage- they cannot be killed except by their Ribbon Serpents, which only attack them if they attempt to leave the ruins of their cities. Cannot reproduce while under the curse. All living Litarians were alive for the event that angered Cozion, no longer aging and gradually growing more and more scarce as their former guardians deplete their numbers.