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Nenhygas is a supercontinent that once existed on the planet of Rokans, formed by the merging of the continents of Heiyami, Heiyohga, and Tairikohdai during the events of the Quad War. This supercontinent was effectively the final battlefield of the Quar War. It eventually was split into three of Rokans' current continents, North and South Nenhygas, and Neilo.


Because Nenhygas is a combination of Heiyami, Heiyohga, and Tairikohdai, the landscape of the original continents is present within the supercontinent. The landscape of Tairikohdai takes up a majority of the northwestern section of the supercontinent, in addition to a considerable amount of the northeastern. Heiyohga's landscape takes up the remainder of northwestern Nenhygas, the entirety of southwestern Nenhygas, and a considerable amount of southeastern Nenhygas. Heiyami takes up the remainder of Nenhygas.

However, as a result of the Quad War, there have been alterations to the landscape in itself. Several of Heiyohga's deserts have either shrunk or expanded, new ones have formed, and several of them had combined into Erai Desert, a massive desert in the southwest.


Because Nenhygas was created from the merging of the continents of Heiyami, Heiyohga, and Tairikohdai, the supercontinent retained the landmarks from those three continents. Core Crevice, the deepest location to the landmasses of Rokans, is located within the center of Ryod-Heiyami in central-eastern Nenhygas. Mt. Kaive, the largest mountain on the planet, is located in northwestern Nenhygas with Ryod-Tairikohdai. Mt. Volkyanon, the largest volcano on the planet, is located within southwestern Nenhygas with Ryod-Heiyohga.

It was home to three of the seven Oceran Gateways scattered across the planet, each connected to another gateway on the planet of Ocera to allow safe travelling between the two planets. One was located within Yava Spring, the location of which being unknown during the time Nenhygas existed. Another was located to the south of Mt. Volkyanon. The third was located within one of the many caverns within Ryod-Heiyami.

Notable Settlements





Religious/Political Views


Because Nenhygas was essentially a merging of the continents of Heiyami, Heiyohga, and Tairikohdai, the inhabitants of the supercontinent were mainly those of the Anko, Flayre, and Rikuos Factions. However, because the Atlacian Faction had claimed territory on the supercontinent, individuals from this faction also live on Nenhygas as well. As such, the inhabitants of Nenhygas fall within 8 of the 10 Rokain races: Human, Hitoyugure, Rokain Kitsune, Rokain Ningyo, Dracii, Rokain Liios, Gemscale Naga, and Rokain Nue.

Notable Residents

Anko Faction

Atlacian Faction

Flayre Faction

Rikuos Faction



Nearly a millennium ago, the Rikuos Faction of the continent Tairikohdai wanted to expand their territory, and attempted to do so by seizing it from the Flayre, Atlacian and Anko Factions. These three factions retaliated against the Rikuos Faction in an attempt to reclaim it. But as conflict continued, the Rikuos Faction had made alterations to their own continent, Heiyami, Heiyohga, and the islands in Atlacia. The efforts of the Flayre, Atlacian, and Anko to reclaim their land from the Rikuos had devolved into a conflict of reclaiming land from each other, and what became a war of these three factions against the Rikuos Faction shifted into a war of all four factions against each other. And as the war continued, the landscape of the planet continued to be altered until the continents of Tairikohdai, Heiyami, and Heiyohga merged together to form the supercontinent Nenhygas.

At this point however, the Rokain Gods had become tired of the seemingly endless changes to the planet they created as a result of the war. To prevent these changes from continuing, Claiter, the Rokain God of Earth and Nature, emerged from the moon and appeared on the planet. He then locked the shape of the planet, preventing it from being altered any further.