Nightmares in Flames

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Nightmares in Flames


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Dissonant Rhapsody

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Scifi, Fantasy, War

Nightmares in Flames is a comic in production from the Dissonant Rhapsody canon. It serves as a prequel to Kirenyun's Imprinted and an indirect continuation of several other smaller plots. It is considered to be the foundation to other plots in future eras.


Season 1



Li-Ten Ta'na is a hybrid who is captured for his status as an "oddity". Being the first offspring between a human and a chimeric "superbeing" created by the empire overseeing his homeworld, Karmeaiti, to eliminate anything that gets in their way. Fascinated by his strange features and abilities, the scientists at the Lotus Project conduct grueling tests to push Li-Ten to his limits, hungering to know how powerful a hybrid could be. After some time, a tip sent to the local resistance caused a small band of rebels to infiltrate the lab facility in which Li-Ten was kept in, and is saved. Once he is out, he is told of a world at the brink of war. Many settlements growing tired of the regime after their representatives, tasked with providing a voice for peace, were murdered for their views. As a hybrid-- Son of a literal war machine--, Li-Ten realizes that he is at the middle of this conflict. An incarnate of two sides: one of a repressed people wanting a better future...and one representing an ideal of genocide and destruction. Li-Ten struggles with reality, wishing to bring destruction to the very people who made his species and kept him captive. But as time goes on...with every bullet, he realizes that the political and moral waters of war are more than murky. That maybe a hero is a rank that is impossible to achieve without getting your hands stained with blood.

Issue 1: A shattered World


Issue Pages Release Date
1 Undetermined 2019
Season 1 Beginning Arc Next Issue: 2


Za Voutsen Towers, Kikiir Prefecture
Nightmares in Flames takes place in Mantua, more specifically in various notable prefectures that become nations by the time of Kirenyun's Imprinted setting. However in this time period, Mantua is under Syelsumoii control, and is therefore called "Karmeaiti.".
The Hevonenmaa Prefecture: Outskirts

Notable locations that are visited by the main cast are in Kirenyun/Vrachenny(Hevonenmaa Prefecture), Siselheim(Kiikir Prefecture), and the Suiiaika region in Eastern Mantua for Season 1.

In terms of its proximity to its sequel, Kirenyun's Imprinted, Nightmares in Flames takes place roughly 30+ years before SCT. The time frame is not definite and can change at any time as the story's plot is further developed. Though it is confirmed that Nightmares in Flames happens 6 years after the end of The Grenian Conspiracy: Sons of Autonomy.

Dramatis Personae

Main characters

  • Li-Ten Ta'na:The main character of the series. A Nekuna/Human hybrid caught up in a bitter tug-of-war between two warring factions. Victim of a betrayal, Li-Ten was captured and kept as an experimental prisoner until his release by Rebel forces. A bitterness was instilled in him which pushed him to an agreement with the Rebellion: to hunt the heads of the bastards who kept him captive. A mission he takes as a sort of sweet vendetta and a test of worth. There is an air of determination to him, but a frightening chill of corrupt potential lurking within his core.
  • Varen Varikoi: A major character in the series. The sarcastic, detailed, refined man who's always wrapped around a thick veil of dark humor and pessimistic quips. Sometimes there is a lazy air to him due to his reluctance to approach situations "the long way", much preferring to not complicate his work and keep it as short as possible. However, his attitudes towards life and war do not inhibit his skills.
  • Noriyuske "Nori" Kashukumo: Cadet Noriyuske, or Nori for short, is an Iyoza mercenary employed under the Hevonenmaa Rebel Forces. Hailing from the now disbanded and destroyed Kashukumo Clan, Nori's specialty is centered around stealth and the use of clouds and mists to aid him in taking down targets.

Supporting Characters

  • Kezurai Ta'na: Formerly AR-048, Kezurai is the father of Li-Ten. He is described to be silent, much preferring to gesture what he wants or grunt when he is displeased, though he is capable of full human speech. Kezurai spends his days hunting to feed himself and his child and is always in a constant, never-ending state of alertness wherever he goes. Because of some differences, Kezurai and his former lover, Li-Ten's mother, would always end up participating in arguments that ended in physical violence. This caused Li-Ten's mother to run away with their unborn second child, disowning Li-Ten in the process as well. Despite his quiet yet dangerous nature, he does seem to remotely care about his son, going to great lengths of isolating him so that Li-Ten could remain at his side forever.


  • [secret]


  • It is currently in its early stages of development. More specifically, the story-plotting stage. Though there is already a number of concept sketches and official art of the many settings the story has. This includes two covers-- One official cover for Issue 1 and another concept sketch for Season 1 in general.
  • Its estimated release is around Late Summer 2019.