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Organization G-X is a plot within the Infinitum Rokans canon, and the first plot of a section of this canon that features the achlymperist and dracoimperist Lord X-Giga-X as its primary protagonist. It focuses on his travels across the planet Terra and the rise and fall of the first iteration of Organization G-X.

This plot inches into Standard Canon Time, with its ending differing between the Prime and Alter Timelines.


Lord X-Giga-X travels across the planet Terra in search of his younger brother, eventually coming across the Armored Wyvern-Hydra hybrid Grodisflare attacking a city. The two of them become bonded to each other inadvertently, and continue their travels together. However, they soon notice the inhabitants' heavy reliance on technology, and the overall lack of magic users. With the aid of Daxter Tachio, Aχis, Vyshop, and Tokofia, they begin a mission to use their abilities to take over the planet and force the ways of magic upon the inhabitants, forming Organization G-X in the process. However, their attempts are eventually crushed by the actions of an outlandish human known as Cobalt Rizer and his associates. And with the fall of the group at his hands, Lord X-Giga-X and Grodisflare are forced to retreat. But even then, this is not the end of their troubles...



Lord X-Giga-X, age 14, abruptly awoke late one night to the painful sensation of his right eye having been stabbed. While his vision had been blurred by the blood covering his face, he could make out the form of his younger brother, Gojiken Moorn, leaping out of a window in his room. He soon lost consciousness as he attempted to heal his eye. He awoke the following day to discover his right eye had been covered by bandages. As he glanced around the room, he saw his father, Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X, staring out the window, disappointed by his younger son's actions the previous night. After being handed a mirror by Epiktony, he then removed his bandages. He initially discovered that, at the moment, he had been blinded in his right eye. However, through his functioning left eye, he was shocked to discover that the iris of his right eye had lost its original blue color, and undergone a drastic change to red. He asked his father what had happened to his eyes, shocked to hear that he had attempted to heal it himself and partially succeeded. He then asked why Gojiken had stabbed his eye to begin with. Despite knowing Gojiken's motives, Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X hesitantly stated that he was unsure why he had done so. He then suggested that he seek out his younger brother and inquire of him for himself. Several days later, Lord X-Giga-X said his farewells to his father and his men as he prepared to leave his rural home in the mountains to begin his search for Gojiken.


The majority of this plot takes place on the planet Terra.

Dramatis Personae

As this plot occurs on Terra, a number of characters involved are born on the planet. However, several characters are actually from other planets, specifically Rokans or Euthora.

  • Lord X-Giga-X
  • Grodisflare
  • Daxter Tachio
  • Aχis
  • Vyshop
  • Tokofia
  • Cobalt Rizer
  • ???


  • There was a written plot with the same name. It had a similar plot as this, and featured various elements from this plot: the achlymperist Lord X-Giga-X and the other members of Organization G-X use their abilities to conquer the planet.
    • Two other characters from this plot inadvertently served as the foundations for Daxter and Aχis.
    • Deathstorm was also featured in this plot.

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