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S.S. Soaring Sky

Primary Canon

Tempus Simulium



Dominant Race(s)

Avians, Humans, Spektrans

Major Deities


Official Languages




Orbital Period

Rotation Period

The S.S. Soaring Sky is a planetary body within the Manaverse. Aside from being the homeland to the Sorations, the S.S. Soaring Sky'also functions as the base of operations, and mass-transportation device. The planet is split up into 7 total areas, with 6 sectors inside, and the shell of the planet itself, which is used for the poorest inhabitants. The inhabitants of the S.S. Soaring Sky are unique compared to other planets, due to the fact that they are the only known group to not worship a major deity.


The S.S. Soaring Sky appears to be a barren wasteland when viewed from a distance, although when approached it is possible to see entrances leading into different sections of the planet. It is possible to see that the planet at one point was covered in water, as the wasteland is made almost entirely of dark gray sand, and black rock. The most notable feature of the planet are two large craters formed near the front, and a mountain made entirely of the black rock just below the craters.


The planet is split up into 8 total sectors, each of them serving different purposes. It is split up into three residential sectors, one industrial sector, two economic sectors, a military sector, and one institutional sector. This does not cover the crust, which many consider to be the unspoken "ninth" sector of the ship, where the homeless and poor live out their lives.


Avarius is a residential area, and is considered the largest sector of the S.S. Soaring Sky. This is the average living space for the Soration citizens, filled with numerous living units. Each living unit within this area is shaped like a large dome, each one made of a transparent metal alloy. Each dome has 3 rooms, consisting of a washroom, a bedroom, and a living space mixed with the kitchen. Each dome sits high on a white metal bridge, for a total of 500 domes within the area. Far below the domes is a fresh water river, flowing through one end of the sector into the other. On either side of the river are metallic sidewalks, and a grassy area. The only two buildings other than the living units are a small pub called The Bird Cage, and a small buldings where people can go to pay their taxes at any time. The residents of Avarius are mainly Avian citizens, although there are some human residents. The human residents run the only two services within the section.


Goria is one of two economic areas within the S.S. Soaring Sky. It is a large area split up into 5 floors. On each floor there are 30 units, each one for the purpose of selling or buying food, items, and miscellaneous objects. Each floor is a large balcony which circles around the room, with a shop set up at each point. There are bridges set up at 4 key points at every balcony, which leads into a large platform made of a transparent metal alloy. On each of the platforms are several tables and chairs, where many people come to for lunch. Goria is called by many the "Grand Shopping Mall" of the S.S. Soaring Sky, containing just about anything one would be able to imagine.


Isandoh is the poorest of the residential areas, containing those who are barely able to make it by. Isandoh living units only contain the basic necessities for life, all within two shared rooms. The rooms which these living units contain are a small washroom, and a general living area (Containing a Bed, Stove, A couple of chairs, a light source, and a small desk). The units in Isandoh are shaped nothing like the dome units in Avarius and Welzous, rather they are shaped like tall rectangles. A set of stairs is on the out-side of each living unit, in order to allow people to get to their sections. All of these units are side by side, leaving small alley-ways in between them where many people have set up small shops, in order to help pay their taxes. Isandoh is the only residential area where the houses are not built suspended above the ground.


Marcius is one of two economic areas within the S.S. Soaring Sky. Marcius is the second smallest sector of them all, containing a total of 10 units, all of them for the purpose of Government Services. Every building in Marcius is a large half-dome sticking out of the wall, made of the same transparent metal alloy as the domes in Avarius. The 3 most notable buildings are the Tax Return, the Command Center, and the jail. People have nicknamed it the "Bird Cage", simply because of the shape of the cells, and the fact that there has never been anyone other than an Avian citizen arrested and placed inside. Other buildings within the area include real-estate, and insurance services.


Minnetic is the only industrial area within the S.S. Soaring Sky, and it is also the largest nonresidential area within the planet. Many of the Soration people find their daily work happening here, as several factories are lined up for producing the numerous things required to both run the ship, and keep its citizens alive. There are approximately 50 factories within the Minnetic industrial area, each one producing a different thing. Each factory is suspended above the ground on large metallic platforms, each one having beams sticking out into the cave walls. Every factory that produces smoke of any kind has tubes leading up into the planet, which eventually come out at the processing plant, where it is turned into new, renewable energy. In the center of the room is a main platform, where everyone has to pass through in order to get to their area. Down below all of the suspended platforms is a large elevator, which leads down into what was once the core of the planet.

Still considered to be part of the Minnetic area, this is where the Minnetic Mine is located, where lava crystals made from crystallizing the planets core are mined on a daily basis. These crystals are then sent through another (smaller) elevator, used for sending the crystals directly to a processing plant. Due to the extreme temperatures involved in working with the mines, the Spektran people have been recruited to work on so.


Monarch is an entire sector dedicated to keeping law, and order within the S.S. Soaring Sky. The smallest sector out of them all, Monarch only contains 3 units, each of them with the purpose of keeping the law in check. Each unit is side by side, in a small room at the top of the S.S. Soaring Sky. The center unit is considered to be the city hall and court room, where laws and ordinances are enacted. Trials for criminals will also rarely take place here. The unit to the left is the living unit of the captain, and the unit on the right is the ship controls, used when the planet has to be moved out of danger. Each unit is simply represented by a door on the wall, which opens up into another room. The room itself is made out of steel.

Soaring Sky Military Facilities

The Soaring Sky Military Facilities is both a training camp, and deployment sector of the S.S. Soaring Sky. The camp is located in the planet's two craters, the first of which is used for training, and the second used for the deployment of military vehicles. The camp has three units, accompanied by several brown tents which the recruits spend their nights in. The deployment area contains several hangers which contain space ships of the types: Transportation, Cargo, Fighter, Bomber, and a few experimental vehicles yet to be released to the public. The S.S. Soaring Sky rarely has to use it's military, although there is a consistent rate of training in order to keep it in top shape, just in case it is ever required.

The Crust

On the crust of the planet, there are a couple of small camps where the poor and homeless of the planet live. These are people who were either unable to pay their taxes, or those who were exiled from the inside of the planet. The largest camp is to the south of the Black Rock Mountain, which is south of the Military Training Camps.


Welzous is the smallest residential area within the ship, although it contains some of the higher-up people within the society. The area contains only 100 living units, compared to the 500 of Avarius. The living units in Welzous are taller than the Avarius domes, containing two floors rather than just the one. Each floor consists of 4 rooms, with 2 bedrooms, a washroom, a kitchen, an entertainment room, a living space, storage, and a power room. The domes in Welzous are on brass-coloured bridges, forming in a grid, with one house per corner. Other than the living units, there is also a small market area in the center of the sector. Although the main product sold here is produce, Welzous is infamous among the ship for its "Miracle Fruit", scientifically created by locals to cure some common illnesses. The people of Welzous are a 50/50 mixture of Humans and Avians.


The S.S. Soaring Sky used to be a thriving planet, with 3 continents and a sea as vast as any other. The planet today however is a gray and black rock, covered in dirt, sand, and black stones. Due to the nature of the planet, there are very few Races and Native species, aside from the ones that live on the inside.



The Avians are the main residents of the S.S. Soaring Sky, making up about 85% of the entire population. Due to having lived underground for so long, the majority of the Avians have lost their ability to fly. Some Avians retain their ability to fly, however this usually only happens with Avians born within the species that where the best at flying in the past. There are 5 species of Avian.


The Spektrans take their role within the planet as the primary workers, keeping the power up in the planet, as well as mining the lava crystals which are transfered into renewable energy deep within the planet. There are several colours of Spektrans within the planet, with Yellow being the most common, and Purple being the rarest. Only 5% of the planet's residents are Spektran.


Humans who live on the S.S. Soaring Sky are those people who voluntarily left with the Avians during their visit to Terra long ago. Since then, the numbers have dwindled and only about 10% of the population on the S.S. Soaring sky is now Human. Humans on average tend to have a higher IQ then the Avians, however they are less physically able, so they are typically used to create the technology that now exists on the S.S. Soaring Sky.

Native Species

There are very few Native Species that exist on the S.S. Soaring Sky, however the ones that do live inside the Black Rock Mountain, the only place currently untouvched by Avian Society.

Feathered Worm

A Feathered worm is a species currently endangered on the S.S. Soaring Sky. They are capable of growing up to 2 Meters in lengrh, and 20CM in diameter. Feathered Worms are unique to other species of worm, simply due to them having grown small feathers, which cover their body. These feathers are used to aid them in digging through the sand, and to gain speed above ground. Feathered Worms are able to exist on the planet due to the fact that they are able to survive by filtering the bacteria out of the sand, and dirt of the planet. They are most commonly found in the area surrounding the Black Rock Mountain. Feathered worms have co-existed with the Avians even before the planet was transformed into the spaceship that it is today.

Shelled Rat

The Shelled Rat is a species currently Endangered on the S.S. Soaring Sky. They can grow up to 45CM in length, and up to 10CM in height + Width. Shelled rats live within the several natural caves in the Black Rock Mountain, although some have been known to sneak their way into the ventillation systems of the S.S. Soaring Sky. These rats are theorized to have evolved shells so that the Feathered Worms would be umable of devouring them, however a more likely theory is that they were once water-dwelling creatures, before the planet had lost all of it's surface water. They were then forced to evolve into land creatures, however they still have yet to lose their shell. They live mainly off of the moss that still grows inside the mountain.

Soration Feather Bug

The soration feather bug is a parasite that lives off of the blood of other creatures. They have been known to be found on both Avian Citizens and the Feather Worms that live near the Black Rock Mountain. The bugs can come anywhere between 6CM and 12CM long, and are shaped entirely like a feather. They can come in any colour, although they are usually the colour of the feathers they are born on. Feather bugs will lay their eggs on any feathered creature they find, in order to spread more feather bugs, and survive. Feather bugs are able to survive without food for up to 3 weeks, although they are not very resistant to heat. Due to this, the bugs are never found close to the center sectors of the planet.

Soration Land Eel

The Soration Land Eel is a rare species, currently endangered on the S.S. Soaring Sky. They can grow up to 1M in length, 15CM high, and 10CM thick. Long ago, when the planet was still covered in sea, Soration Eels were one of the most common sights you were able to see. Today, they are still the most common nonsapient creature to exist on the planet. When the planet started to lose it's water, the Eels were forced to quickly evolve, losing their gills, and gaining their lungs. Their fins were lost, and they started growing with small legs. Now they exist inside and around the Black Rock Mountain, preying on Shelled Rats. The Land Eels still retain some electrical ability, however it is nowhere near as strong as it used to be.



Currently, the only spoken language on the S.S. Soaring Sky is Common.


Technology within the S.S. Soaring Sky is the planet's largest accomplishment, having advanced with it far past the known surrounding planets. People within the S.S. Soaring Sky have done things from coming up with a new renewable energy source, to recreating a species out of pure electrical energy.

Magma Crystal Energy Source

When the S.S. Soaring Sky was being transformed into a star ship, the main problem was the core of the planet. The solution they came up with was to completely crystallize the core, by mixing the magma with several minerals, and metal alloys. The crystallized magma has since been used as a new form of energy source, now used for powering everything within the ship. The energy source is even renewable, as the smoke that is released from the usage contains the same energies as the crystals, allowing it to be re-formed and reused.

Recreating "Life"

When the old race known as the "Spektrans" died off, the Avians thought that there was possibly a way that they could be revived, perhaps even without the violent tendencies they had. Thinking this because they were made of pure electrical energy, and the fact that they hadn't been around for longer than 500 years. The Avians put a few scientists to work on it, and within a few months of testing, their first recreation of a Spektran happened. The first recreations where barely sapient, however they showed no violent tendencies, so they were put to work mining the Magma Crystals underground. When improved versions of the Spektrans were created, some would simply be let to live as citizens within the S.S. Soaring Sky, while the stronger ones were put to work, or sent off to train in the military camps.


While it is accepted that major deities do exist, the people of the S.S. Soaring Sky do not follow or worship any. The reasoning behind this is that they would rather work alone, not wanting to be involved with any religion. Having seen that religion is capable of causing large-scale wars, they would rather not increase their chances of waging another.



Notable Characters


The history of the S.S. Soaring Sky is almost all but lost. The few things that are known about the history are that the S.S. Soaring Sky would not exist today, if it weren't for an evacuation plan made by the ship's ancestors long ago. The planet was transformed into a ship, made mobile so that it could avoid imminent destruction from what would have wiped out the entire Avian race. Played a large part in the Gorgite War.