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The Sadistica Seins (roughly translated [from what language?] as "Sadistic Seven" or "Ruthless Seven") was once an anti-technological, pro-Celaflora, and anti-outsider era terrorist organization which originated on Celaflora approximately 2000 years prior to Standard Canon Time. The group was formed in response to Grenian puppet governments on Celaflora, which were leading the planet towards near-oblivion by abusing it's resources and implementing mass genocides. Ever since, the lore of the original Seins has spread throughout the Manaverse. Various other groups with similar ideologies and hierarchy have risen up to identify themselves as an extension of the original Sadistic Seven.

Most notably, a group on Syelsumoia led by Magda Roseasilmillaan emerged in response to the worsening state of the world in the hands of political puppets aligned with the Society of Faces, a pro-human group known to push legislation along with the emperor of the time to subjugate and put down non-human citizens of Syelsumoia's many countries.

Goals and Ideals

The purpose of the original group was to steer Celaflora away from oblivion at the hands of outsiders and those who did not have the general populace in mind by exercising ruthless force and using acts of terrorism against governments. They existed as an anarchic, anti-corporatization group who had grown tired of seeing Celaflora's peaceful protests against the systematic destruction of their environment and culture by the planet's Grenian occupiers bear no fruition. To achieve results in their favor, Mystera "Cserro" Hildelga hand selected each member of the Seven, each possessing a specific set of special talents. Each of the Seven would utilize these talents in order to gain a position of collective influence over key political figures, or eliminate politicians and other major figures counterproductive to their cause. They believe in the natural order for which only the strong survive and the weak provide a leveling ground for them on top of the established Celafloran culture of nature and full fusion with it [unclear sentence]. Under the direction of their leader, Zero, the group genuinely believed that revolution had the power to reach each and every person.

Ranking Hierarchy and Responsibilities

The Court of Seven are a quorum of seven "main generals" under the command of Zero. They exist as the proxies of Zero, and are the highest ranking members of the Sadistica Seins. The members of the Court of Seven are the main members of the group who are assigned with the task of serving and protecting the Zero-ranked member. Typically, the ranking procedures for the Court of Seven are not a measure of individual strength, despite the common that a member ranked as "One" is stronger than a member ranked as "Seven". Potential members are always selected based on individual talents rather than brute force. When choosing, Zeros will place recruits into the position that suits them best [according to what?].

Companies are private armies serving under each of the members of the Court of Seven. Every company has a "specialization," which is designed around the specific talents of their respective court member. Through this method of organization, the function of the Sadistica Seins is streamlined in order to work more cohesively as a unit.

  • Zero: The commander, leader, and record-keeper of all information on various clients, governments, and political figures. They fight often but prefer to engage in battle away from front lines, as more of a hidden threat. Once the Sadistica Seins acquire a position of major influence, members ranked as Zero are responsible for deciding which political figures can be placed into a position of power.
  • One: First member of the Court of Seven. Ones are the leaders of Company A: a tactical force focusing on high-tier jobs and propaganda. Ones are political assassins but of a degree lower to Zero. The information kept by Zero in order to pull through their work. Unlike other ranks, Ones also share decision making in a political scale as advisers to Zero, evaluating which leaders can remain in power and who should be removed.
  • Two: Second member of the Court of Seven and leaders of Company B: a tactical force focusing on scouting and espionage. Twos are Scouts of high skill and coordinators of various assignments for the members of the Court of Seven ranked as numbers Three and Four.
  • Three: Third member of the Court of Seven. Leader of Company C: a tactical force focusing on the art of hunting key figures for various purposes, ranging from political figures to rival terrorist organizations. For example, a responsibility of a member ranked as Three might be killing off a politician so that the rival who hired Three could gain the former's position. Unlike other rankings, Threes are also tasked with torture of any captured figures, truly giving the entire organization its reputation for being "sadistic."
  • Four: Fourth member of the Court of Seven. Leader of Company D: a company focusing on training Sleeper Agents. Fours are sleeper agents of high skill and they are often sent far away to be the eyes and ears for the organization. They conduct mercenary work and hunting work under the orders of Zero, One, and Two. Usually works together with Three if in the same area.
  • Five: Fifth member of the Court of Seven. Leader of Company E: a company focusing on both harsh/high risk mercenary work, in-field battles, and defense refinement/fortification. Fives are known as the member with the highest endurance and brute force. Five and company E are sent off as power tanks to crush other terrorist organizations and their mercenaries in the event that Sadistica Seins is challenged. In charged of fortifying base defense, they specialize in making sure the entire organization and even the Court of Seven team do not falter. They tend to be the first recruited for the Court of Seven, except for Vale Scarletburn, who was the 6th to be recruited.
  • Six: Sixth member of the Court of Seven. Leader of Company F focusing on front line soldier training, battle, and fortification/refinement of Sadistica Seins' attacking power and potential with weaponry. The company itself has the highest soldier count compared to other companies (As in an actual MAJOR army). Sixes tend to accompany Fives and Sevens during direct combat. Tends to also be a scientific influence within the Organization. A notable Scientific branch within the SS legacy came from Greniou's SS, called the "Good Children Foundation".
  • Seven: Seventh member of the Court of Seven. Leader of Company G which is called a "Free Company". That is, it's members (or soldiers) are divided into 6 groups and trained as spares for the other companies. Sevens are the ones who coordinate detailed infiltrations and are famous for making previously assumed "impossible" escapes possible.

Rules of Succession

  • Line of succession for Zero: In the event that an SS group loses their Zero, the group itself is not void. It will not be considered dissolved. Zero must create a document called "Declaration of Passing Power" to name a successor within the Court of Seven. If none are specified, it will automatically go to One. If One is no longer there, the Organization will fall under the power of another SS organization nearest to their world. One is usually the only rank that can move to Zero since their purpose falls more closely to Zero's. A specified successor within the document must be a member of SS and of kin. They must also share the same Mystera Zero Ideology.
  • Line of succession for One-Seven: In the event that a Court of Seven member dies, a company captain takes their place unless Zero says otherwise. If Zero decides to not acknowledge a Company Captain as a successor, Zero must choose another from that same company.


Each "iteration" differs in terms of membership from the original Seven, as various groups from various planets around the Manaverse [...]. The original group has long since dissolved, and transcended over time into a cultural symbol representing revolution [to whom?], and instilling fear into those who oppose it. There are various worlds and governments [specify] who have invested a significant amount of money and effort into the preservation of the important ideology that the original group represented [why?].

Notable Factions

Original Seven (Celaflora)

"Everything has its beginning. But it doesn't start at "one." It starts long before that. In chaos, the world is born from zero." - Mystera Hidelga.

  • Mystera "Cserro" Hildelga: Known as the original "Zero," Mystera served as the originator of rebellion and the mastermind behind the group's political propaganda. She was a skilled psychic who imposed changes on various governmental structures all while using figureheads as puppets to do her bindings. It is said [by whom?] that her abilities were abnormal and "beautiful." Her eyes were rumored to cause insanity if they were uncovered from the protective mask she wore. Her core ideology was constructed around the notion that order was able to be born through means of chaos, and that the world could be 'reborn' from zero.
The majority of the roles taken by Mystera have since been taken up by all individuals holding the rank of Zero. Every "Zero" must have leadership qualities of an exceptional degree, a sense of security and calmness, an analytical mind, and the gift of manipulating people. Political mastery was Mystera's strongest point. Arguably she was a woman during the time where Celafloran women were not taken seriously. However, her knowledge about various political structures allowed her to find loopholes and know every system by heart, granting her an advantage over others quite easily.
  • Octavic "Xhun" Narvaes: The original "One" of the Sadistica Seins, known for his knack of recruiting powerful criminals under his foot soldier unit. Octavic was the right hand man of Mystera, often noted to be the one who will take hits for her [informal] and collect information that she may need during her operations. Octavic was an off-worlder [from?] who was wrongly sentenced to death by an Irriskran court [specify] for a political conspiracy he did not take part in. Mystera broke him out and gave him the task of recruiting fresh new faces [informal] and serving as a second in command for them and the rest of the seven.
He solidifies the role of "One" to be the intelligence specialist and second in command with great knowledge and exceptional stealth ability.
  • Maris "Dousen" Algona:
  • Venesi "Shres" Roblannc:
  • Galya "Quant" Resnikov:
  • Cincs:
  • Alma "Sansi" Fernandan:
  • Dayanare "Seins" Xabi:

Syelsumoii First Generation

Syelsumoii Second Generation

Divided Factions