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  • ...(range during SCT); 18 (conclusion of Organization G-X); 19 (Current Cult of Ustream point) |Allegiance=Organization G-X (leader), Cult of Ustream (former second-in-command, Alter Timeline only)
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  • about the character in the Prime and Alter Timelines. For the iteration of this character in the Drei Timeline, see [[Shiveztel (Character)]].'' |Aliases=Jase, Kuda ([[Cult of Ustream (Canon)]] only)
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  • |Allegiance=[[Euthoran Pantheon]]; [[Cult of Ustream (Group)|Cult of Ustream]] (Alter Timeline) ...Thunderscale]], and the son of [[Irisidion]]. He is also the [[Familiar]] of the [[Shapeshifter]] [[Jason Shaver]]. Mimring is [[Euthoran Elemental Alig
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  • ...into the second season, the Cult is dragged into the protection of [[Seals of Ustream|Ustream's Seals]] from the enigmatic group known as [[The Sealbreak Legacy is an exception to this; its creator specifically tailored parts of it to directly fall in line with CoU canon.
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  • ...l events that exist within Euthora. The Cult exists only within its [[Cult of Ustream (Canon)|titular canon]] in the Alter Timeline, and does not exist i ...simply formed out of the need to survive, in the safety of numbers. Thus, members may conflict with one another when their own personal endeavors clash, and
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  • working towards the common goal of defending and protecting the [[Seals of Ustream|seals]] in [[Ustream]]. ...eotara also began to turn an eye to watch the Cult. For the most part, the Station watches Ustream's border with Durasken from a base that had been establishe
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  • '''Organization G-X''' is an organized group of characters within the [[Manaverse]], its roots stemming from the planet [[T ...t that they find themselves capable of doing so. This applies for a number of their goals, such as their attempt to take over Terra and performing experi
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  • of the [[Cult of Ustream (Group)|Cult of Ustream]] and the [[Station of Seotara]]. point in the Cult of Ustream canon, they have already destroyed three of these seals, those guarded by [[Cassiel]], [[Charos]], and [[Draco Maxima I
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  • |Allegiance=[[Cult of Ustream (Group)|Cult of Ustream]]; [[Durasken]] military |Powers=Control of emotions
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  • ...nce of [[Shadow Version 27]], and concluding with the occupation of [[Cult of Ustream Headquarters]] by a deity known as [[Oikeus]]. ...who threatens the integrity of the entire region during the final segment of the Season.
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  • The '''Cult of Ustream Headquarters''' is an abandoned [[Seotara]]n military outpost in west-central [[Ustream]], [[Forvolrasuls]], [[Euthor by abbreviated terms, such as "'''HQ'''" or "'''Cult HQ'''". In [[Cult of Ustream (Canon)/Prologue|Season Zero]] it was referred to as "the outpost"
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  • |Allegiance= [[Black Talon]] (Formerly), [[Station of Seotara]] with his teammates during a raid on [[Lord X-Giga-X]]'s lab in ''[[Cult of Ustream (Canon)/Season One|Season One]]''.
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  • ...t is south of [[Durasken]] and north of [[Nienearcl]], on the western half of Forvolrasuls. Timeline]]. Other settlements in this timeline include the [[Station of Seotara]].
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