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A Spektran is a being made entirely out of electrical energy, and circuitry. The Spektrans, unlike other races do not actually have a homeworld. Rather, a Spektran is capable of forming anywhere, as long as these is the energy capable of sustaining their life. They are currently only found on one known world in the Manaverse, the S.S. Soaring Sky.


The appearance of a Spektran is not a constant thing, as it is always changing due to the volatile energies that reside in their bodies. A Spektran is capable of forming at any size, and of any shape although it is usually subject to change as they live on. Electrical energies, and sometimes bits of circuitry make up this entire being's body. Spektrans are capable of forming in different colours as well. Listed from most common to rarest, their colours are: Yellow, White, Red, Orange, Blue, and Purple.


Currently there is little known about the physiology of Spektrans. Rather than eating any form of food, Spektrans need to recharge themselves in order to sustain life. Due to their electrical nature, Spektrans are able to survive in extreme heat. Although their bodies are made of pure electrical energy, they are actually at a constant temperature of 0 Degrees.


Spektrans have a wide array of abilities, some of them they are created with, while others end up learning them throughout life. One such ability that only Spektrans are known to be able to do is to be able to traverse through wires. Some Spektrans have been able to take this ability a step further, and use it to completely control machines. The main ability that all Spektrans are able to use however is the manipulation of energy. Spektrans are able to shift their body in order to take on new shapes too, although they always retain the energy in their body.


Spektrans have many variable behaviours, although a few things is known for sure about them. Spektrans mainly prefer communicating with Humans, rather than the Avian people. Most Spektrans are very docile, and won't harm anything unless forced into a dangerous situation. Spektrans seem to have a great fondness for animals, although many of them aren't able to control their power enough to avoid harming them. They appear to have a fear of rubber, proving that they have some common sense. It appears that when Spektrans are born with wires, they have more animistic actions, although they never get to the point of becoming violent.


Spektrans started out as violent, and primitive creatures. Much larger than they are today, they were made more so of wires, rather than the almost pure energy Spektrans that exist today. Over time, the creation of Spektrans got better, as they were forced into a more manageable size, although they were still as violent as ever. After the Gorgite war, Spektrans were being created as work tools instead of war tools. Some Spektrans evolved over time, and became the sentient beings we have today. Other Spektrans never made it that far, and simply became the work drones down in the mines that are in Minnetic.


The first Spektrans were created via an accident, and were a large mess of wires and electrical power. They are unlike the current Spektrans, as at the time they were very violent creatures. Due to their violent nature, and primative thinking, there was no reasoning with the creatures, so they were forced to be destroyed. As new Spektrans were created, they eventually were being used as war tools, in order for the Avians to attempt to settle their quarrel with the Gorgites. The war however was abruptly ended, as the heat of the Gorginite planet was too extreme for even the Spektrans to handle. Now Spektrans have been created specifically for work, although some of them have evolved into sentient beings capable of human speech.


  • Because of their resistance to heat, many Spektrans work in the Minnetic Mines located in the core of the S.S. Soaring Sky.
  • It is unknown what causes the colour of Spektrans to change, although one theory is that it resonates with the heat of the electricity involved.