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Soul Phantasms

Water Breathing


Black Blades, Silisium, Syn


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Sylus is a Silisi from Ea.


Sylus stands at 5'10" and has a bluish-green skin tone and dark blue eyes. He has long fins on the top of his head that are a darker shade of green with an extra long head fin on each side of his head. His body is very lean, with very little fat and has webbed skin between his fingers up to his first knuckle. His clothing consists of shorts and a long belt that he wears wrapped three times around himself. He prefers not to wear anything else but will wear a tunic and a wide brimmed hat if need calls for it. He also wears a pouch around his waist on his right side.


Sylus is a rather laid back individual. He is a very easy person to get along once people begin to know him more. Whenever anyone asks for his help, he will usually help, and was often late to school and training as a result of this. He has a soft spot for children. On the battlefield, he loses his laid back attitude because he knows just how serious combat. His attitude towards combat and death is a result of his training; He doesn't expect to live but doesn't want to die.


Fighting Style

Sylus prefers to fight with two 18in. single-edged knives that have black blades the colour of charcoal. With these he is a master and almost appears to dance whenever he fights. With the recent invention of firearms, he has also taken up this new weapon and takes four pistols with him into battle along with a rifle and is capable of hitting a target 100 meters away 9 out of 10 times with the rifle.

Soul Phantasms


Sylus can swim extremely fast over short distances, a speed only slightly slower than a 100 meter sprint on land. He is also an above average blacksmith as he forged his own blades and the barrel of his musket. Like all Silisians, Sylus can breath under water.


Two 18in. Single-edged knives, four pistols, and a sniper's muzzle-loaded rifle.

Strengths and Immunities

Sylus is a master fighter, the best to come out of the Syn's ranks in generations, and has only been defeated by those with more combat experience, but through treachery rather than skill. Immune to drowning in water. Higher than average tolerance to hunger.

Weaknesses and Fears

Sylus is very afraid of losing his younger sister. He is also afraid of losing the soldiers under his command and will never place his soldiers in danger without himself being there to lead them and always gives himself the most dangerous tasks in any mission. He also becomes much weaker when dehydrated, more so than men or elves. He also has a fear of being underground and extreme heights.


He only has a younger sister as his parents were killed in a pirate raid.



Sylus was born at the height of the Colonial Rebellion in TA 115. He was born to the Syn and grew up under the rule of the Wesilla. As a child he already showed his sense of mischievous humor and was often scolded by his parents for the pranks he played on the people around him. One his favourite activities was throwing homemade stink bombs at the village guards and running from them. He was taken at age 8 to begin training for his future career within the ranks of the Syn.


On the first day of training, the students of the Syn were introduced to the leaders of the five clan roles: the Soldiers, Farmers, Metalworkers, Fishermen, and Builders. Sylus was immediately drawn to the Soldiers and aspired to be one. He went through four years of general schooling where he learned mathematics, the stars, how to read the ocean, and the history of his clan. At age 12 he chose to begin training to become a soldier and spent another four years learning how to fight, battle tactics, and training his body for peak performance. He graduated from school at 16 and was immediately recommended to begin training to become a Black Blade. Another four years of schooling trained his swordsmanship and also taught him metalworking. By the end of the four years he had become a master swordsman and a good blacksmith. The time of his training also corresponded to the rise in popularity of firearms, of which Sylus saw a great use for and adopted their use.


Sylus is currently in command of a group of 8 other Black Blades that fights pirates off the southern coast of Silisium. The pirates are humans mostly from Essil and Aster. He has developed a deep hatred for these pirates as his parents and grandmother were killed in a pirate raid two years ago. His younger sister also recently graduated as a Black Blade and is a member of Sylus' anti-piracy group.


"You must fight like water; formless and ever changing."

"They didn't even leave any cake."