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The Messenger's Memoirs are a collection of books authored by Judas Numidius that depict the events of the larger canon of the same name. They are structured in such a way as to give each major part its own volume, with special exceptions for larger overarching plots such as the Cult of Ustream seasons. In this sense, they provide a view of a very large, overarching tale of not only where Judas himself has been, but also those mentioned directly by him in his writings. He often accepts guest writers to provide him with alternate perspectives on the same events. The Volumes are set on different planets all over the Manaverse, including Ferona. A "season" in the collection is called a Series or Set, and an individual "arc" is called a Volume. Volumes are completed every 500-1000 years, resulting in over 120 individual books.


Series One: Early Life (Volumes 1-29)

Series Two: Chronicles of Osyrhia (Volumes 30-59)

Series Three: Exploration and Pursuit of Knowledge (Volumes 60-89)

Series Four: Chronicles of Osyrhia, Revisited (Volumes 90-119)

Volumes 109-119: Of Wars in Osyrhia, Revisited

Of Wars in Osyrhia, Revisited is the collective term for the subset of ten Volumes covering the travails of Dennis Matthews, cousin of Judas Numidius, as well as Logel Gates, Deshawn Numidius, Sam Evans and Nebula Version 16, among others, in their quest to aid God-King Jericho and Lucius Penumbrae in the war effort against Lucius' fellow House leader Nycas Penumbrae, eventually leading to the conclusion of the Second Great War. The Volumes, guest-written by Dennis, Deshawn and Sam, as well as others, paint a picture of Judas' colorful past that he himself could not, going back to where it all began--the Corruption events in Upper Osyrhia.

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Set One: Tales of Euthora (Extra Volumes 1-29)

Extra Volume One: Arrival

Extra Volume Two: A Journey of Inspiration

Extra Volume Twenty-Three: Valen and Oikeus


Characters (or maybe Dramatis Personae)

Major Characters

Minor Characters