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Vibranant Breeding Things

[Subject to change]

  • An Original Vibranant is incompatible with most species (As of SCT since they evolved a lot). Only observable cross breeding event was with a Crysian, suggesting that chances a VibranantxOther offspring survives are slightly boosted when bred with a being with at least one component fit enough to withstand the build of a Vibranant and it's power. Percentage of success for babby is still around .2%
  • Neovibranants are actually incompatible to breed with regular humans. Follows similar path to the one stated above. Build often leads to Neovibranant choosing a heightened humanoid kind (Crysians, Diclonius, even an Ereva etc)to mate with. Bred with a regular human would result in a malformed baby, dies in womb pretty quickly. Vale is lucky to have fathered two Neovibranants because >East Grenian Angel. Those two have potent souls for which the power/build uses for stress management shenanigans.
  • Drasvibranant(s) can't breed at all. They depend on artificial creation and cloning. [Work on this more. Like seriously]
  • EIP and Vibration Excess slightly lead to behavioral changes in a Neovibranant when their power begins to expand (puberty of sorts). They get more antsy and violent.
  • Homing signals maybe? EIP identifies other EIPs more easier? (Can sort out EIP identifiers in a special way? Why?)
  • Vibrational Excess a factor in potential growth. [?]

Strange Chemistry

[Subject to changes and updates]

  • It's title was originally meant for a post-SCT plot involving Kaminari but then I realized it didn't fit. It's a joke on that unofficial Beatles album from an alternate dimension.

  • Society of Faces and a pro-human movement there? Maybe?
  • Update: It's entirely about the Society of Faces.
  • Time between the beginning and end of Strange Chemistry to Night Kaleidoscope is about 13 years. For reference.

[Night Prowler]

  • Possibly an alternative to Strange Chem. Result of a Fourth Route suddenly happening to Emma.
  • Update: Night Prowler is now an arc in Strange Chemistry. It is no longer a separate route pertaining to CoU.

Azuma's Guardian

Pastebin 'cause it's long:

  • Update: Her name is now Rchaziir.

Ethnicity of characters based off real-life nations(for fun)

  • Starr: Chinese/Finnish
  • Shockwing: Korean
  • Rye and Ringo: Chinese/American
  • Vale and Emri: Russian/Finnish
  • Emma and Henri: Finnish
  • Hisao and Takao: Japanese
  • Tarma-Yuichi+Siblings: Japanese/Finnish
  • Gaga: Finnish
  • Vera: Japanese
  • Raiden: Magic
  • Lilia and Major Reikovic: Russian/Japanese
  • Kaminari and Raijin: Russian/Japanese
  • Ikan: Chinese
  • Karaki: Chinese
  • Cuwind: Finnish
  • Arias and Dairo: Japanese/Russian
  • Ivan: German
  • Li-Ten Kierrmi and Su-Kel Ta'na: Chinese
  • Yasuko: Japanese
  • Zaiek Kierrmi: Chinese/Japanese
  • Zheya Kiyerumi: Chinese/Japanese

The Xue/Zaiek Situation

  • Implied that Xue has a relation to Zaiek via "a strong blood bond". Relative. Though Xue doesn't seem like an Iyoza. This would mean a couple of things:

-She might be from Zaiek's father's side of the family, making her have Nekuna blood. In Strange Chemistry, she is strictly described as a sky serpent, though. It's unknown if Nekuna/Sky Serpent crossbreeding was A Thing yet. It would also mean she's the heir of the Ta'na surname, even though her surname is Zhan-Li. ---> Her mother is possibly the Ta'na relative, then.

-She might be from Zaiek's mother's side. This would run the risk of having her as an Iyoza. Her surname would've had Kiyerumi as well, unless Zaiek's mom isn't fully Iyoza and has a father who belongs to the Zhan-Li family. This might be possible?

--->Maybe Xue's mother is [name] Kiyerumi, but couldn't keep the Kiyerumi part because >Marriage.

--->Maybe Yasuko and Xue's mom are Cousins? Perhaps Zaiek's maternal grandfather and Xue's maternal grandfather were brothers, The Kiyerumis. -->Kiyerumi Grandpa A(Zaiek) has Yasuko with a human. So she's fully human. -->Kiyerumi Grandpa B(Xue)has [Xue's mom]. She is Yasuko's cousin.

-->Kiyerumi Grandpa B marries off Xue's mother to her current husband, who is a Sky Serpent. Mr. Zhan-Li. Since Sky Serpents are patriarchal, Xue's mom ditches the Kiyerumi name and becomes Mrs. Zhan-Li.

--->Kiyerumi Grandpa A marries off Yasuko with Li Ten Ta'na, a Nekuna. Li Ten adopts Yasuko's surname due to Yasuko asking for it.

-Okay, so Zaiek and Xue+siblings are cousins-once removed.

Pastebins [Mantuanese calendar v.2]

  • Zaiek Kierrmi's Case Files:





005 SYEL: