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Humans, Faunixen, Aezithians

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Cytieresk is a planet within the Manaverse.




Kerthium is a large continent in the middle of the eastern hemisphere of the world. The continent is dominated by a kingdom of the same name. Most of the continent is heavily forested and moderately hilly, and is often referred to as the "green continent". Small villages and the occasional town dot the land, but the capital is the largest of all settlements there, as well as the world. The capital of Kerthium is a massive walled city, with a large stone castle in the center, where the king resides. The city itself is quite open, with many large plazas throughout, to accommodate the crowds which are ever present throughout the day, composed of residents, tourists, travelers, and even adventurers alike. Majority of the architecture is stone for most parts of the continent, and cleanliness of the towns and cities are highly valued. The architecture is known to be elegantly carved. Poorer villages, however, usually need to make do with whatever materials are available (which is mainly wood) and of course are more concerned with survival than the cleanliness of their area.


Velkenheight is one of the smaller continents on Cytieresk, located far to the north on the eastern hemisphere, connected to the continent of Kerthium by a narrow land bridge. Majority of the continent of Velkenheight has winter year-round, except for certain areas in the southern parts of the continent. Like Kerthium, Velkenheight is dominated by a kingdom of the same name. The environment is harsh and, towards the north, quite mountainous. Small villages are located throughout the continent, but the only place larger than a village is the capital itself. The people of Velkenheight are referred to as "Velkens", often shortened to "Velks" as slang. Majority of the buildings throughout Velkenheight are wooden, even in the city; save for a couple large buildings and the castle itself. The architecture is, for the most part, basic, save for the occasional wooden carving looming over the doorway of a house.



Derrivess is a medium-sized continent to the mid-west of the planet. It is of higher altitude than the other continents, and a lot dryer as well as more mountainous. Forests are located in some places, but the continent is mostly rocky. Two kingdoms on the continent, Sablis and Elkryage have split the continents into territories of their own- Sablis taking the southern half, and Elkryage the northern half. The villages are few and far between, and the populations outside of the main cities of the two kingdoms very low. All the architecture is stone. In the villages, it's often basic and standard. In the cities of the two kingdoms (particularly Sablis) however, the buildings are a lot more decorated, the intricacy of many of the carvings rivaling those of the Kingdom of Kerthium.


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A Cytian year is never referred to as a year by the Cytian people, but rather a "revolution". A Cytian year is made up of 10 months, most of which are composed of 35 days.














Apovirism is a Cytian religion which is oriented mainly around Apovir, the god of judgement. While not truly worshipping Apovir as a creator, they believe that, upon entering the afterlife, Apovir will judge them based on the deeds they've done in their life. They will arrive in Apovir's chamber, a room of gold, walls adorned with a variety of gems. Apovir himself wears a veil and robe, silver and black in color, with two beasts standing by either side of him. Apovir himself does not speak, instead he will, after examining the soul, raise his left hand to approve the soul for passage into the Spirit Realm, and raise his right hand to deny them passage, instead damning them to The Void. The beast to his left is Anaveyre, the one who guides the approved souls to the Spirit Realm, where they can stay or choose to be reincarnated. The one by his right is Alloveyre, the one who drags the unapproved to The Void. The Void is, just as the name indicates, a black nothingness where the damned soul is to remain until the end of time, alone, unable to escape. It stays there left with nothing but its own regrets until the soul itself fades from existence entirely. The followers of Apovirism do not believe they were created by Apovir himself, but rather came into existence by natural means, and that Apovir is simply the one responsible for judging any being of any race entering the afterlife. Apovirism has the largest following of any religion worldwide, but holds its roots in the continent of Kerthium, where followers of this religion are still the most common.


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