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Auvresh is a Daeridite continent situated in the planet's western hemisphere. It is the second largest landmass on Daeridune. Prior to the apocalyptic event that left the planet in ruin, Auvresh and its comprising nations are considered the hub of technological progress, with the majority of residents worshiping Exelixus in some capacity.

Following the apocalyptic event, [...]


Auvresh is a large landmass and is geographically quite diverse. Auvresh is divided by the Daeridite Sandsea, a geographical feature that spans the entire planet. It is a vast expanse of sand that shifts in a way that resembles an ocean.


Main Article: Daeova

Daeova can be considered a fascist theocracy by Terran standards. The country worships the God of Progress, Exelixus, and refers to their own system of secular governance as Exelism. This Exelist form of government is unique and unpopular in the eyes of less radical societies. The country focuses on progress while maintaining order, creating a stoic and oppressive civilization aside from the crime of those dissatisfied with the current state of affairs. Free thinking is stifled under the population's need to push their technology and science to new limits.

The country focuses on progress while maintaining order. Free thinking is stifled under the population's need to push their technology and science to new limits, cultivating the environment for anarchic crime; this is particularly true in the larger cities.

The ruling theocrat of Daeova is Silas Jasper Payne, who keeps the company of what he refers to as Exelist Enforcers. This includes Damien Thrage.

Daeova's currency is based around coins called Tael, which come in copper, silver, and gold variants. It is fifty Copper Tael to a Silver Tael and fifty Silver to a Gold. Daeovan economy is good to those able to work in military, construction, or scientific fields, and poor to the rest of society. This contributes to the anarchic crime in larger cities (which is quickly and methodically silenced by Payne's enforcers) and rampant poverty in the smaller, weaker cities (which Payne ignores and allows to be picked off for the sake of the rest of the country's progress).

Military in Daeova includes the Exelist Enforcers, as well as generic army forces. The Exelist Enforcers are used to shut down opposition in the form of dissenters and disruptive individuals, such as Dazenth Raziel's hobby of being a mercenary hitman. Daeovan military forces are given special energy-based weaponry- Dazenth's gunblade and Damien's railgun being among them.

Technology in Daeova naturally centers around the ideals of "harder, better, faster, stronger". The height of their technology at Standard Canon Time includes genetic experimentations- creating specialized creatures from scratch, such as Stormcatcher- and interplanetary travel via Zero-Space. It was, in fact, a Daeovan ship that caught the Mana signal of a Vindrite girl known as "Cyclone" and, unable to read it, went to investigate. It was a Daeovan ship that eventually caught a similar signal from Vindrgard and was then "stolen" by the man Nathair Kigyo.


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Predominantly chemists and pressure engineers, they have extremely good medicine and command powerful, complex water-pressure machines.

They live on the coast and build cities of labyrinthine pipework, their buildings wrapped up in complex piping/cables like webbing around the cities. This makes their cities hard to navigate, which leads civilians to get frustrated with visitors.

The government strongly insists everyone keep working, which often leads to rushed or forced projects, which is the general contributing factor to the mess that is the faction’s infrastructure. Aside from this, they strongly value life, and many funds are contributed to health and the environment. They are generally communist.

Once Pragaran society realized that they were just a lesser version of Daeova, a “fatalist” art movement emerged within their society. Tired of normal labour, they turned to art to express themselves, leading to huge, labyrinthine installations. The usage of lots of steel and welding lend to their to steampunk-esque technology. Due to more space north of Sandsea, Pragara has the freedom to build sprawling structures instead of building high to make the most economic use of space.

It is perhaps a rather impressionable country, and Pragara has some history that is actively being buried by Daeova

Notable Settlements

Daeova's capital city is named Aeficeon and houses military advancements. Daeova also includes the city of Antriquel (the main setting of Algorithm of Fate), and Kevarus (a large city which houses the scientific and technological advancements).