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A Chaos Eye is a crystalline, anatomical structure manifested from the abilities of the Warriors of the Eye. Brought into existence by the Rokain Gods when they created the six beings, they have become an inheritance among their descendents, the Chaos Eye Bearers. Those who bear a Chaos Eye gain access to certain abilities of one of the Warriors of the Eye, depending on the type of Chaos Eye they bear. In total, there are six different varieties of Chaos Eye:

  • The Ensnaring Eye, belonging to Rolarik and his descendants.
  • The Attentive Eye, belonging to Jesgary and her descendants.
  • The Manic Eye, belonging to Klaunewar and his descendants.
  • The Honest Eye, belonging to Valazam and his descendants.
  • The Deceiving Eye, belonging to Geldance and her descendants. As a result of the actions of the Hitoyugure Infinic Juptois, several generations of Chaos Eye Bearers of this eye were descendants of Juptois.
  • The Reflecting Eye, belonging to Kilcarth and his descendants. Like in the case of the Deceiving Eye, several generations of Chaos Eye Bearers of this eye were descendants of Juptois as a result of his actions.


The Chaos Eye, despite being called such, is actually comprised of two parts. One part is a thick, crystalline structure that covers the bearer's entire arm, typically resulting what appears to be a clawed hand. This structure actually grows out of their arm once they reach a certain age. It is extremely durable, mainly to protect the arm it covers. In the cases of the Ensnaring, Attentive, Manic, Honest, and Deceiving Eyes, this structure is semi-transparent, allowing one to be able to somewhat see the arm hidden underneath. Its color varies depending on the Chaos Eye itself. The Ensnaring, Attentive, Manic, Honest, and Deceiving Eyes are dark green, aqua, orange, gold, and black in color respectively. The Reflecting Eye, however, has a completely transparent structure.

The second part is the eye itself, which is embedded within the structure on the back of the bearer's hand. Like the color of the crystalline structure, the eye color varies. In the cases of the Ensnaring, Attentive, Manic, and Honest Eyes, the color of the eye usually contrasts the color of the crystalline structure. The Deceiving Eye has an eye of a completely random color. The Honest Eye has an eye of light gray in color, although sometimes it can be completely white, making it blend into the sclera.


The primary function of a bearer's Chaos Eye is to grant the bearer certain abilities of one of the Warriors of the Eye, which vary depending on which one they have.

  • The Ensnaring Eye grants the bearer the ability to create tendril-like objects. They may also manipulate such objects so long as they have been created through this ability.
  • The Attentive Eye enhances the bearer's sense of hearing. It also grants them sonoimpery should they not already have it, or gives their sonoimpery a significant boost if they do have it.
  • The Manic Eye is considered the most destructive out of the six Chaos Eyes, as it allows the bearer to generate explosions through varying methods.
  • The Honest Eye allows the bearer to see through the target's deceptions. As such, this usually allows the bearer to see through and shatter illusions, and makes it easier to tell if a person is lying. Because of how it functions, it's believed that this Chaos Eye exists to counteract the Deceiving Eye.
  • The Deceiving Eye acts upon strengthening the bearer's ability to create illusions through varying means. Typically though, this is accomplished with the goal of attempting to mess with the target's senses, granting the bearer abilities such as synesthimpery or dolimpery.
  • The Reflecting Eye allows the bearer to "read" the soul of their target(s). Through this, the bearer is then able to copy and temporarily gain access to the magical abilities of the target(s). The duration of this varies depending on the abilities gained from this and the number of targets it is used against, and almost never extends over half an hour. And after this duration ends, the eye goes inactive for a duration of time dependent on the same factors.

All types of Chaos Eyes also attempt to prevent the bearer from becoming blind.


Warriors of the Eye

In response to the incident of the Zodiac Lord on Ocera, the Rokain Gods created the first generation of Chaos Eye Bearers, the Warriors of the Eye, to act as guardians of the sister planet in an attempt to prevent such an incident from occurring again. Each god created one each of the six Chaos Eye Bearers, and thus created each of the Chaos Eyes. Sokohga created Rolarik, the origin of the Ensnaring Eye; Volks created Claunewar, the origin of the Manic Eye; Lacia created Jesgary, the origin of the Attentive Eye; Claiter created Valazam, the origin of the Honest Eye; Trajodeas created Geldance, the origin of the Deceiving Eye; and Solas created Kilcarth, the origin of the Reflecting Eye. Soon after their creation, the Warriors of the Eye retreated to Ocera through the Oceran Gateways where they then began their mission as guardians of the planet, each choosing a single continent to patrol. For several decades, they relied on both their own elemental abilities and the abilities bestowed upon them by their Chaos Eyes to protect the Ocerans from many incidents on the planet, facing many powerful opponents in the process. However, they would soon find themselves facing a pernicious foe that even they wouldn't be able to stop...


  • Despite being exclusive to Chaos Eye Bearers, it's possible for an individual of any species to bear a Chaos Eye. However, this requires at least one of their parents to be a Chaos Eye Bearer.