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Primary Canon

Algorithm of Fate



Dominant Race(s)


Major Deities

Exelixus, Unaerion (pre-apocalypse); N/A (post-apocalypse)

Official Languages




Orbital Period

Rotation Period

Daeridune is a planet within the Manaverse. It is ringed, orbits two suns, and is orbited by a single moon.

Daeridune is home to two canons, both chatplay-based: Algorithm of Fate and a currently-unnamed canon that takes place before Daeridune's apocalyptic event.


The western hemisphere of Daeridune, especially within the continent of Auvresh, is the hub of technological progress; having less landmass to work with, the inhabitants build high in the hopes of entirely avoiding the ever-expanding Sandsea.

Post-apocalyptic Daeridune is a barren, wastelandish world. In the setting of Algorithm of Fate, the major city is Antriquel, but there are several smaller cities scattered nearby. Antriquel is in the south western hemisphere of Daeridune— lying within southern Auvresh, relatively close to the Sandsea.

The majority of the world is inhospitable due to the consequences of the apocalyptic event: leftover magical radiation, a harsh environment, and monsters that benefited from the catastrophe. These, among other factors, encouraged humans to largely remain within the cities.


Daeridune is divided into four major continents, two of which are divided by the Daeridite Sandsea at the planet's equator, and a third being divided into four islands of roughly equal size.


Main Article: Auvresh

Auvresh (demonym: ???) is a large landmass that dominates the majority of the western hemisphere. Prior to the apocalyptic event that reduced the world largely to ruin, Auvresh was considered the hub of technological progress on Daeridune. The majority of its residents believed in the power of Exelixus, the Daeridite deity representing progress.

Auvresh is comprised of the nations of Daeova and Pragara.


[GREEN_CONT] (demonym: ???) is the largest landmass on Daeridune. It is situated predominantly in the northeastern hemisphere, with portions of it existing below the Sandsea.


A nation of monks who live in the mountains. Their spelltypes tend to be focused around improving their bodies and physical ability.

Their buildings are all completely flat and they only live in the peaks of mountains; their buildings being made on boarding extending off the sides. Magic allows them to keep everything completely level and balanced. Visually, their buildings are inspired by traditionally oriental architecture, and most rooms are connected by outdoor walkways.

They believe in the purity of the human form, and therefore do not accept tampering with or modification to the human form. They react violently to non-humans, but are calm and wish to exercise diplomacy when confronted by "equals."


Situated in the northwestern part of the continent; most likely on one of the points closest to Khaurem. Geleira is a magic country with a cool, wet climate. Notable features include good magitech, saezer metal trade with Greniou, and their religious guardian totems. Their economy revolves around the crystal-to-metal trade, and agriculturally they predominantly farm carrots and potatoes.

The Geleiran government is incredibly strict and lead by the Geleiran Czar.

Socially, family is of high value in Geleira.


(aka "blue continent")

  • Four islands
  • Where the Eyes movement is centered at.
    • Perhaps more of a "group of interest" than a ruling body.
    • The Eyes holds quite a bit of authority, and is considered a "holy woman" or a "prophet", who is believed to reincarnate throughout the ages. This authority extends beyond just [blue] to begin with, as she is considered a holy woman in some capacity largely throughout Daeridune.
  • Considered to be akin to a neutral ground or sacred location depending on who you ask.


Main Article: Khaurem

Khaurem is an arctic continent that exists in the northernmost region of Daeridune. Despite attempts to colonize Khaurem, it is widely considered to be inhospitable or unsuitable for establishing civilized life due to the existence of [some sort of supernatural creature(s)] dwelling in the area. Nevertheless, small groups of humans survive on the continent by embodying a culture of understanding and respecting the balance of nature and the natural order of things.

Khaurem exists as "tangential" to the major, planet-wide theme of Progress vs. Idealism. The major conflict within Khaurem is centered on something based in nature and how humans must struggle against it. There is an absence of a complementary force to progress/idealism, with only the cycle of nature repeating itself in its own form of balance.

There is a Manacle located on Khaurem.


Around the equator of the planet wraps the Sandsea, a vast expanse of sand that moves in currents and behaves as an ocean would. It appears to be a mass of rippling dunes and thus earned the planet its name. The exact origins of the Daeridite Sandsea are unknown, but the leading theory is that it was formed by tectonic movement of the plates converging towards one another, pushing sand up to the surface. It is progressively becoming wider; at the time of Algorithm of Fate, this landmark has become gigantic and dangerous, an area that none dare cross.


Prior to the apocalyptic event, monster presence on Daeridune is minimal.

Ambush predator that tunnels through stone and burrows in sand, using its feelers to sense prey.



Prior to the apocalyptic event, Daeridune observes two particular deities -- Exelixus, the deity of Progress, and Unaerion the deity of Idealism. It is currently unknown what form these deities took when they engaged with the world. What is known is that their existence sparked a planet-wide rift in ideologies. Those who chose to follow Exelixus' ways observed a massive surge in technological development, whereas followers of Unaerion were enlightened with significant magiological advances. This has largely divided Daeridite society into two major factions.

There is also an emergent theological movement that is centred in [BLUE_CONT], known as the Eyes Movement. It is a comparatively recent development that is centered on the existence of a holy woman that is reported to have reincarnated throughout the ages as a major figure in general Daeridite society.

Post-apocalyptic Daeridune does not have a recognized pantheon. Record of Exelixus and Unaerion may exist, but they do not appear to have any particular influence following the apocalyptic event. It is believed that they left the planet.


While not as magitech-heavy as other planets such as Crysia, Vindrgard, and Phantasia, pre-apocalyptic Daeridune has a notably high technological level. In fact, magitech is nearly nonexistent, as technological and magiological progress advanced separate from each other.


Magic vs Technology

There are two predominant factions, one focusing on magic and the other technology.


Post-apocalyptic Daeridune is run by a strict government, which places a ban on magic under the pretense that magic is what caused the world to become barren. The government also uses a combination of propaganda and scare tactics to prevent people from leaving the city and thus discovering remnants of abandoned population hubs. The leader of the government is an individual known simply as the Overseer.

There may or may not be a government-condoned slave trade during the timeframe of Algorithm of Fate.




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