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Eon, otherwise known as the Essence of Eternity, is one of the two Primordial Aethers produced by the fabric of reality to both preserve and maintain the dimensional timespace, and also to stabilize local realities. Its existence in the perceivable Manaverse is merely due to the fact that Eon leaks out from the reality’s dimensional Eon shell and enters the universe as an interactable aether.


Eon is fundamentally an eternal aether, which cannot be influenced by external factors that attempt to change or modify its nature. It has zero resonance with the Elemental Spectrum, and cannot decay naturally. Despite possessing a psion, it will not disintegrate after interpreting a command of any sort--that is, it will hold that information for an indefinite amount of time, until a greater interference influences it. Due to this, it cannot be used as a source of liberation of aetheric energy, and thus cannot be used as fuel in any process that can constitute as Magic.


[psion + eternion]


Eon’s natural purpose involves the accumulation of the energy into transuniversal membranes, or Eonbranes, that segregate different timelines, planes and realities, and thus makes them inherently non-conflictive.

Eon Pool

While Eon is not a naturally-absorbable aether, some beings might harmonize with it in various degrees and develop Eon Pools. Eon pools behave differently from Mana pools or Spirit pools in that they are not naturally recycled into the body. While Mana cycles and Spirit has the potential to cycle as it interacts with everything around it, Eon’s inherent state of infinite stability allows it to settle and accumulate with itself within the soul’s extended structure. Because of this, any given Eon Pool might be comprised of the exact same Eon particles for as long as the soul is capable of holding them. Although reabsorption of Eon is difficult without practice or necessary potential, the same quantity of Eon can be theoretically be used and then recycled indefinitely, as long as the Eon itself does not disintegrate or decay due to external factors. One with an eon pool may be capable of gathering even more eon, although to some extent capping off.