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Welcome to the Manaverse Wiki
The Manaverse Wiki is a compendium of knowledge regarding the collaborative–canon universe created by members of the ZEJ Roleplaying Forums. It is a community project maintained by those participating in or having sufficient knowledge of the collective canon that the Manaverse comprises.
We currently have 161 articles.


The Manaverse, from a meta perspective, is a universal supersetting and "sandbox" that is shared by many members of the ZEJ Roleplaying Forums. Its fundamental purpose is to connect a multitude of planets and canons, binding them together by common principles and a shared progression of history. Plots and canons that exist within the Manaverse umbrella follow the same rules, allowing for technicalities to be handled elegantly and prevent ambiguity which may arise, and also to provide an expansive multiplayer environment that facilitates interconnectivity between these settings.

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