Pricilla Starkey

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Pricilla Starkey
Starr with her usual attire


Cilla, Starr, Kormiir


19 (current Cult of Ustream canon point), presumed to be in her 20s (Prime Timeline)




Royale Serpent-Peacock Psydrake hybrid





Soul Phantasms

Eonbending, Adiunimpery


Cult of Ustream, Interstellar Scientific Exchange, People's Progressive Union


Catlyka Auk Croitia (mother, deceased in Alter), Kara Ki Tuánjié Starokii (father),Sarlyrzane (Maternal Grandfather), Zalda (Maternal Grandmother, deceased), 1 brother, 3 sisters, Findtlyka Auk Croitia (Aunt, Deceased), Karros (half uncle), Ryeonetta Knight (daughter, Alter Timeline only), Richard Jotham Knight (son, Alter Timeline only), Karria Knight (granddaughter, Alter Timeline noncanon), Jonathan Knight (grandson, Alter Timeline only)

"I see all. What I've done, what I could soon do. What I am and what I'll become. Frankly, life to me is nothing more than a reality where I'll win anyway. Somewhere, some time. Step up....I'm waiting. "
— Starr in Prime Timeline

Pricilla Starkey (often referred to by her nickname, Starr; real name Sutaroki Kormiir) is a Royale Serpent-Psydrake hybrid, and is a princess belonging to the Mantuanese royal family. She is a brilliant bioengineer (specializing in genetic research and modification), doctor, inventor, and is also a practitioner of Garnere's theories.

Pricilla is regarded as a highly-intelligent individual who is a valuable asset to the Cult of Ustream, as well as other factions in various Manaverse timelines. Though she began as a simple and often spoiled little princess on her home planet of Mantua, she was taken away at the age of four by her adoptive brother, Ivan Karros, beginning her life as a scientist under his wing on the planet Terra. She later would escape to Euthora in the Alter Timeline, leading to her participation in the Cult of Ustream canon.

Her role in the Prime Timeline within the Dissonant Rhapsody canon is still unknown.


Starr stands at around 5'9" and weighs approximately 140 pounds. Much like her mother, Starr has light brown-colored hair, brown eyes, and a lighter complexion when she is in her human form. This is considered to be unusual by Mantuanese standards. She typically can be found in semi-formal attire, such as a one-piece dress suit with thick, dark brown padding on her shoulders. The dress remains slightly open around her chest area, and Starr wears a belt that falls right above the end of the dress. Alongside this, she occasionally wears dark brown gloves with matching long socks, the latter of which remain under tan high top boots that are made with an elevated heel on the back.

Although Starr has a tendency to remain in her human form, her original birth form is that of a Royale Serpent. In this form, she reaches a length of over 84 feet, and is adorned by white scales with golden back plates. As is a defining feature for Royale Serpents, her tail slightly resembles that of a butterfly, and is of a typical red coloring.

Kirenyun's Imprinted

Pricilla Starkey in Kirenyun's Imprinted

In Prime timeline, Starr's appearance is drastically different to reflect how confident she is. Instead of long tied hair, her hair is much shorter reaching past her jaw. Although she differs from her Alter counterpart, it seems like the two of them share the aesthetic habit of brushing one or both sides of their hair to the side as a bang. Starr is also lighter skinned.

Typically she can be seen wearing a white Genko Taka combat suit with supported padding on her ribs and stomach area. Her forearms are covered in white metal pads overlapping each other. Starr wears a retro Mantuanese codec headset on her left ear, though it is the only piece of her clothing that is black and red, not white.

When using her ability "Iris Quadrophenia", a colored ring forms in her irises. Depending on the setting she places, the lit iris is either found on the left eye, right eye, or both. (Overlap, Share, and Peer settings respectively).


Cult of Ustream

In times of peace, Starr outwardly shows concern over people and genuine care for everyone's well-being. She remains confident, overactive, outgoing, and positive; even when lacking any reason to appear as such. She is passionate and dedicated. When her daily routine is disturbed, she tends to become angry or irritable, often ending in Starr being slightly hostile towards that which gets into her way. When situations begin to get rough, the softer side of Starr emerges. This manifests itself as depression, or cowardice to confront emotionally-sensitive issues. In this sense, Starr tends to keep away from tough, emotional situations as much as possible. This could be as a result of having been emotionally restrained by Ivan while she was growing up. A notable example of her reluctance to confront issues that have a degree of emotional sensitivity is when she remained unable to admit to CrazE that she had feelings for him that were as strong as his for her. Another such example is when her mother was killed - at this time, Starr would completely shut down.

[The Veiled Paradox Initiative]

Skills and Abilities


Prime Timeline Only

  • Paramushiir Influence:[She's cool here]

Alter Timeline Only

  • Auxiliary Magic: [She's stuck as the healer lol]

Inherent Abilities

  • Air Frequency Sensing: Because of her Aeroimpery and Serpent heritage, she is able to distinguish various changes in the air's frequency specs to determine if an area is dangerous, occupied, and so on. This comes as a useful thing when she is in an area of almost impossible visibility in which the ability bolsters her sensitivity to her environment in more ways than one.
  • Eon Affinity: As a Sky Serpent, Starr has a powerful affinity to the Primordial Aether of Eon. She possesses special Circuits that can harness and thus store Eon, allowing her to [...].
  • Eonbending: [...]
  • Infrared Vision: Starr has the capability of sensing infrared radiation. Also known as thermal vision and thermal imaging, its a defining trait of a Sky Serpent and Royale Serpent that allows them to sense and see infrared emissions from a body are directly related to their temperature at will.
  • Iris Quadrophenia: [...]

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms

  • Aeroimpery: As a Serpent from Mantua, Aeroimpery is a naturally-occurring Soul Phantasm derived from a hereditary, species-based Subdomain. Though not a very distinguishing ability, she uses her control of the element of wind and Wind Mana along with her Eon to produce better results. When not in combat, she barely uses it.
  • Iris Quadrophenia:



Starr is typically not a person that actively carries around any weaponry. However, she is known to carry small amounts of medical supplies with her whenever possible, in order to minimize casualties or injuries that she or her allies may sustain. Her typical equipment is made up of a variety of syringes, restraints, and poisons in the event that something goes awry. Apart from that, she does not carry anything of note on her person.


Although typically not a fighter, Starr's specialties in combat focus on close-quarters combat within her human form. She utilizes precise and speedy strikes in order to swiftly disable and disarm her target. Her style, therefore, could be considered to revolve around such maneuvers to disable her opponent, and then use their own force against them. That way, instead of utilizing her own energy, she is able to take any threat out using their own power, and minimizing her own expenditure. When in her Royale Serpent form, she tends to adopt a much more long-ranged, 'siege' style of combat, to keep her enemies at bay, wearing them out before closing in for the kill.



Prior to Cult of Ustream

  • Catlyka Auk Croitia and Karaki Starkey: Starr's relationship with her parents is especially strained and tense. Her parents neglected to attempt to rescue her from Ivan, and downright refused to continue searching for her. Because of this, Starr harbors a lot of resentment towards them both. As a result, she tends to be very passive-aggressive when interacting with her parents, although deep down, she does still care for them.
  • Ivan Karros: In her early life, Starr had a very strong bond with Ivan, having grown up under his care. The duo, although nearly estranged later in life, once treated each other as siblings, and held a very deep and strange connection and sense of care for one another. Under an unspoken understanding between them, Starr regarded Ivan as a brotherly figure, obeying him as such. She would often turn to him in times of need. According to Starr, to her Ivan is almost family, although he is also fairly dangerous and unpredictable. She somehow is able to accept these facts, and tolerates it as a result of her caring and passive inner nature.
  • Zaiek Kierrmi: Starr maintains a very rocky relationship with Zaiek. Formerly best friends, and a pair who mutually tried their hardest to help each other succeed, Starr regarded Zaiek as one of the greatest people she had ever met. Caring, quirky, and smart, he was perfect for her, until an event that involved feelings of bitterness and revenge led them to part ways.

Cult of Ustream

After Starr joined the Cult of Ustream, she began to engage in much healthier relationships. As a medic, Starr shows care for almost each of the Cult's members equally, but does also hold some of its members in higher regard than others. These are the ones with whom she feels able to relate the best.

  • Alexander "CrazE" Knight: During her time with the Cult, Starr was struck by an unlikely person; CrazE. At first, she found herself to be irritated by his ridiculous antics and blatant disregard when destroying things. However, over time, she was able to grow and appreciate his quirks, eventually falling in love with him. Their feelings solidified quickly, and the two eventually became the parents of twins, Rye Knight and Ringo Knight. Her bond with CrazE transcended even traditional customs of Serpents and Humans, further illustrating the unusually deep connection between them. Starr was agonized by the news of CrazE's death, propelling her into a deep despair which was only heightened by her mother's deaths mere weeks later. In Mantua, it is said that the type of bond she shared with CrazE will never cease, even after one's death.
  • Lord X-Giga-X: Starr harbors an immense dislike for the Cult's former second-in-command. She views him as a "racist rival" to her. The two share an interest in science and experiments, although their methods drastically vary.
  • Shadow Version 27: Upon the Diclonius' arrival on Euthora to the doorstep of the Cult of Ustream, Starr was among the first few people to make contact with Shadow. Starr appears to feel slightly responsible for the young Diclonius, and he holds her in high esteem after she resuscitated Espira Xirro. She attempted to make him comfortable in the new world, which differed drastically from his home planet of Phantasia. Although the two have engaged in a number of disagreements since he joined the Cult as an official member, Starr still regards Shadow as a friend. In the Azuma Island sideplot, she invited Shadow along for the 'family' vacation, suggesting that she sees Shadow in a different light from her other friends.
  • Shockwing: Perhaps the most telling of Starr beginning to form healthier relationships would be her friendship and bond with Shockwing, her Familiar. Starr and Shockwing hold a mutual trust, and often depend on one another. Although Starr does not reciprocate the romantic feelings that Shockwing has for her, she is still able to relate to him as she would a brother. The two share an intense amount of care for their opposite's well-being, and similarly claim that they would fight until the end to protect one another.
  • Valerie Knight: Starr also is on good terms with Valerie Knight. She thinks of herself as Valerie's older sister. Starr was initially quite wary of her presence, and even angered by it when she was in denial of her relationship with CrazE, Valerie's cousin. However, she grew to love Valerie as the sister that she never had, despite having three sisters of her own. Often times Starr is willing to be a mentor for Valerie, and is always happy to be by her side in times of need.

Dissonant Rhapsody


Early Life

New World

Cult of Ustream


  • "The worlds may change but the chains don't....grief or not, it's like I'm in an emotional prison..."


  • According to records, Starr's birthday is on 41st of Riyazhen 1710.
  • Unlike her siblings, Starr was born in Paramushiir, Mantua.
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