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[17:01:24] Keileon Guys, shoot me questions about Euthoran dragons that aren't covered on the wiki article
[17:05:42] Ziolang um
[17:05:50] Keileon (Also I know it's going to come up just with who's here, but serious questions pls)
[17:07:34] Ziolang What's immediately under the scale level I guess?
[17:07:51] Keileon Hide
[17:08:09] Ziolang What kind
[17:08:23] Ziolang Thicker? thinner? fleshy? tough?
[17:08:47] Keileon Typically tough and leathery, but flexible
[17:10:11] Ziolang um...
[17:11:44] Ziolang Does torn webbing regrow? [for lack of a better word]
[17:13:08] Keileon It does, but it can take a while depending on the extent of the damage. With minor tears, it can take up to a week; with crippling rips, the dragon might be grounded for months

[17:13:24] Shadow @Keileon (moving this here for neatness, I suppose): What is the mechanism behind their fire-breathing abilities? How do they assimilate metals into their scales?
[17:14:39] Ziolang The mechanism: One: Open its maw. 2: Breath fire
[17:15:12] Keileon With metal it's dissolved into their bloodstream and moved to the roots of the scales (which grow like we grow hair); the dissolution is secreted and hardens as the scae grows along with the oily pigments
[17:15:56] Keileon I have a feeling that the fire (which only some dragons can breathe, mind you) is more of a magical process than a physical one
[17:16:06] Ziolang So... they technically sweat metal?
[17:16:50] Shadow I was kind of expecting it'd be at least a partly-biological component
[17:16:55] Keileon Kind of? I was comparing it to how some animals secrete oils to maintain waterproof fur/feathers or other creatures secrete poisons
[17:17:22] Keileon There are SO many theories for how a dragon could breathe fire and I just haven't decided what I want
[17:18:08] Keileon Beyond magic, I've heard of flammable venom, gasses produced by a specialized organ, minerals in the dragon's teeth striking together...
[17:18:15] Ziolang Couldn't it be a biological process naturally fueled by mana?
[17:18:20] Keileon Probably that
[17:18:22] Shadow That's what I was getting at
[17:18:48] Keileon Lesser Wyverns that breathe fire most ikely have the venom variant
[17:18:53] Keileon *likely
[17:19:02] Ziolang Basically they have some kind of organ maybe that stores specialized mana that converts exhalation into fire
[17:19:10] Keileon With Firedrakes and Pyrespines it's more of an aether-driven process
[17:20:42] Keileon Hell, in HTTYD we have oil-based, magnesium, gas-based, acid-based, /plasma-based/...
[17:21:39] Keileon I'm pretty sure the Gronckle actually coughs up magma