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Arynea Skycrown
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13 (Rinul CP)









Soul Phantasms




Aldon Skycrown (father); Evaelyn Skycrown (mother); Kyllan Skycrown (brother, deceased)


Arynea Skycrown is an Ereva from the planet Rinul, and the daughter to Evaelyn and Aldon Skycrown. She has a particular talent for conjuration, and is able to summon two vulpine familiars named Protas and Drasa, who she keeps as pets.

In [Rinul CP] she [...]


Aryn during Rinul CP, with Protas and Drasa

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Spoiled, rebellious, playful, intelligent, polite

Skills and Abilities


Protas (black) and Drasa (white) when Aryn can put more detail into them
  • Aryn has a limited, but developing, grasp of Mana Theory and specializes in conjuration. She can summon two yin/yang esque fox familiars named Protas (wit, black, male) and Drasa (courage, white, female). Aryn treats the two as pets.
    • As Aryn gets older (provided she doesn't die) her summoning magic becomes more refined and thus Protas and Drasa become more detailed:

Inherent Abilities

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms



  • She wears her birth crystal around her neck, keeping Kyllan's up in her room. Every so often Aryn goes out to Kyllan's grave at the edge of the property, lying down in front of it and putting Kyllan's birth crystal on the headstone. She'll run off if she knows someone can see her. Aryn cries often over the loss of her brother, but hides it.


  • Aryn is shown using extremely varied weapons (likely magically created) but seems to prefer katanas and polearms.



  • Skycrown family:
    • Household:
      • Aldon - Lion, patriarch, Aryn's and Kyllan's father. Gruff and serious, but caring.
      • Evaelyn - Fox, wife to Aldon and mother to Aryn and Kyllan. Gentle, tender, and caring.
      • Kyllan - Feline, son of Aldon and Evaelyn; brother to Aryn. Deceased. Was laid-back, relaxed, and adored by his sister.
        • Kyllan was adventurous and managed to get himself killed because Tiran. Aldon then imposed the rule that Aryn cannot leave the property without an escort, assigning Rowan to this duty.
    • Servants:
      • Rowan - Butler; Aryn's caretaker
      • Kala - Gardener
  • Summons:
    • Protas:
    • Drasa:
    • Laisve:



  • Aryn has a FUCKTON of art and I'm getting ideas from it. (She seems to have about as much art as Fang, even.)
    • Several images of a teenaged Aryn show Protas and Drasa as anthropomorphic chibis rather than ferals. She's also in a huge variety of places- I don't think that's Rinul anymore. I feel like in either Rinul CP's timelines or in Drei, she leaves Rinul and starts wandering around the Manaverse (how?) and because of her young age, she adapts Protas and Drasa into forms that can help her more readily for a while.
    • In a few images it doesn't look like she has a place to stay.
      • Maybe she studies abroad but I feel like she ran away. The image where teenaged Aryn is in a building ( ) looks like she's not supposed to be there- like she's in a public building after hours. Another shows her sleeping essentially under a bridge ( ), and it doesn't look like she's just napping and having a picnic. She even has a suitcase.


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  • Her summons are all named Lithuanian words based on what they are meant to represent
    • Protas represents wit and is generally calm and clever.
    • Drasa represents courage and is feisty, aggressive,and energetic.
    • Laisve represents freedom and caries Aryn through the skies of (Plantworld) after she runs away from Rinul.
  • The Skycrown family is a traditional Dialan family, believing the goddess Diala to be in the right for doing what was needed to save Rinul. This later inspires Kyllan to join with Tiran's group, having a sort of "the ends justify the means" or "do what you must to thrive" mentality. It also led him to believe that Aryn would be willing to join Tiran's group as well, until he had second thoughts about the group's goals.

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