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Alpha Series

A-Series constructs are the "Alphas"; that is to say, they are created with the intent of acting to direct other constructs. They achieve this with either sound frequencies or light patterns that other constructs are programmed to react to. Alphas cannot control each other.

Creature Series

C-Series constructs are living beings, often made from scratch or by amalgamating so many different creatures that it cannot be elegantly described as a hybrid.

Humanoid Series

H-Series projects are not constructs, but rather alterations of living humans. These humans are typically modified while still alive, rather than altering the genetic code of a clone or fetus. In most cases, they remain sapient but subdued by trauma, or controlled through conditioning and alteration of the brain. Rarely, their minds may break entirely, turning them nearly feral.

Soul Series

S-Series constructs are purely mechanical in nature, with a central "core" meant to contain the simulation of a soul. They often have highly advanced AI and behavioral patterns, though are still susceptible to A-Series constructs.

  • S-084 V. O. I. D.
  • S-120 Radix

Zenith Series

Z-Series constructs are the absolute top level of Daeovan projects and are kept under strict classification and monitoring. They are unaffected by Alpha Series constructs and are usually controlled directly by the highest officials.