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Rinul icon.png

Primary Canon

"Rinul CP"; Unnamed Team Thirteen Canon


Rinian or Rinulite

Dominant Race(s)


Major Deities

Alma, Diala, Mana

Official Languages

Babelspeech (Common)



Orbital Period

Rotation Period

Rinul is an isolated world inside a "dimensional bubble", created from the burned-out core of a planet collapsing in upon itself. This was caused by the world's Mana attempting to maintain stability, and by doing so warped the fabric of space around the world into what is now the dimension of Rinul.

(Mana weather system? Where would that go?)


Dimension follows fairly intuitive geometry; surface of the world is a boundless 2-manifold (without actual curvature?) that behaves much akin to the surface of a sphere. [Center? What about height and depth?] [Crystal growths?]


Major Landmarks



Main Article: Ereva

Native Species

Elementals are a prominent thing


Collars, scarves, and other neckwear are common fashion pieces



Magipunk, emphasis on technology that activates by using the Ereva's own birthstones.


Rinian theology is predominantly centered around the worship of Mana as a sort of "Manatheism." It can be subdivided into several different schools of thought, namely:

  • Mana represented as a deity or divinity
  • Mana represented as a symbol or icon
  • Mana represented as a force

In general, it is widely believed that an [entity?] named Father Alma created Rinul, all things within it, and the Ereva. Eventually, it came to be that he fell in love with a mortal woman, with whom he had a daughter named Diala. His mortal spouse perished with age, and ultimately Alma sank into a dark recession. This caused him to withdraw Mana from the mortals. With the natural flow of Mana being cut off from the planet itself, Rinul grew dark and cold to the point of near self-destruction. Unable to rouse her father, Diala became fearful for the collapse of the world and its people. She subsequently shattered the crystal palace, causing its power to be spread across the world. The fragments of the crystal palace are said to be the Ereva's birth crystals, which became bound to Rinul and the Ereva.

The creation story of Rinul divulges into two "main branches" -- the story goes that Diala forcefully extracted Mana from Alma. Some believe that this killed him, or otherwise made his dormancy permanent, which is a mixed belief between both branches. Diala becomes a full deity in her father's stead through a great accrual of Faith. However, there are still some who would instead follow Alma. This gave rise to the two main branches of Rinian theology: Dialan and Almian.


Almians believe that Diala deliberately stole Mana from Alma, effectively treating her as a well-intending yet morally incorrect child who is not deserving of worship. All worship is to be toward Alma, the father of all and sire of Mana. More extremist Almians even deface, hide, or destroy their crystals, considering them to be heretical gifts of a fallen goddess.


Dialans believe that Diala was in the right in order to save the world and the Ereva. Two major branches of Dialan beliefs are:

  • That Diala was actually intended to succeed Alma and that she had been commanded so to do; or
  • Alma had become become a fallen god, and Diala painfully decided there was no way of saving him. Dialans treasure their Mana crystals as sacred gifts.

More extremist Dialans [...]

[Mana Direct]

A third branch of thinking, [Mana Direct], has also emerged [...]. Followers of [Mana Direct] take a more literal approach to their theology: that there are no gods or goddesses but that Mana itself is a pseudo-living entity that brings life to all. They worship the literal Mana Cycle, often believing that their faith and respect for its power strengthens it; and that their reverence to Mana is what powers their Mana crystals. While they don't follow any set doctrinal history like the Almian/Dialan schools, they can often use Alma/Diala as symbols of Mana and lessons for its proper use, its reverence, its power and so forth.


"capitalism done right"

class system with no or less severe poverty; Ereva might gain sustenance more from Mana than food

  • [20:46:56] Ziolang It'd be like a... familial capitalist democratic hierarchy?
  • [20:47:51] Keileon Magocratic democracy is I think what we decided on

[Planet's Demonym] Calendar

[How exactly do day and night work?] [Can the concept of a "year" be measured? What frame of reference is used? If not, what other system(s) can be used to measure a year-like timeframe?]

[Anything Else Unique to the Planet]

Notable Inhabitants

List of Rinian Characters [Deprecated]


Connection with Almathea- Rinul was a colonized planet by the Ereva/(Almathea race) common ancestor before the core of the planet burned out

  • "[Almathea] and Rinul were sister planets linked by twin Manacles until *something* happened on Rinul, something on the level of an extinction event that led to its collapse." -- Shadow


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