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A Vampire is, in most cases, a member of any other Manaverse race that has been afflicted with viral vampirism. The virus itself was originally a corruption placed on the bodies of certain people chosen by Nycas Penumbrae, though over time it evolved and spiralled out of control. As such, on Ferona, at least, many vampires are associated with Nycas. Vampirism has since spread throughout the Manaverse to planets such as Mantua or Syelsumoia and has mutated, in some cases quite extensively, to adapt to the local environment.


In almost all cases, the average carrier of the virus maintains most of the traits they possessed before they became infected, such as the "base" race's general appearance. In the case of a more beast-like race such as a Lycan, however, the top canine teeth often protrude from the mouth and become visible as sharp, long and sometimes hooked fangs. In some human vampires, depending on loctaion, pale skin (though not white) can be observed, and unless the afflicted has a will strong enough to hide it, deep red, sometimes bloodshot eyes. Aside from this, a vampire often looks almost identical to who they were before infection. This was originally intended to make feeding easier for them by hiding anything that could cause suspicion about them, but it evolved in some races to instead display some features prominently.