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To-do list refactoring in progress, so there may be some blanks here and there.

Long-term / abstract goals

  • Refactor "root" Ferona article. Lots of trivial / useless information.
    • Article(s) explaining languages and difference between old and new tongues / scripts.
    • Finish up article(s) on local religion.
  • De-Anglicise Feronite constituent state names (use romanisations instead? the new tongue has a script after all).
    • Articles for the above, when warranted.
      • Templates too?
    • Possible state reorganisation? Still undecided here.
      • NEW LANDS.
  • Rework the Books to give more wiggle-room for things not directly written by Jude or Dennis.

Mid-term goals

  • Articles for major character families. Some content already exists, but needs refactoring.
    • Refactor Jack Evans.
      • Add new art for above article.
    • Expand / reword Azzan Dmitryus and Judas Numidius.
    • Eventually add native names for two of the above three (Judas Numidius already has one, so maybe add it and a romanised new tongue version?).

Short-term goals

  • TBD