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Scientific Name

Anguis cruor immanis

Native Planet



Conservation Status


The Nekuna (Blood Serpent in Suikaitana; same singular) are a bio-engineered race of reptile created by the Syelsumoii during the Genome War. They were created using a fusion of the DNA of a Sky Serpent, Nocturne, and an unknown species of dragon with the intention of establishing them as a weapon against Mantua; the "bane of the Sky Serpents."

Their anomalous nature and hybrid status labels them as a Youkai-class race , or more traditionally a "Monster" under the Mantuanese and Celafloran classification systems.


Nekuna adopt a primarily bulky build, though not entirely ignoring the slenderness and length of a typical Sky Serpent. They are slightly larger than the average male Sky Serpent, reaching the length of [], though still shorter than a Royale Serpent. Their scales are metallic and have a base coloring of either black or gray, with large back plates lining their spine. Their heads are long with two long horns pointing back and a large crest connected with two to three forward-pointing horns.


A Nekuna's scales have a unique property that allows them to change in coloration for camouflage and absorb/store Mana from the environment.

Nekuna are built to have great biting strength which is shown by the presence of a sagittal crest. This allows their specialized jaws and muscles to easily tear through most metals, including heavy plating of Sky Serpents and most dragons (as they were initially designed to rip apart mostly "heavy" targets, including armored warships and Anti-Pierce strongholds).

A Nekuna's mouth primarily opens with only a top and bottom set of teeth, but if the prey is of a large stature, a Nekuna can split its mouth open a second time, showing four distinct rows of teeth. People describe this phenomenon as a being similar to a flower opening.

Nekuna have four eyes, though they are specialized in perceiving vibrations bouncing off the Vibration Stratum of the Fabric and a Prana-based echolocation.

Nekuna are capable of flight, [...]

Their blood is used to recreate environments they remember, which requires great memory, in order to lure sky serpents. Since their blood is highly reactive to magic and aethers, it’s easier to use it as a medium for such things.


Nekuna have amazing memory retention, resulting in the ability to have perfect photographic memory to recall instances with surprising detail. They can also regrow most limbs, regenerate, and heal wounds with prolonged exposure to water. [will fill out more later]


Nekuna have been implied to not like other Nekuna. Probably solitary creatures. Prefer to be around other races. They seem to tolerate Sky Serpents despite them being predators to them. Predatory behavior resembles that of a spider: wait for them to fall into your trap.


They are a mix of Sky Serpent, Nocturne, and dragon. It's never said what kind of dragon was used for the creation of the Nekuna, but knowing that dragons are not native to Mantua, one could assume that a Syelsumoii dragon species was used.

  • Sky Serpent: For the ability to sense, perceive, and handle Eon. [Eon]
  • Nocturne: For the ability to sense, perceive, and gauge at the spirit and Prana. [Prana]
  • Dragon: For the ability to influence, overpower, and enjoy the perks of a heightened mental state, which is a trait of Syelsumoii dragons. [Psonic]
    • Syelsumoii dragons are all psychic-aligned.
    • Nocturnes are Prana-aligned
    • Syelsumoii humans are soul-aligned. [The spiritual body rather than the energy]
  • Implied in Kirenyun's Imprinted to evolve quickly. Race gained sentience rather fast.
  • Socialized within a generation to integrate into society. They lose a good amount of their natural need to destroy. Predatory instinct is still present, though.
  • Incredibly weak against White Virus.


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