Vol en-ait Rae

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Vol en-ait Rae
Star in the Night Sky.png
Rae in her Dragon Avatar













Soul Phantasms

Command over darkness and cold


Euthoran Pantheon


Skyking Shyr (mate), Mordicai (mate), Jason Shaver (son, Prime and Alter), Tobias Shaver (grandson, Prime and Alter), Shiveztel (son, Drei)


Vol en-ait Rae (Proper Drakine Vol en-ait Reí, Common God of the moon; commonly referred to as Rae) is the Euthoran goddess of the moon. To mortals, she represents the very concept of night itself- darkness and cold. Those granted her blessing are said to be bestowed practicality, versatility, and levelheadedness. Though often seen as a force to be feared because of her domain, Rae is not evil, but rather neutral to the workings of mortals. She has an ongoing feud with Vol en-ait Cor for the duration of the Dissonant Era.

Though not the only member of the pantheon to deal with mortals, she is the only one to breed with them. Both of her mates have been dragons; the first being Skyking Shyr, in order to start dragons as a race, and the second being Mordicai. The former mating produced the Bloodlines of Euthora's dragons, while the latter produced the demigod Jason Shaver (or Shiveztel in the Drei Timeline).


Rae has multiple physical forms in order to appear to or walk among mortal creatures. In all avatars, she tends to keep the red jewel embedded on her forehead, unless hiding it is absolutely necessary. This is in some part vanity, though is useful for evoking awe in mortals if she is not concerned with stealth. She is not restricted to keeping the color scheme and physical features of her default avatar, but rather chooses to.

Default Avatar

Rae most commonly appears to mortals in the form of a gigantic, levitating serpent, jet black with dark red markings and gemstones embedded on her forehead and spine. Five orbs encircle her tail near the tuft on the end, in varying sizes. Her eyes are angular, glow red, and lack pupils. She is more ethereal in this avatar than her counterpart, with her tail, midsection, and claws separating from the rest of her form with gaseous rips and tears. Rae has only two forelegs on her otherwise serpentine form, the claws of which are three-toed and have no dewclaws or opposable thumbs.

When compared to Cor, Rae has a generally sleeker, more slender shape. Her snout is tapered and short, without a noticeable stop at the forehead. Her entire head is smooth aside from the gemstone in her forehead, and transitions smoothly into her horns without a change in angle. Of the species of Euthoran dragon, her general head shape most closely resembles that of the Voidwalker.

Dragon Avatar

Rae's dragon avatar is more corporeal than her default, and takes the form of a Light Saurian with narrow wings and a lean frame. Aside from a sleeker head, smaller size, and added wings and hind legs, she still resembles her default avatar.

This form has primarily been used to walk among dragons and is commonly associated with her mating with Shyr.

Human Avatar

Rae's human form has the appearance of a young Acaranian woman with long, black hair and piercing red eyes. While this is the least common form to have her forehead gem in, when she does have it she usually has a bandage wrapped around it. Her attire is dark and formal, consisting of dark gray dresses or dress shirts and leggings with red accent markings. She may also be seen wearing long-sleeved gloves, and carries no visible weaponry.


Skills and Abilities


Soul Phantasms





Due to the nature of her existence, Rae's relationships with other characters can change wildly over time and across timelines. In all timelines, however, she refers to Vol en-ait Cor as a brother, even though they are often on hostile terms.

Prime Timeline

Alter Timeline

Drei Timeline