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The Zhennka Shi Unit (単位ゼンカシ, or Common: White Sun Mountain Unit) is a group of Mantuanese specialized operatives focusing on the preservation of Kirenyun's special interests and security. Prior to Standard Canon Time, the Zhennka Shi Unit contributed greatly in the downfall of the Syelsumoii mercenary syndicate that served as the proxy government reining over the remaining Syelsumoii-controlled lands.

Following the death or retirement of the first generation operatives, Reikovic Minskemiln took charge of the group and formed its second generation, now going under the rank of Major General.

Goals and Ideals

The goal of the Zhennka Shi Unit was to deliver the final blow to thwart the last efforts of the Syelsumoii mercenary syndicate to subjugate the remaining strongholds of rebellion that had sprouted up during the Genome war. Since it's members were mostly taken from many parts of the world, the unit was possibly the most powerful of it's time due to it's skill and magical diversity. It was known and feared as the group that "breathed impossible" and the fathers of Mantua's present warfare tactics. After the war, the group's priorities shifted to protecting Kirenyun's interests and their Heaven's Auxiliary Code.


Original Members

  • Strike Commander Li-Ten Kiyerumi: Strike Commander Li-Ten was the "leader" of the Zhennka Shi Unit and its founder, acting as its tactical specialist and stoic backbone to the group. Li-Ten was a Nekuna evoker whose talents were able to give form to imaginary creatures of the minds of man to aid him. Aside from his magic prowess, he was known to be an exceptional fighter and was a deadly force to be reckoned with. Li-Ten led his unit to many battles, including perhaps its most notable battle in the Zurikgrad Isles. During one of his many military campaigns, he faced the Syelsumoii army alone and saved the burning flag of his homeworld. Famously, he wrapped a piece of the burning flag around his upper left arm, proclaiming: "The free men of this world may burn under your soul fire, but the flag which I bear closest to my heart SHALL NEVER HEED TO THE FLAMES!" This incited the iconic tradition of the Mantuanese military bearing their world flag around their left arm.
However, during his mission to the Zurikgrad Isles, he was set up during the mission to lead his entire unit to a trap, causing many casualties and injuries to them and supporting surface fleets accompanying them. Therefore he is barely honored and remembered as a hero as he should have been.
  • Captain Varen Varikoi: Captain Varen Varikoi was Zhennka Shi's second in command and co-founder of the Zhennka Shi Unit. He was considered one of the most passionate for the Kirenyun colonies and their freedom. By following his own "Inner Truth", Varen helped strengthened many of Kirenyun's pride in their patience, sacrifice, and tenacity. He was well known for his deadly use of light, being called the "Walking EMP" as he held up a natural field disabling all electronics at will if it landed in his range. For those who were caught in close quarters with him, it was rare for them to come out alive. Varen and Li-Ten were the closest of friends.
  • Reikovic Minskemiln: Reikovic was the brave and unrelenting angel of the group and master of Shadow Magic, even teaching the Strike Commander and his brother this kind of magic, which is intended to make someone "one with the shadows." He was generally a member of average strength and ability, though his status bolstered when he defeated the Syelsumoii mercenary syndicate, it's leader, and saved the remaining members from certain death. He becomes an icon hero of the war, although some think he stole this unfairly from Strike Commander Li-Ten.
  • Su-Kel Ta'na: Su-Kel Ta'na is Strike Commander Li-Ten's younger brother, a human, and was a member of below average strength. As opposed to his brother's more "hardened" way of battle, Su-Kel took a softer approach in combat and in his magic. He was once best friends with Reikovic, but this friendship came to an end when Reikovic refused to save Su-Kel from certain death in the Zurikgrad Isles to instead save himself, causing Su-Kel to lose all hope and cave into despair. The vampiric leader of the Syelsumoii Mercenary Syndicate saw this as an opportunity to convert him into a Conquest Blood Vampire, to which he then used to finish the job of wiping out the rest of Zhennka Shi. His fate remains unknown.
  • Pandora Minskemiln:
  • Xiaoqing Lang:
  • Minaro Keqluna:

Second Generation





Zhennka Shi Unit
Second Generation Members Ikan Su-Lang - Liliyani Minskemiln - Lucea Varikoi - Raiden Version 23 - Tatsuo Yoshiro - Xanadu Paperblack
Original Members Li-Ten Kiyerumi - Minaro Keqluna - Pandora Minskemiln - Reikovic Minskemiln - Su-Kel Ta'na - Varen Varikoi - Xiaoqing Lang