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Planaya is one of the largest nations of Galamion.


Planaya is the largest of the nations, dominating half a continent. It stretches to the Jasperian Sea and contains the largest harbor on the Eastern coast. Running through the country is the River Consordia, whose source is Lake Makaya in the Feretrenne Mountains. Planaya houses some of the Feretrenne's largest peaks and are used for the observatories.



A somewhat Communist economy tightly entwined with the educational system. The people who are not willing to put effort into their education are forced to do hard labor. Later they take a test and if they fail, they learn a trade. Another test is taken,which is impossible to fail if you've made it that far, and you get sent to university and become someone great in the country. Most budgeting is put towards education and research into science and technology, and the technology is frequently put towards the military and general increasing in the quality of life.


Amount Conversion
Base Oca
15 Ocas 1 Gahel
10 Gahels 1 Rique
5 Riques 1 Zayg

Notable Cities


Population: 900,786

Location: Somewhere in the middle of the continent.

Description: As Planaya's capital city, more work has been put in here than most other cities. It can be described as a floating steampunk city that gleams in the sun. It's supported by several large magnets and several of the longest and strongest cables in the world. It has to be reached by sky ferry and is home to the palace of the monarchy. For a capital city, not much more expansion can be done to it due to the floating platform it's built on, and the only way left to build is up, therefore Estrella has some of the tallest buildings in the world.

Like Carginy, most of the city is built up and quite well maintained, however the slums towards the edge of the city can be really dangerous. Instead of the black market, gangs engage in turf wars constantly. The more inland you get, the richer the residents, and the more powerful they have. Planaya's palace is in the center of the city, tall and gleaming above the rest of the city. It is one of the more ornate and elegant buildings, and is unmatched by any of the buildings around it.

But not even the rich center of the city is safe from the political conflict that rages within Planaya. Constantly there will be duels, murders, and "suicides," leaving a visitor to wonder if there is any true safety in Estrella.


Population: 257,825

Location: Near the mouth of the River Consordia and on the Jasperian Sea.

Description: A bustling port city filled with travellers, hence the low population. Carginy is the main source of money in the land of Planaya, as it is the first stop any smart sailor would make if he was journeying up river or going out to sea. It isn't quite as well kept as Estrella is, and frequently people are scammed by shadier characters. It is also home to Planaya's largest black market. If journeying here, one must watch their back and their pockets.

Some parts of the city can be well kept and pleasant, but when you reach the slums, they can be quite pathetic poorly managed. The slums are home to Planaya's massive black market system, and all sorts of shady deals take place here. It's miraculous how well hidden they are, to the point where the police are almost unaware of it being an issue.


Population: 135,762

Location: Up in the Feretrenne Mountains near Lake Makaya

Description: A smaller city where the aerodynamic magic of Planaya is researched, planned, and turned into reality. It is also home to the University of Planaya and is a city of scholars, learning, and science. It can be argued that Finjennick should be one of the safest cities in Planaya, but there are known cases of the corpses of rival scholars ending up in the lake or mysteriously disappearing into the mountains. The city is home to an equal amount men and women, as Planaya embraces anyone with a desire to learn no matter what their gender is, and even encourages their citizens to come here and study.


Population: 59,872

Location: Near the Southeastern border and on the Jasperian Sea

Description: A sleepy beach town in the winter, a bustling resort in the summer. This place was built mainly for vacation and recreational purposes. It's a decent source of income, but not as great as Carginy. Most people that come are tourists, and a visitor can meet a wide variety of people from all over the world.


Culture & Religion

Planayans are obsessed with the stars and believe that when people die, they become a star. To them, the moon is the god of death since it guards the souls of their dead loved ones at night, and the sun is the god of life since it watches over the living during the day.

Notable Residents