The Misty Isle

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The Misty Isle

Primary Canon

Cleron's World



Dominant Race(s)

Canines, Felines, Ursines, Lizardfolk, Dwarves, Elves, Humans

Major Deities

Cleron, Belheit, Cevoran, Jel

Official Languages

​English, Cleran



Orbital Period

Rotation Period

The Misty Isle, or Cleron's World for non-natives, is a large Island that appears randomly through timelines and spaces, constantly seeking patrons of great power to liberate it from whatever strife it endures, or to lure unsuspecting travelers to their doom. It is an Island that is alive in itself, through its magical origins in the beginning of time. It is known for its constant blueish fog that has entranced the whole island and is fairly archaic in its technologies, taking after western Medieval periods with a heavy influence of magic.


The Misty Isle is extremely diverse, ranging from grassy plains, to snowy mountains. But is never without rain or snow. However, the island does have two distinct halves. A way to separate and prevent conflict between the Tail-less and the Tailed.


The Misty City

Main Article: The Misty City

The Misty City is, or was, the crown jewel of the island. This large, darkly cobbled city is old and weathered. In recent times, evangelists and doomsayers have flooded the streets. Spreading the gospel of death and torment to all passersby. Like the rest of the island, the rain is ceaseless. However, there are always dark storm clouds overhead whilst in the city. Booming thunder echoing even on the brightest of days. The city is highly protected and is surrounded by massive stone walls fortified by steel. The city's denizens are paranoid, desperate and hostile towards all tail-less. The surrounding area is mostly farmland. However, further south is the Heartroot forest. Where Goblins and violent tribes skulk in the shadows. This represents the northern most settlement in The Misty Isle.


Main Article: Gengi, The Misty Isle

Gengi (pronounced gen-gē) is an older settlement dominated by the dwarves. The culture here is fairly open, forgiving and honorable. Tail-less are made to feel welcome, accepted and above all, like people. The city is separated by a central road that leads from the countryside. This represents the southern most settlement in The Misty Isle.







Maiden's Blood

The Countryside

The Heartroot Forests

Taverns And Inns

Cleron's Docks



The Tailed And The Tail-less

The Tail-less is any person that lacks a tail, and is an integral part of the culture on the Misty Isle as 90% of its inhabitants are anthropomorphic. The presence of a tail on an individual shows traits of honor, creativity and civility. The lacking of one shows that the individual is not to be trusted. They are seen as liars, defilers and those without honor or morals whatsoever. It is also common practice to chop off the tails of locals who dishonor their family or customs. They are beaten and ostracized, often commiting suicide, rather than continue life without their tails. However, there is another option for those without tails. A way to earn back honor and dignity, and to be seen as a person again. Typically, those who do not kill themselves leave the island to avoid the harsh lifestyle they are forced to endure, entering another world or setting. But eventually the beckoning of the island pulls them back, and they must prove themselves. There is no set trial or competition they must complete. Moreso, they are expected to work as mercenary, prostitute, agent or any other service for those with tails. Until the tailed individuals feel they have earned the right to be respected once more. The tail-less then become 'Honored', gaining a branded mark of Cleron on their chest or back. They do not however, gain back all the perks of being tailed again. most notable being the right to court, marry or make love to those with tails. This will result in hanging. However, they are allowed property ownership. (including slaves and other tail-less.) as well as access to voting and child-bearing rights. (Children must be with other Honored tail-less, or Tail-less in general.)

Native Species




Shifting Planes Of Existence

It is not a simple process for The Misty Isle to appear in the world of another, it is a process of trial and error and more often, the process of elimination. The island itself constantly exudes a wave of invisible, undetectable energy that beckons the curiosity of heroes, vagrants and nobles to its shores. In addition, this magical energy also beckons the forces of other worlds into accepting the Island's dimensional way point, which is expressed in different ways depending on the universe it is attached to. A simple door to the islands docks, could be a mountainous gate in another. The world may accept or reject the energy as it attempts to create a link between worlds, but the island is always accessible by use of a dreamboat. The dreamboat is a manifestation of the energy exuded by the island that taps into one's thoughts during sleep. Allowing a dream-scape transportation to the realm. The dreamer awakening on the island and forced to stay until the island shuns them out.




Notable Characters



Times Of Strife