Soul Phantasm

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A Soul Phantasm is an innate, latent ability stemming from the soul, which serves as a talent or shortcut used to affect an aspect of the world directly. Not to be confused with magic, Soul Phantasms do not require an external energy source (such as Mana), and only require the will of the user to function. Despite not expending energy, a Soul Phantasm's power level is not without bounds, and has limitations of its own. The Soul Phantasm's power level is dictated by the user's willpower to accomplish its goal, as in how much one is able to exert control over something at any given time.

Commonly, Soul Phantasms are manifested as abilities such as "manipulation of fire," "manipulation of water," and so on. The standard nomenclature of a Soul Phantasm is to append the concept with the suffix "-impery," which implies the nature of dominion over the concept. In the previous examples, the Soul Phantasms in question would be referred to as "pyroimpery" and "hydroimpery."