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Airapoo (by Irisei)






Vansyri Demonkin





Soul Phantasms

Adiunimpery [for now]




Irisei, [Redacted], [Redacted]

"While others roll around in what filth life gives them, I will not allow myself to fall into the trap of being complacent. Life wants me to forgo a home in order to travel around and become stronger. Life wants me to sleep in the streets. Normal folk who do not actively find a way would not mind the cold ground. Heh, of course I will not take that. I will have both the luxuries of a good life while carrying out my will without a flaw. I will force fate to indulge my wishes if I have to."
— Airakou's purpose, Hollow Reflection

Airakou Blodfjäder (pronounced /ai.ɾa.kɵ/) is a female Vansyri Demonkin currently residing in Skor[?], Vansyr. She is the eldest daughter of [Boop] and [Boop], the latter being a Southern Syelsumoii that ended up being sent to Vansyr after meddling in Isokoski Manor, which has a Manacle. Evidently she is of mixed heritage.


Airakou is of an average height, only reaching at about 5'8" tall and weighing about 150 pounds. Her hair is of a strange mix of silver, white, and a very faint touch of red which hugs her forward curving black horns and slightly pointed ears. Airakou's eyes are big yet a piercing vermilion color, eyebrows thin on the sides but slightly thicker towards the bottom, button nose, and soft faded peach lips. She wears a combat uniform consisting of a one piece thick fabric dress with a length reaching towards her upper thighs, to which she wears black shorts to compensate. Airakou has long black stockings with thick black bordered edges on top of them and straps, sitting bellow her black armored tail. Bellow that are her black boots with soft padding to minimize noise.

Due to her origins, she wears a white cloak with an elevated collar. Not quite reaching the length of an actual cape, it's length is long enough to cover a good portion of her tail.


Airakou comes off as very arrogant, irritable, and direct during her first few moments in Hollow Reflection. The young woman has a lot of confidence in her skills and persona, seeming to have a sort of drive to become better and move forward no matter what. She is incredibly determined even though that may sometimes be confused with her being incredibly stubborn. She is described as "High and Mighty." and only speaks without using contractions.

Outwardly it may seem that she is only focused on herself and ignores anyone else, but it has been shown that she constantly keeps her attention scattered around her vicinity. Airakou enjoys the pomp and prim of power, therefore explaining her love of thinking up monologues and putting up "theatrics" of pretentious dialogue that was obviously scripted beforehand. Even if she comes off strong and insufferable, it is shown that she is capable of giving genuine respect to those who deserve it, and in some ways can be capable of kindness and even a sense of humor, as shown with her banter towards Ra'nun. Airakou is very loyal and [. . .]

Airakou does have moments where she does not act like she is infallible. In Hollow Reflection, this is especially evident with Ra'nun talking about his talents in glass smiting[?] and with Benson mentioning venison. It would seem that Airakou has a tendency to get excited fairly easily but knows how to quickly suppress it without a second thought, not visually giving that unwanted trait away for anyone to guess.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms

  • Adiunimpery: Airakou's talent lies within the ability to control over connections. The establishment of connections is what she excels in the most, however, her very existence is able to sever just as well.

The nature of her seemingly unique soul phantasm has yet to be explored by Airakou herself. Though, her skill level with connections is implied to be better than average judging by how Airakou could already form a strange interdimensional connection to several locations. Granted they are both easier to access and not too complex to establish a stable line of connection with them. Outside of combat purposes, this soul phantasm does allow her to form strong bonds.


  • Connecting


  • "Rift": A black and grey rifle hybrid whose barrel is modified to have the edge of an unknown glassy material blade. Earning the nickname "rift", it gives off the feeling of severing and division to those who see it in battle. Airakou takes great care of her signature weapon, constantly cleaning it whenever she can and being vigilant to those who go near it. Judging by its craftsmanship, it seems like Airakou was not the only one who forged it. Its style resembles that of the Southern Syelsumoii in weapon making. As for power and other aspects of Rift, it seems that its bullet output and pressure is much more quick and harsh because to the shape of the barrel. Airakou's bullets greatly depend on what connection she has, however this also depends on Rift itself. It seems that Rift has a sensitivity that allows it to shift based on what enchantment-like command Airakou inputs onto it from a connection with a dimension.



  • Location/Imprint: Her basic command to connect with a dimension and imprint it's features onto her weapons. This requires Airakou to use several spacial plotting spells in order to locate and discover the "boundaries" of dimensions before identifying them and attempting a connection. Once the location is pinpointed, assimilation of traits begin and get transferred through the connection, eventually being used to transform her rifle, Rift.
  • Output/Reversal: Her weaponry "inverts", causing it to be immaterial and assume a "compressed" form of the dimension she has connected to, but still takes on the shape of her weapon.
  • Split/Branch Connection: She can partially peer into the connected area. Manifests as a ring forming in one of her eyes.


  • Network 60:
  • Dimension Cluster #????:


"haha what"


Airakou was the first born daughter of [REDACTED][REDACTED], who lived in the mountain/valley city of Noonvale. Initially she [...]


  • "Your gimmick is of the observer. The one who looks to strike a deal. I bet that purposefully jarring hat was not put on your head for nothing, right? It must have a purpose."
  • "You are right about one thing the most: I do not like being coddled around. The one thing I cannot stand in this world are those who seek and crave direction and a hand to hold. Not because of their fixation on a linear path for their choosing, but their annoying dependence for the matter."
  • "I could go on foolishly out loose in the wild just slaughtering things on my own, but for such little satisfaction. It is senseless unless I am working towards something other than tedious grinding."
  • "Though I did promise myself that I would do anything to...grow. Perhaps this is a fine price to pay for leaving"
  • "I do not allow strangers to give me pet names."
  • "I will do anything to claw my way up, anyhow."


  • According to Airakou, she is from a city called Noonvale.