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Primary Canon




Dominant Race(s)

Humans, Elves, Forestkin, Demonkin, Chromians

Major Deities

Odyr, Teiva, Naevyra, Garnsi

Official Languages

Common, Chromian, Latin, Norse



Orbital Period

Rotation Period

Vansyr is a planet in the Manaverse, orbiting the star Aes. Vansyr is extremely large, but due to a low-density core with a high amount of liquid magical metals, the gravity is very similar to Terra's.


Vansyr is made up of four main continents. Each continent is relatively large. Anozvan takes up the Eastern side of the planet, Halaevide encompasses the majority of the Western hemisphere, while Aurabda is smaller and is almost exactly on the North pole. The South pole is a large island, surrounded by a cluster of progressively smaller islands.



Main Article: Anozvan

Anozvan is the Easternmost continent of Vansyr. Little is known about it by the planet's inhabitants, but it is primarily made up of mountains, canyons, and valleys.


Main Article: Halaevide

Halaevide is the largest and Westernmost continent of Vansyr. Its geography is incredibly varied, with almost every biome and geographical feature being present at some place. However, only roughly 40% of the continent has been explored, with half of that being considered the 'safe' zone for inhabitants.


Main Article: Aurabda

Aurabda is relatively small, and situated almost exactly on the Northern pole of Vansyr. Arctic, with the edges suitable for life. Unique phenomena occur here, such as Auroras and EM fluctuations.


Main Article: Arctavia

Arctavia is a massive archipelago between the sizes of Halaevide and Anozvan, Arctavia takes up a large portion of the Southern hemisphere. The weather ranges from Arctic at the center, to more temperate at the edges. Extremely resource rich, however most of the megafauna enjoy making nests on the edges.


Due to the nature of Vansyr's megafauna and anomalous weather patterns, the only regions known are within the center of Halaevide. Despite this, there are several different biomes--in the Northern half the the known area, it is very mountainous and cold, with the Eastern side being heavily forested. In the Southwest, the land is a boggy, waterlogged swamp full of dangerous flora and fauna. The Eastern side of the area is heavily forested, going from a coniferous forest at the Northernmost point, to a deciduous forest that encompasses the rest of the known area. The central and Midwest sections are a lush grassland. The very Southern tip turns to a desert, but the desert is an extremely dangerous area. Very few will even go near it.

Major Landmarks

Due to Vansyr's strange approach to politics, there are not many large settlements, and while the geography is quite extraordinary at places, there are few landmarks worth noting.

Lake Viknr

Near the 'capital' city of Halaevide, this lake is large enough to take up a quarter of the settled land. It is similar to the Terran great lakes, and roughly the same size as all five combined. There are no islands in lake Viknr, but it is rich in wildlife. The water has an almost unnaturally clear quality--it is very pure despite being teeming with life. Despite this lake being a very popular location, boats are not well-developed on Vansyr.

The Capital

The Capital is a grand city that marks the center of Halaevide. The Council resides here, in the famous Clan Hall, a large palace made of gold and marble. Much of the city is also made of marble, proudly displaying the spectacular amount of wealth the city possesses. Almost everything can be found here--blacksmiths, jewelers, armorers, tailors, painters, musicians, craftsmen and artists of all types. There are a few grand cathedrals dedicated to the gods, but no one building is specifically for an individual deity. The Capital is also famous for the wyvern stable on the Northern outskirts.



Vansyr is home to a wide variety of sapient races--currently the known sapient races are all humanoid and live on Halaevide.


Man is the most open and diplomatic of the Five, with the human clans having the largest combined area controlled. Humans are the least xenophobic of the Five, with clan leaders often including members of the other Races as advisors or bodyguards. Humans don't have any particular strength over the other Races, but instead are a jack-of-all trades; humans have a higher potential to learn more skills than the other Races, even if humans can't refine their skills to the degree of other Races.


Elves look nearly identical to humans, the only noticeable traits being in the elves' pointy ears. Elves are highly averse to contact with any of the other Races, being highly xenophobic. Elves prefer to live in forests or areas where nature's magic is the strongest. Because of their similar living preferences, Forestkin and Elves live close together, making an exception to the Elves' xenophobia. Elvish craftsmen are considered some of the finest in the world, creating some of the most intricate and complex works of art. Elvish clothing and armor is unparalleled. Elves are biologically immortal, never dying of age.


Forestkin are humanoid beast races. Each forestkin looks like a hybrid between a man or elf, and an animal. The animal's traits can be as little as a pair of cat ears, to being a full-on bipedal wolf. The kind of animal displayed is a genetic trait, and as such, each tribe seems to have its own animal. Most forestkin clans are made up of two or more tribes, but even within the clans, the tribes seem to stay to themselves. Forestkin are exceptional warriors and fighters, making up the strongest armies of the world. They generally don't get along with any of the Races aside from the Elves.


Demonkin are said to be human descendants of the Ancients. Some demonkin have red skin, although grey is a more common color. Some are massive, while others are small. There are many different traits that can manifest in an individual demonkin. However, all have horns. Demonkin have the most potent magic, which they use to create strange machines fueled by magical power. Demonkin blacksmiths are known as some of the best in the land, despite being allergic to metal and forging with alternative materials. They are also the most technologically inquisitive, perhaps as a way to make up for their weakness to metal.


Chromians are tall, slim humanoids with dragon-like features (horns, pointed ears, and scales around the face, shoulders, and down the spine, as well as forked tongues on some occasions. Tails are rarely seen, but not unheard of.). Chromians are generally taller than humans, stronger than most of the other races, and very intelligent. They are also have the smallest population (the total amount of living Chromians is under two thousand). Most Chromians are female, with a male born very rarely. All Chromians have heterochromia, with the sole exception of 'alpha' Chromian men. Alpha Chromians have black eyes, hair, and scales. There is only one clan of pure Chromians, with the rest of the populace belonging to other clans, or the head of mixed-race clans. Like Elves, Chromians are immortal.

Native Species

Main Article: Vansyr/Native Species

Vansyr's large size lends to an extremely varied ecology. There are many species of plants, animals, fungi, protista, and bacteria.

Aside from the large amount of animal species, there are also several types of megafauna and megaflora.


The megafauna of Vansyr are called Leviathans. Leviathans are massive enough to influence the weather with their movements and specialized organs. They effortlessly destroy any human settlement that is outside of the 'safe zones' of Vansyr.


Due to the large amounts of clans and tribes that live on Vansyr, cultures are incredibly varied and different. Generally the closer two clans are, geographically speaking, the more similar their culture.

As the ocean has not been documented by anybody to reach the coast and back, there is no knowledge of bodies of water larger than lakes or rivers. While there is one massive lake near the center of Halaevide, the people of Vansyr are not experienced with boats or other aquatic vehicles.


Vansyr is not technologically advanced--it is little more than Iron Age Terra would have been. However, due to the large amount of sapient races, there are several outliers that are a result of magically-fueled machines. Demonkin, being allergic to metal, created many magic-infused materials as to not be outdone by the metal-wielding races. Because of this, primitive vehicles and mechs exist on Vansyr, albeit extremely rare.


Most of the Vansyri people believe in the four gods Odyr, Teiva, Naevyra, and Garnsi. However, many forestkin do not accept them as their gods. Chromians have a different god as well. Each of the Vansyri gods have what is known as their 'chosen three'--their favored animal, their favored weapon, and the element they represent.


The chief deity of the Vansyri pantheon, Odyr is the god of sovereignty (or freedom) and wisdom. Classically, he's depicted as a strong middle-aged man wielding a broadsword, surrounded by his wolves. However, due to him being physically present on Vansyr, his form is taken as a wise old man with a long white beard and shimmering golden eyes.

Odyr's 'chosen three' are the wolf, the broadsword, and wind. He is never far from his familiar, Grekir, the giant wolf with golden fur. Even as an old man, a broadsword is always nearby (though unlike the other gods, he does not have a named artifact as a weapon), and the winds seem to bend to his commands. He is the father of Teiva and Naevyra.


Worshipped perhaps just as much as Odyr, despite not existing physically on Vansyr, is the god of justice, Teiva. He is depicted as a tall, powerful man in armor, brandishing a powerful axe covered in roaring flames. It is said he can control the flames at will, burning and destroying everything in his path. However, it is believed Teiva's flames only burn things that are unjust or evil.

Teiva's 'chosen three' are the bear, the axe, and fire. His familiar is Thorval, a one-eyed polar bear as large as a wild bull. His flaming axe is called Helvet, and according to legend was forged from the molten veins of Vansyr. He has an elemental affinity for fire, which can be seen in combat.


The only goddess of the four, Naevyra is depicted as a kind-hearted maiden of fair skin and white hair, with eyes the color of a stormy sky. She is the goddess of safety and protection, matron of mothers and guardians alike. Very little is dedicated to Naevyra, and she is almost like a forgotten deity, though there are a couple of clans that are fiercely dedicated to their goddess. Farmers in the drier areas of Halaevide also pray to Naevyra.

Naevyra's 'chosen three' are the raven, the lance, and water. She has no familiar, but it is said that all ravens belong to her. It is also said that she speaks to ravens, so those that are aware of Naevyra also hold her chosen birds in high regard. Her lance, Lynaska, is never depicted, but is instead implied to be lightning cast from the heavens by Naevyra herself. Her elemental affinity is water, but she is mostly associated with rain and storms, not rivers and lakes.


Garnsi is the god of pranks and tricks. He is also associated with partying and revelry, as well as art. He is generally not worshipped as a main god, but artists and performers often pray to him before they present their works. Many grand feasts and parties are often dedicated to him, and it is customary that a second party then be thrown the day after as the actual party for the people of Vansyr. He is depicted as a jovial, overweight man with a perpetual grin on his face, and a mug of ale in one hand. Surprisingly, Garnsi is one of the most intelligent and wittiest of the gods. In some cases he is Odyr's brother, in some his cousin, and in others his nephew. There is no 'accepted' relation.

His 'chosen three' are the toad and the hammer, with much speculation relating to his element. It is said his favored animal is the toad because he looks like a toad whilst sitting at a feast table. His hammer is called 'Caskquake' and is literally an unbreakable cask of alcohol mounted on a stick. Regarding is affinity, some say that it is his wit that finalizes his chosen three, while others argue it is the spirit of joy and revelry that he gives the people of Vansyr that represents his deific affinity.

Forestkin Religion

The majority of forestkin do not worship the four gods. Instead they view the land of Vansyr as a perfect creation and the mother of all. They also see themselves as Vansyr's chosen--a race created specifically to fit in between the humans and elves, and the beauty of the wild. While some do use metal and refined materials, many forestkin are offended at any act that destroys large amounts of nature.

Chromian Religion

The dragonlike Chromians believe themselves to be far superior to the other four races of Vansyr, due to their draconic lineage. As there are no 'true' dragons on Vansyr, only pseudowyverns, the Chromians believe that the true dragons that created both are the true gods of Vansyr, and not the false gods the other races look to. There are no named deities, only complicated and symbolic ceremonies meant to honor true dragons.


Since there is no formal government in Halaevide, each clan with ownership or governance over a city is able to enact whatever law the clan leader so wishes. However, to be officially sanctioned as a clan by the Council of Odyr, a clan leader must go before Odyr himself and present his clan's purpose. If Odyr accepts it, the clan is elevated to an official status.

Unofficial Clans

Due to the lack of true government, unofficial clans are a huge threat to the safety of the outlying cities of Halaevide. As such, there are several bounty hunter clans that specialize in tracking down unofficial clans. However, it's hard to distinguish between common brigands and unofficial clans.

Vansyri Calendar

Due to the large size of Vansyr, and the star it orbits, the solar calendar is rarely used. Coincidentally, the rotational speed of Vansyr is similar to that of other habitable terrestrial planets (such as Euthora and Terra), meaning that the length of a day is still approximately 24 hours. The cycle of the moon is also fairly standard, lasting about 30 days.

The Vansyri calendar is based on a cycle of seasons, with the first month being the beginning of spring and the last month being the end of winter. A full cycle of seasons is equivalent to about 1460 days (or roughly 4 "standard" years). On Vansyr, age is measured in seasons (i.e. a child of 4 years on Terra would be 4 seasons on Vansyr).

Due to the lack of central leadership, the Council keeps track of the year, for historical purposes. At SCT, the year is 453.


The cities and town of Halaevide are not run by any central government; rather each town is usually under the protection of one or more clans, of which the clan leaders also function as the mayors.


Notable Characters


Very little Vansyri history exists--there is a catalog of wars, alliances, treaties, and other diplomatic actions at the Council's archive in the capital. Otherwise, any major achievements are usually known only by the clan that accomplished the deed in question, or exist in a city's archive where the event happened.

Noteworthy events not widely known by the general populace

Year 201: First instance of clockwork manufactured

Year 340: The first airship successfully built

Year 341: An airship flies from one border of Halaevide to the other

Year 374: Gunpowder synthesized for the first time

Year 401: Demonkin magiscientists create the first mechanical walker


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