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Primary Canon




Dominant Race(s)

Humans, Rekken, Dragons, Warrel

Major Deities

Turtlegod, Graiin, Souleater

Official Languages




Orbital Period

Rotation Period

Yulatra is a planet within the Manaverse. In ancient times, the planet was almost entirely molten, and inhabited sparsely by humans and dragons prior to an act of divine intervention by the planet's Turtlegod, who placed the Ice Core on the planet in the continent now known as Hewa to begin the world's Cooling Era.

Yulatra orbits an unnamed star, as per Terra. Unlike Terra, however, Yulatra orbits much closer to its star. Yulatra is orbited by a single moon, which is named Teal's Moon after Lunatic Teal, a man who placed a powerful curse upon it in order to summon the Gaze and manipulate the various nations' propaganda.



Overall, the nations of Yulatra are all self-sufficient. They are particularly segregated from one another as a result of nationalist pride and stereotyping, with minimal tangible cultural interaction. International travel is particularly rare, although it does occur on occasion.


Aretgia is a diamond shaped-continent located near Yulatra's equator. It is by far the largest land mass on the planet. It boasts two large but unnamed mountain ranges. The continent's largest settlement, a kingdom that is also called Aretgia, spans the northernmost point of the continent, on both sides of the mountain ranges, with the kingdom's capital, Crystal Castle, being featured on the south side. The kingdom has traditionally and historically been ruled over by the lineage of the Crystal family as an absolute monarchy, with no democratic representation of civilians. As a result of this, the country has a strong sense of tradition. It is a significantly more controlled nation than any other on the otherwise very free planet.

The kingdom is immediately encircled between the two mountains by a forest called the 'Forest of the Petty, which was an experiment by the nation of Aretgia to attempt to minimize the complaints of the lower-class citizens. To do so, a border of trees with psionic properties was planted around the south of Aretgia, where the majority of the impoverished citizens lived. The trees of the forest have the power to absorb negative emotions, which eventually led to the forest itself becoming 'negative.' Feeding on the psychic power of the negative emotions, the forest expanded to become a major region of the world. Eventually, it began to spawn monstrous abominations of psychic power and the bioengineered woodlands.

Beyond the Forest of the Petty lies The South, which is a large expanse of mostly flat land.

To the other side of the left mountain range lies the port dock of the kingdom, which is only safely connected by mountain tunnel. Past the right mountain range, the Lunatic's Strip connects the forest and the northern towns of Aretgia, and connects the continent to the waters of The Rise.

The country has a focus on biotechnology, with various contraptions made out of flesh. This defines the look of the civilization, to the human-fleshed robots that enforce the country's laws to pipe systems made of out giant beating hearts and veins, to the buildings made of self healing skin and/or bone like material. It is often belittled by the civilians of other nations for it's gross/disturbing nature. From space, the kingdom looks like the mountain's literal heart and veins. Outside of the kingdom resembles a standard fantasy setting, with towering mountains and plains fill with odd dangers and small settlements.


Regorta is a large continent which is vaguely crescent-shaped. Near the north of the planet, with its opening facing Aretgia to its southeast.

Most of its signature civilization lives in the Northeast section, with tall skyscrapers and city walls, and large docks that spread out a long way into the water. It has always been ruled over by Arlen the Cyberlich and a parliament of scholars. Neither are particularly relevant however, as the state is extremely nonrestrictive, to the point of being almost lawless. This freedom has given the nation the position as the world's leader in magical and technological advancement (disregarding the Chaos Breakers). With this, the nation has a very cyberpunk aesthetic to it. And is looked down upon as a dystopian hellhole as much as it is praised as a land of freedom and science.

To the Southwest, there is a huge expanse of jungle. It is filled with dangerous plantlife, and it is generally not considered viable to start civilization there. In that respect, it is also free for the taking, and is filled with secret laboratories and wizard's domains.


A continent with a protrusion pointing to Aretgia to its northeast.

The majority of it's civilization lives at the center of the continent, and is divided by a 3 tier class structure. North, West, and East, in descending order of wealth. It is the most earth-like of all the civilizations in Yulatra, and runs on capitalism and a republic based government. It's wealth and technology are significantly lower than that of Aretgia and Regorta, which again causes the continent to more closely resemble earth. It's inhabitants are often stereotyped as fanatical and crazy, as it is often filled with cults or other passion driven madness. In tune with this theme, Sulapelians love poetry, theater, and the arts. It is the abusive home of the Rekken, the only race to consistently live alongside humans.

Surrounding most of the core of civilization lies vast expanses of desert. It is inhabited by magical beasts, the greatest of which has long since been worshipped as the god, and has souls sacrificed to it. Usually those of the unfortunate yet apathetic Rekken. through the desert and to the northeast, there is a forest of cacti and palm trees referred to as The Forest of Echos. No one knows what's in there, as it's enchanted to be impossible to return from.




A rocky continent, near the south, to the south of Regorta. It was mostly deserted before the arrival of the Chaos Breakers, with relatively rocky beaches that did not lend themselves well to life or civilization.

After Graiin's rise to power, the Chaos Breaker Tower appeared there almost overnight, covering the harsher majority of the continent. Now it swarms with races and species otherwise alien to Yulatra. It's used as a haven for retired chaos breakers that for whatever reason cannot return home. Houses are scattered about with no rhyme or reason, and consist of random alien architecture that do not always follow consistent building codes. The tower extending out from the continent is so large in circumference that sailors refer to it as "The wall at the world's end."


Forest of the Petty

Forest of Echos

Forest of Plagues

Hewa Mines

Lunatic's Strip

Speaker's Woods

Major Landmarks

The Rise

Forest Crater

Shrine of the Nameless

Frost Core

Chaos Breaker Tower

Main Article: Chaos Breaker Tower

Speaker's Crater









The Gazes are creatures summoned directly from Teal's Moon, which is enchanted to eternally give of a symbol of an eye gazing back to whoever looks at it. It was the invention of Lunatic Teal, as his main front for intentionally getting everyone to hate him. When a collective community all has a common anxiety, the moon will summon a gaze to materialize it, which will terrorize that community until defeated by brute force. They have no restrictions for who they will attempt to go after, so long as Yulatra's moon shines there.

For example, lets say everyone in a community watches kill la kill, and collectively thinks "Gee, Ragyo sure is scary, I hope she doesn't randomly come molest me." When the moon next comes into view, a crude clone of Ragyo will materialize and start running around trying to molest people. It should be noted that the will only take forms that or hostile or uncomfortable, as they were invented with the sole intention of being a common enemy.

These are one of the biggest threats in the world even in Graiin's era. Many of Graiin's campaigns are simply sending people to defeat these things after they've been summoned.


Native Species





The Turtlegod


The Souleater



Notable Characters


Molten Era

Prior to the arrival of the Turtlegod, the entire planet had been covered in fire and brimstone. It was inhabited mostly by humans and dragons. The planet is implied to have an apocalyptic past, but the event has faded to time and is largely not remembered.

Cooling Era

At the end of the Molten Era, an entity known only as the Turtlegod quite simply appeared to the planet. Upon its arrival, it placed an object called the "Ice Core" on the planet, in the continent that is now known as Hewa. He placed a race of his own creation, the Warrel, to guard the Core. He then proceeded to flood the world with water to make it to his liking, which caused the planets that Yulatra knows today to float upon the water. The continents are bound by chains that were made by the Turtlegod, who made another race known as the Rekken to keep them.

The point in time form which this started to the point where life began to normalize was called "The Cooling."

Nations Era

Lunatic's Era

Vale Era

Graiin's Era


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