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Primary Canon

Infinitum Rokans



Dominant Race(s)

Humans, Hitoyugure, Rokain Kitsune, Rokain Ningyo, Dracius, Kyokuhito, Rokain Tanuki, Rokain Kappa and Karasito

Major Deities

Volks, Lacia, Claiter, Sokohga, Solas, Trajodeas

Official Languages






Orbital Period


Rotation Period


Rokans is a terrestrial planet within the Manaverse that inhabits a single-star planetary system with the planet Ocera, the two having established connections with each other. It is orbited by a single moon, known to be the home of its major deities. This planet is particularly known for its inhabitants generally divided by six of the major elements of the Elemental Spectrum: Fire, Light, Earth, Water, Darkness, and Wind.

Rokans is home to the Infinitum Rokans canon.


The geography of Rokans greatly varies between different locations. The continents themselves vastly differ from one another, having been shaped by the gods of the planet to suit their own images, and then altered further during the course of Rokans' history. Around 68% of the planet's surface is covered by water, with the oceans being considerably deeper than Terran oceans. This is especially noticeable at a single point, which is what remains of one of the continents having previously been physically part of the planet.


The landscape of Rokans have been reshaped multiple times. As a result, during Standard Canon Time, the planet itself has had a total of nine continents, one of them being a supercontinent. Initially, the planet had the continents of of Heiyami, Tairikohdai, Heiyohga, and Sokohgen. Currently, the planet's continents consist of North Nenhygas, South Nenhygas, Neilo, and Neosokohgen.


Main Article: Tairikohdai

Tairikohdai was the largest of the original four continents, and the initial home of the Rikuos Faction prior to joining with Heiyami and Heiyohga to create the supercontinent Nenhygas. Most of Tairikohdai was located in the planet's western hemisphere to the north of the equator, with small sections crossing the two boundaries. Grasslands covered much of the landscape. Across the continent were many forests of various sizes, the largest of which located within the northeastern section of the continent. The remainder of the continent consisted of various types of rocky terrain and land formations. Tairikohdai housed the largest number of mountains and mountain ranges. The largest of these mountain ranges was located near the center of the continent, and was the home of the planet's largest mountain. Tairikohdai was also home to a large number of cave systems, which surprisingly were not as complex as the ones found on Heiyami.

Tairikohdai was home to many towns and villages, scattered across the vast continent. Several of these civilizations were located underground, including the Rikuos Faction's former capital. A number of them were mining towns, mining several rare minerals and various types of Gyakunite. A ruler of the Rikuos Faction's eventual desire for more territory is what eventually lead to the Quad War.


Main Article: Heiyohga

Heiyohga was one of the four original continents of Rokans, and the initial home of the Flayre Faction prior to joining with Tairikohdai and Heiyami to create the supercontinent Nenhygas. This continent was located within the planet's western hemisphere to the south of the equator. Heiyohga was widely recognized as having the warmest annual climate. It was home to numerous savannas, deserts, and volcanic regions. This continent was home to the most deserts and volcanoes, and was home to the largest volcano on the planet. Fresh water, while not completely absent from this continent, was still relatively difficult to find on the continent. Considerably more common on the continent were lava lakes and rivers of lava flowing from the many volcanoes that were scattered across the continent.

Despite the harsh conditions Heiyohga provided, the inhabitants were built to be able to thrive on this continent, and thus many of their settlements were built in these deserts or just miles away from volcanoes. The capital of the Flayre Faction is positioned to the north of the continent's largest volcanoes. However, the Flayre Faction occasionally attempt to build settlements inside of volcanoes, with most of them being destroyed by volcanic eruptions sometime after.


Main Article: Heiyami

Heiyami was the smallest of the four original continents of Rokans, and the initial home of the Anko Faction prior to joining with Tairikohdai and Heiyohga to create the supercontinent Nenhygas. It was located mostly within the northern half of the planet's eastern hemisphere, which a small part of it extending south of the equator. This continent was known for being perpetually covered by a thick, black cloud that blocked a considerable amount of sunlight from reaching its surface. This resulted in the continent being in perpetual darkness. Heiyami was home to a large number of thick forests and jungles, complex cave systems, and narrow rifts, which combined with the continent's perpetual darkness made it difficult for most individuals outside of the Anko Faction to navigate safely through the continent. The deepest of these rifts was located within the center of the continent.

Civilizations of the Anko Faction were mainly placed within Heiyami's forests, caverns, and valleys to avoid being easily located. Its capital was located within the central region of the continent. On the outskirts of the capital was a castle floating above the rift at the center, which was home of the Anko Faction's ruler.


Main Article: Sokohgen

Sokohgen was one of the original four continents of Rokans, and the initial home of the Squallan Faction. It was the longest-lasting of the planet's original continents, being the only continent not to have combined with the others to form Nenhygas. It was eventually bombarded by a devastating attack by Infinic Juptois, resulting in the complete destruction of the continent. The continent itself was a large landmass hovering within the planet's lower atmosphere. It mainly consisted of vast grasslands and hills, with a small number of forests scattered across the continent. A large lake was located in the center of the continent. Two rivers flowed from this lake toward the edges of the continent, resulting in waterfalls dropping into the ocean below.

Civilizations of the Squallan Faction were scattered across Sokohgen, with some even located on the sides of the continent. Sokohgen was recognized as a large educational center during the Quad War. As such, most Squallan civilizations were home to schools and libraries. The largest of these establishments were located in the Squallan capital, Babylois, located miles away from the central lake.


Main Article: Nenhygas

Nenhygas was a supercontinent formed by the merging of the three continents Heiyohga, Tairikohdai, and Heiyami, in addition to several small islands. It was eventually broken apart after Juptois had destroyed Sokohgen, forming what are now the continents of North Nenhygas, South Nenhygas, and Neilo. It retained much of the landscape of the three continents that merged to make it. Heiyohga's landscape encompassed part of northwestern Nenhygas, the entirety of southwestern Nenhygas, and a large part of southeastern Nenhygas. Tairikohdai's landscape encompassed the majority of northwestern Nenhygas, and part of northeastern Nenhygas. Heiyami's landscape encompassed the remainder of Nenhygas. However, the original landscape had been somewhat distorted as a result of the Quar War. For instance, several of Heiyohga's deserts- while still present in Nenhygas- had either shrunk or expanded, while several others had combined into one massive desert located in the southwestern part of the supercontinent.

Nenhygas was split between the Flayre, Rikuos, Atlacian, and Anko Factions, with their territory constantly changing as a result of the ongoing Quad War. Essentially, this had split Nenhygas into four major regions: Ryod-Heiyohga, Ryod-Tairikohdai, Ryod-Atlacia, and Ryod-Heiyami.

North Nenhygas

Main Article: North Nenhygas

North Nenhygas is the largest of the four current continents, having been formed when Nenhygas was broken apart. For the most part, it is located within the planet's western hemisphere to the north of the equator. Physically, it is the entirety of the original continent of Tairikohdai with small portions of Heiyohga and Heiyami. Mt. Kaive currently resides near the center of this continent. Yava Spring is in an unknown location on the continent. A majority of the Rikuos Faction is settled on this continent, in addition to a handful of individuals from the Flayre and Anko Factions.

South Nenhygas

Main Article: South Nenhygas

South Nenhygas is one of the current continents of Rokans, located within the planet's western hemisphere and south of its equator. It was formed when Nenhygas was broken apart. Physically, it is a majority of the original continent of Heiyohga with a small chunks of Heiyami. Mt Volkyanon currently resides on this continent. A majority of the Flayre Faction is settled on this continent, in addition to a handful of individuals from the Rikuos and Anko Faction.


Main Article: Neilo

Neilo is the smallest of the four current continents of Rokans, located within the planet's eastern hemisphere. It was formed when Nenhygas was broken apart. Physically, Neilo is a large chunk of the original Heiyami ripped out of the supercontinent of Nenhygas. It retains much of the features of the original continent. The sky above Neilo is consistently covered by a thick, black cloud that blocks most sunlight and moonlight attempting to reach the continent. Despite this, the Shokule are still a major problem on this continent. It is the current home of the Core Crevice, where Infinic Juptois has been sealed. It is also the home of those who have allied themselves with Infinic Juptois.


Neosokohgen is one of the current continents of Rokans. It is a large landmass floating in Rokans' lower atmosphere within the planet's eastern hemisphere. It is considered a successor to Sokohgen following its destruction, having nearly the same landscape as Sokohgen. Like its predecessor, it is recognized as the home of the Squallan Faction, a place of refuge from the ongoing conflict on the continents below it, and its redeveloped researching system, which includes computers. Sokohgen is the home of the Rokain Garuda, large, predatory avians that serve as guardians of the new sky continent.


Rokans has three other major regions consisting of its large oceanic region and the large masses of ice that take up its polar regions. These two areas are the homes of the Atlacian and Lumios Factions respectively, although civilizations of the former can be found in both areas.


Main Article: Atlacia

Atlacia is a common term of a large section of Rokans consisting of the planet's oceans and various islands unclaimed by the Flayre, Rikuos, and Anko Factions. Atlacia serves as the main home to the Atlacian Faction.

Atlacia is home to a multitude of islands that exist outside the territories of the Flarye, Rikuos, and Anko Factions. Some of the islands either became part of Nenhygas or split off from the supercontinent. However, a majority remained constant throughout Rokain history. A noteworthy example is a collection of islands within the planet's northern hemisphere to the west of Tairikohdai and North Nenhygas known as the Uzu Archipelago, named after the fact that they are arranged in the shape of a vortex.

Under the surface of the water is a massive underwater region. Numerous trenches exist along the ocean floor, the deepest of which lies along the planet's International Date Line. Scattered across this area are several submarine volcanoes, dense kelp forests, and multiple coral reefs. At two particular points within the planets northern and southern hemispheres are unusually massive coral reefs that are comparable to above-water forests in size.

Civilizations of the Atlacian Faction within Atlacia are scattered across this massive region. There are some towns that exist upon the islands within the area. However, most civilizations lie offshore, either on the surface of the water or even underwater. Several major cities are located within trenches, making it difficult- if not impossible- for enemies to infiltrate them. The major capital of the Atlacian Faction, Neptunui, is located within Atlacia's deepest trench.

Polar Light Caps

The Polar Light Caps are two massive ice sheets that lie at the poles of Rokans. They are known for their constantly cold climate and brilliant auroras. Strangely, both of these areas have contrasting coasts, with the North Polar Light Cap's coast being made of mostly ice shelves with few ice piedmonts, and the South Polar Light Cap's coast being made of mostly ice piedmonts with few ice shelves. Despite being otherwise unbearable places to live it, the Polar Light Caps are home to several settlements of the Lumios Faction.

Ice Rings

The Ice Rings are small sections of cold water and ice that circle around the Polar Light Caps. Sea ice covers much of the water in this area, serving as somewhat of a transition from Atlacia to the Polar Light Caps. Also within this area are large icebergs and small islands, several linked to one another by ice bridges. Because they are located between the Polar Light Caps and Atlacia, they act as borders between the two regions. As a result, there are many settlements belonging to the Atlacian and Lumios Factions.

Major Landmarks

The largest mountain on Rokans, Mt. Kaive, was located in central Tairikohdai. It is now located in North Nenhygas, its overall location relatively unchanged. It is known to be the location of the most frequent landslides on the planet. On the same continents lie Yava Spring, a massive freshwater spring known for its beautiful scenery and being a paradise for Oceran Kappa (despite the race not being native to the planet at all). It is located within the large forest to the northeast, but its exact location has been lost due to constant alterations to the continent.

The largest volcano on Rokans, Mt. Volkyanon, is a supervolcano that was located in the original continent of Heiyohga. It is now located in southwestern South Nenhygas. There has been no record of it ever erupting in Rokans' history. However, it is speculated to be the most powerful volcano on the planet because of it sharing its name with the Rokain God of Fire, Volks. As such, a supervolcanic eruption from Mt Volkyanon would be potentially cataclysmic.

Heiyami and Neilo house Core Crevice, a 10-mile wide rift located at the center of both continents. It is the deepest on land, and, and as a result of its depth and the constantly dark skies above the continent, one of the darkest locations on the planet. The bottom of Core Crevice is the lowest point on land, and location where Infinic Juptois was sealed. The deepest point in the planet's oceans is Major Aquatii, a large trench located along the planet's International Date Line.

Scattered across the planet are seven archways known as the Oceran Gateways. Each of these gateways are connected to another on the planet Ocera, allowing people to travel between the two planets as long as both are functional.

  • Two are present in the Polar Light Caps, one located at each of the planet's poles.
  • One is present on Tairikohdai, Nenhygas, and North Nenhygas, located several miles outside of Yava Spring.
  • One is present on Heiyohga, Nenhygas, and South Nenhygas, located to the south of Mt. Volkyanon. It connects to a sister gateway in southwestern Iartyaxse.
  • One is present within Atlacia, located on one of the islands that make up the Uzu Archipelago. It connects to a sister gateway in northern Ymaryn.
  • One is present within central Sokohgen. It connects to a sister gateway in central Gesene.
  • One was present with Heiyami, Nenhygas, and Neilo. It was destroyed by Trajodeas. As a result, its sister gateway no longer operates.



Rokans is inhabited by several sapient creatures, each belonging to one of six factions: Anko, Atlacian, Rikuos, Flayre, Lumios, and Squallan. The typical human is available within all six factions, but is more common within the Anko and Lumios Factions. Besides humans:

  • The Flayre Faction contains the Rokain Kitsune, a race of multi-tailed vulpines with human forms, and the Dracius, a race of bipedal, draconian casquehead lizards.
  • The Lumios Faction contains the Kyokuhito, a race of semi-amorphous auroral beings. Unlike the other races of the planet, the Kyokuhito were created accidentally, but were allowed to thrive as they seemed to bring no harm to the planet.
  • The Rikuos Faction contains the Rokain Tanuki, a a race of shapeshifting raccoon dogs.
  • The Atlacian Faction contains the Rokain Ningyo, a race of piscine humanoids, and the Rokain Kappa, a race of small testudinal beings.
  • The Anko Faction contains the Hitoyugure, a race of semi-amorphous beings of darkness. The Anko Faction also has Rokain Kistune amongst them.
  • The Squallan Faction the Karasito (also known as the Rokain Tengu), a race of avian beings resembling the tengu of Japanese lore.

Between all six factions, there are at total of 9 known races.

Native Species

Main Article: Native Species

Rokans is home to a variety of species, most of which are somewhat similar to those found on Terra. However, such species are unrelated to those on Terra. In most cases, their anatomical structures greatly differ as as result to the difference in environment. And in some cases, they are either larger than their Terran counterparts to varying degrees or considerably more hostile than their Terran counterparts. A good example is a massive cetacean with thick, bone-like structures covering approximately 60% of its body that resides within Atlacia. It is slightly larger than the blue whale and is known for being somewhat aggressive, often avoided by Rokains as it has been known to attack anything on sight.



The inhabitants of Rokans speak two variants of common language, and often use them interchangeably.


Rokain technology varies between different location of the planet. There is an existent trade system between North and South Nenhygas, Atlacia, and the Polar Light Caps which allow for the spread of technology throughout these areas. However, by themselves, they vary greatly in technology. The inhabitants of North Nenhygas are the furthest behind despite being able to create a functioning radio system, railroads, and basic firearms. This is mainly the result of the continent being the most frequently targeted. The researching system on Neosokohgen includes the introduction of a somewhat basic form of Internet which currently is solely for database and educational services. They also have developed airships to transport people to and from the floating continent. The Atlacian Faction specializes in technology that benefits from the endless water around them. As a result, they have developed battleships and submarines, in addition to a power grid and weaponry that run off of hydroelectricity.

Neilo, on the other hand, is the most technologically advanced out of any location in Rokans. This has to do with the inhabitants either having gained technology from their allies in the other areas, stolen technology from their opposers at some point, or picked up a piece of technology from another planet, and in either case reproduced and built off of it. As a result, they have the most advanced communication system on the planet (usage of which is restricted to their own allies), a basic hologram system, and even interplanetary teleportation.



It is widely accepted by the inhabitants of Rokans that there are six major deities majorly responsible for shaping the planet as it originally was and creating life on it. Collectively known as the Rokugami, they appeared on Rokans when it was nothing more than a barren rock. They proceeded to fight over control of the planet, their conflict eventually ending in a draw between the six of them. They then worked together to create the planet of Rokans in its original state.

  • Volks is the Rokain God of Fire and the overseer of the Flayre Faction. He shaped Heiyohga in its original state after Claiter rose it from the planet's surface. He also created the Dracii, and the Rokain Kitsune with the aid of Trajodeas.
  • Solas is the Rokain God of Light and the overseer of the Lumios Faction. He is responsible for auroras appearing over the Polar Light Caps, and the accidental creation of the Kyokuhito. He is also one of the two deities that created the planet's first humans. He has an appearance similar to that of a Kyokuhito.
  • Claiter is the Rokain God of Earth and Nature, and the overseer of the Rikuos Faction. He rose from the planet the four landmasses that would become the continents Tairikohdai, Heiyohga, Heiyami, and Sokohgen. He also shaped Tairikohdai as it originally was. He is also one of the two deities that created the planet's first humans. Rokain Tanuki were also created by him. He is responsible for locking Nenhygas' shape during the Quad War, and then eventually the splitting of the supercontinent. He is a giant, surpassing the other deities in size. He is often seen with a large spear.
  • Lacia is the Rokain Goddess of the Oceans. She is said to be responsible for flooding the planet, creating its oceans, and thus Atlacia in the process. She is also one of three deities said to have had a major role in the creation of life on the planet.
  • Trajodeas is the Rokain God of Darkness and the overseer of the Anko Faction. He shaped the continent of Heiyami after it was raised from the planet's surface by Claiter. He also created the Hitoyugure, aided in the creation of the Rokain Kitsune, sealed the Shokule on the moon after their sudden mutation from Hitoyugure, and created Elevix Magnus and Infinic Juptois in an attempt to aid the Anko Faction during the Quad War. He destroyed the Oceran Gateway in Neilo. He is similar to the Hitoyugure he created in appearance, and typically carries around a large sarcophagus with him. He is often seen as the planet's God of Death as a result.
  • Sokohga is the Rokain Goddess of the Sky and the overseer of the Squallan Faction. She rose the continent of Sokohgen from the planet's surface and placed it within the planet's atmosphere. She created the Karasito, and eventually the Rokain Garuda that protect Neosokohgen. She is depicted as an avian wearing a long, light green shawl.

It is believed that the six of them had also created six more beings known as the Warriors of the Eye, the first generation of Chaos Eye Bearers. The six of them retreated to the planet of Ocera to act as guardians shortly after an incident on said planet.

While all Rokains widely accept these six deities, they focus more on a single deity more than the others depending on their own faction. For instance, members of the Lumios Faction acknowledge the existence of the Rokugami in its entirety, they focus more on Solas than they do the other five.

Marks of the Rokugami

Each individual of the Rokugami has a specific symbol typically associated with them, collectively known as the Marks of the Rokugami. These symbols are associated with them mainly because the Rokugami have them imprinted somewhere on their bodies.

  • The Mark of Volks is located on Volks' left arm.
  • The Mark of Solas is located on Solas' face. It is represented as a circle with a curve within its upper half running parallel to it. To the left and right of it are two small, horizontal lines. To the top and bottom of it are two small wedges pointed away from the circle.
  • The Mark of Claiter is located on Claiter's abdomen. It is represented as a pair of mountains, the right mountaun being larger than the left with a smaller one under it.
  • The Mark of Lacia is located on Lacia's thorax.
  • The Mark of Trajodeas is located on Trajodeas' back. It is represented as a horizontal line, with a curve on its right end that begins to curve upward towards its left end. A diagonal line runs through the middle of this curve. A vertical line runs perpendicular to the horizontal line at the middle of the latter.
  • The Mark of Sokohga is located on Sokohga's right thigh. It is represented as two diagonal lines running parallel to each other, These lines have curves at opposites attempting to loop back on their respective lines, at the left end on the upper line and the right end on the lower end. A small ellipse is found within the upper loop.

Many Rokains bear the mark of their faction's deity somewhere on their being. With many individuals, however, it is widely accepted that one who wears one of the marks at an angle exceeding 45 degrees in either direction shows disrespect towards the associated deity. This is a common trait with those allied with Juptois, wearing both the markings of their faction's Rokugami representative and Trajodeas (or just Trajodeas if they are of the Anko Faction) turned 180 degrees.


While it is unknown exactly how the Rokugami came to be, one idea passed among few individuals is that they were initially part of a single entity. This entity, dubbed Tailenoo, arrived to Rokans at a point where it was nothing more than a barren rock orbiting around its own sun, and before it had a moon. It is said that Tailenoo stopped a large asteroid from crashing into Rokans and hurled it away. However, in the process, he severely damaged his body. He then split himself into six pieces, those six pieces eventually becoming the Rokugami. It is often said that the Rokugami were meant to return to their original state, but have yet to do so either because some individuals don't want to, or there is something preventing them from doing so. However, this is difficult to prove as there is no real evidence of such an individual existing on Rokans, and only ones that would likely know of his existence are the Rokugami, or an Outside Observer.


While the Rokains are divided between six factions, there are similar political systems between certain factions. The Rikuos, Atlacian, and Flayre Factions all run under forms of monarchies, in which a single individual has authority over the faction. The Rikuos Faction is run through an elective monarchy, in which their monarch is elected. One of the Rikuos Faction monarchs wished to expand their territory, which eventually led to the Quad War. The Atlacian Faction is run through a hereditary monarchy, in which sovereignty is passed down. The Flayre Faction, however, has a tournament of combat when the current monarch wishes to step down. The winner of said tournament then takes their places as Flayre Faction monarch.

The Anko Faction is run through a monarchy as well, although theirs has shifted multiple times. It was first a hereditary monarchy before Elevix Magnus and Infinic Juptois appeared on Rokans. After the two of them restored the territories of Heiyami and pulled the Anko Faction out of the Quad War, the faction became run through a diarchy in which the two of them had power. After Juptois defeated Magnus, the diarchy shifted back into a monarchy in which Juptois reigned supreme. Power shifted to his descendants after he was sealed away in the Core Crevice.

Rokain Calendar

The Rokain calendar differs slightly from that of the Terran calendar. A Rokain year consists of 364 days, which are divided into a total of 13 months. Each month is 28 days long, and consists of four 7-day weeks. Similarly to Terra, Rokans has the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, with each season being 91 days long.

The Six Factions of Rokans

When the six gods of Rokans shaped the planet as it originally was and created its first lifeforms, their influence on the planet had also created elemental umbrellas across the planet. These elemental umbrellas varied by the areas each of the gods had influenced. The resulting elemental umbrellas also affected the inhabitants of the planet, playing a major role in spread of abilities. Because this made it relatively easy for the gods to keep an eye on their own creations, they divided the inhabitants into the six factions of Rokans.

  • Flayre Faction: The Rokain Kitsune, Dracius, and humans in Heiyohga. This was changed to humans displaying a strong affinity to fire following the split of Nenhygas. This faction is observed by Volks.
  • Lumios Faction: The Kyokuhito and humans in the Polar Light Caps and the Ice Rings displaying a strong affinity to light. This was changed to humans displaying a strong affinity to light following the split of Nenhygas. This faction is observed by Solas.
  • Rikuos Faction: The Rokain Tanuki and humans in Tairikohdai. This was changed to humans displaying a strong affinity to earth following the split of Nenhygas. This faction is observed by Claiter.
  • Atlacian Faction: The Rokain Ningyo, Rokain Kappa, and humans in Atlacia and the Ice Rings displaying a strong affinity to water. This was changed to all humans displaying a strong affinity to water following the split of Nenhygas. This faction is observed by Lacia.
  • Anko Faction: The Hitoyugure, Rokain Kitsune, and humans in Heiyami. This was changed to humans displaying a strong affinity to darkness following the split of Nenhygas. This faction is observed by Trajodeas.
  • Squallan Faction: The Karasito and humans living in Sokohgen. This was changed to humans displaying a strong affinity to air following the split of Nenhygas. This faction is observed by Sokohga.

Dual-Elemental Classification System

It was several decades after the split of Nenhygas that inhabitants displaying strong affinities to two elements were beginning to be observed, which made it somewhat difficult to group individuals within the six factions. Instead of including such individuals into two different factions, the Dual-Elemental Classification System was created in order to split the Rokains into the original six factions. This would be based on the faction their race would classify under and the second element they are aligned to. Once both of these factors were determined, a prefix was then anchored onto their faction title. There are a total of seventeen prefixes (shown in the table below). Fourteen of the prefixes are shared between either of the involved factions. The Eclipse and Twilight prefixes exist because of differing opinions between Solas and Trajodeas.

Dual-Elemental Classification System Secondary Elemental Affinity
Light Earth Fire Water Air Darkness
Race's Faction Lumios Pure Prism Solar Niji Aurora Twilight
Rikuos Prism Pure Magma Mud Dust Chasm
Flayre Solar Magma Pure Steam Plasma Wisp
Atlacian Niji Mud Steam Pure Mist Trench
Squallan Aurora Dust Plasma Mist Pure Crow
Anko Eclipse Chasm Wisp Trench Crow Pure

In the case of the Dracius, Rokain Tanuki, Rokain Kappa, Rokain Ningyo, Rokain Kitsune, Hitoyugure, Kyokuhito, and Karasito, their faction is determined by their species alone. As an example, a Draius with a strong affinity to Earth would classify as Magma-Flayre. However, for humans, their faction are determined two ways:

  • If both of a human's parents are humans, their faction is that of their father. As such, a human born of human parents, the father from the Anko Faction and the mother from the Atlacian Faction, would classify as Trench-Anko.
  • If a human has only one human parent, their faction is determined by the faction of that parent regardless of their gender. As such, a human born of a Karasito father and a human mother of the Lumios Faction would classify as Aurora-Lumios.

Because there are two different prefixes for those displaying affinities to both Light and Darkness, they are classified as either Twilight-Lumios or Eclipse-Anko based on their species and, in the case of humans, parents.

  • Those classified as Twilight-Lumios are: a Kyokuhito, a human with a single human parent of the Lumios Faction, or a human with two human parents and their father being of the Lumios Faction.
  • Those classified as Eclipse-Anko are: a Hitoyugure, a Rokain Kitsune, a human with a single human parent of the Anko Faction, or a human with two human parents and their father being of the Anko Faction.

In instances where an individual is born to one parent of an off-world species but they are of a Rokain species, their classification is based off their own species and elemental affinities. However, if they are of an off-world species, they are not classified at all.

Individuals with strong affinities to three or more elements have yet to be observed, thus the classification system has not been altered any further. There are also no classifications for the elements of Lightning, Nature, Ice, or Aether. While affinities with those elements have occured, there hasn't been significant occurence to warrant such a change.

Notable Inhabitants

Anko Faction

Flayre Faction

  • Anthony Epiktony Byakko

Squallan Faction



Era of the Six

The Era of the Six covers the origin of the Rokugami and the events leading toward the creation and development of the planet of Rokans and life on it. Depending on how history is viewed, this era includes the mysterious arrival of Tailenoo, his stay on the planet in its barren state, and his split upon saving it from disaster.

Regardless of Tailenoo's presence in Rokain history, it is agreed that the members of the Rokugami appeared on the planet, resulting in a long battle against each other over claim of the planet. After millennia of fighting, the Rokugami cease as they take notice of the stalemate they were in, and instead took collective claim of the planet. This leads toward them creating the planet in their own image, creating the first of the planet's continents, its oceans, and eventually life on it. The Rokugami then retreat to Rokans' moon, from there observing the planet as life developed for the next three millennia.

Era of Prolonged Conflict

The second major section of Rokain history, the Era of Prolonged Conflict, encompasses the first major series of conflicts that occured on the planet lasting several centuries. A leader of the Rikuos Faction seeks to expand his faction's territory, bringing the Anko, Flayre, and Atlacian Factions to war against them. The alliance against the latter three factions eventually shatters, and the four factions fight against each other in massive war that came to be known as the Quad War. The Rokugami intervene on two occasions, locking the shape of the supercontinent that formed as a result of land reshaping, and creating Elevix Magnus and Infinic Juptois to aid the Anko Faction during the war.

This war soon escalates as Juptois betrays the entire planet, with Elevix Magnus seeking refuge with inviduals of the Moorn lineage after being split from his body. However, despite the planet's best efforts, Juptois only grows stronger as time passes, even proving to be a challenge for the Rokugami, leaving them little choice but to temporarily seal him away in Core Crevice. It is at this point that Juptois' descendants become more problematic, not only seeking to free the Hitoyugure from his imprisonment but seeking aid from off-world. This conflict soon reaches its conflict as the current representative of the Moorn lineage- Lord X-Giga-X- and his allies arrive to Rokans to wage war against the Legion of Juptois, their followers, and eventually Juptois himself.


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