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1.30 r(S)


~2.00 g

Orbital Period

445 d(C)

Rotation Period

34 h

Crysia is a planet located in the Terrios star system around the star Asceno. Inhabiting this planet is a highly ascended species of humanoids known as Crysians, who use immensely advanced, heavily Mana-centric technology to fit their needs, having most notably altered their own planet for this end. This stems from their exceptional potential to use the energy.


Despite the artificial alterations to Crysia's surface, Crysia still retains many of its natural occurrences and events, although many of its weather patterns have been artificially altered. Generally, Crysia's atmospheric temperature can fluctuate at extremes between the borders of the equatorial atmosphere, and the northernmost and southernmost hemispheres(such as harsh storms or blizzards during certain seasons). However, much of this is easily managed by artificial sources, providing Crysia's atmosphere at a warm, comfortable environment(temperatures between 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit, altered to fit the designated seasons of Crysia)for all Crysians in all regions(many atmospheric altering devices tend to be local to allow many sanctioned reservations to naturally thrive).


Although Crysia is one combined planet-state, it still refers to its continents by their unique names. Territories no longer exist, except within the Tescara and Hevorria regions.


Taking up much of the northern hemisphere of Crysia, Korria is the planet’s second largest continent. It is mostly known for possessing many crystalline mountains(many of which have been taken to be used for other means) and having the most developed industrial presence on the planet. There are few residences here due to the continent solely used for business and occasionally political affairs.


Connected by a long, narrow strait on the southwestern side of Korria, Retran serves as a unique planet mark as being almost perfectly circular. It is used as the main power source for all of Crysia, converting Mana into thousands of different uses to complete the billions of tasks that Crysians perform daily. It not only provides power for those on Crysia itself, but for the off-world colonies as well.


Much farther southeast from Korria lies Silvysia, the largest continent of Crysia. Taking up most of Crysia’s south pole and a good bit of the southern hemisphere, it serves as the main residence continent for all Crysians that can find a home to settle on. With such little space for the rapid expansion of the Crysian race, it is considered the paradise of Crysians and is highly expensive to live in. Because of this, all of Crysia’s more important delegates and political powers reside here, along with retirees and honorable veterans.


Lying just above Silvysia and east of Korria, Tenakoria is best known for its mass of peninsulas, and shares a “peninsula network” with Silvysia and the continent Densoum. Tenakoria is best known as the political heart of Crysia, since it is now used as the debate capital of Crysian space. Here, Crysians and other species consistently settle arguments ranging from territory to the salvation of an entire species.


Just southeast of Tenakoria, Densoum cleanly curves around the side of Tenakoria on one side and has a few peninsulas stretching out on the other, forming a “peninsula network” with the other two continents. This forms a very complex water system which is both beautifully breathtaking and serves as Densoum’s most notable detail. Densoum is the more laid-back continent, having many bars and recreational areas for citizens and visitors. The entire continent is dedicated to retaining the beauty of Crysia, offering many museums and holotoreums commemorating much of Crysian history and Crysian architecture.


Separated from the nest of continents, Survira lies northward and is closer to Korria in the northern hemisphere. Survira’s mass is mainly attributed to its many chains of islands, making it the third largest continent on Crysia. Each island is used for many different purposes; some islands have actually been sold off for separate use by private owners, while others are used for specific research or other such things. Survira retains archives of Crysia’s history, dating from the time Crysians had first developed. It also retains all data on Crysia’s native species, many of which have been driven to extinction. However, Survira also houses a DNA chamber which retains and can actually reconstruct native animals for a wide variety of reasons.

Hevorria and Tescara

In the middle of the northern and southern hemispheres, these twin continents share a strait. Hevorria and Tescara hold much of Crysia’s history, and have preserved much of the old architecture from both sides to instill the feeling of being within Crysia’s past. It houses much of olden Crysia’s cultures, along with a certain culture of Crysians, which refuse the new technology to preserve the magics used by their Crysian ancestors. Respectfully, Tescara is sanctioned for such uses, while Hevorria has a much more relaxed policy.


Kalarus is the most weathered of all of the continents. Used in the days of old as a skirmish ground, its soil is heavily laden with the blood of Crysians who have fought for freedom, justice, or power. As a form of honor, it has been made into the headquarters of Crysia’s military. It is entirely closed off from the rest of the planet, even including dimensional barriers to prohibit any means of access by unsolicited visitors. Despite supposed secrecy, Kalarus remains open to Crysian citizens who have resided there and is free to be used by Crysians for various means.

Major Landmarks

Despite the massive expansion of Crysian technology, ecology, and biology that has rapidly spread to other planet systems, Crysia itself cannot be replaced. Crysia serves as the greatest mark of land that the Crysians have possession of, as it is the homeland. Its core and mantle harbor an unusual amount of Mana reserves through many different methods, which seems to improve the general health of a Crysian as a plus. This landmark is of great use to Crysians who are able to find residence on their home planet. Although this can technically be recreated on other planets through different means, it does not seem to produce the same beneficial results.

Noticeable landmarks about Crysia’s surface are the many crystal fields that Crysians grow in large reservations in the many different areas. These are mostly used commercially and for military use to provide large supplies of Mana over a short amount of time. Many of the fields are mostly found in Hevira, the eastern region of Korria.

The most awe-inspiring features of some of Crysia’s protected wild reserves are the Crystal Mountains. They are exactly as they are named: Massive crystalline structures that have developed over thousands of years to converge and conform into a gargantuan mountain. These mountains are a popular attraction of Crysia, and are a main power supply to nearby regions, even being used as power cores for large Crysian starships. Many mountains are found in reservations where native Crysians and wildlife live and are preserved.

A notable mention above many of Crysia's stunning features is the world capital: Cryora. Located in Sylvesia, almost all forms of political, military, and economical issues and discussions converge. Referred to as the “central mind of Crysian society,” Cryora houses the greatest minds and talents that Crysia has to offer. Here, Crysians can find whatever it is they most truly desire and can therefore pursue their dreams henceforth with the vast amount of knowledge stored there.


Crysia still has a wide variety of species that are preserved in special locations. Almost all living organisms on Crysia have greatly adapted and/or benefited from the immense amount of Mana or from the Mana crystals that grow there. Much of Crysia’s wild life had gone extinct when Crysia’s greatest technological expansion happened, but thanks to restorative technology, they have been introduced to artificial ecosystems on other planets and in different star systems.

Most of Crysia’s oceans have been overrun with Crysian residences as buildings and roads are built over the surface. Due to this, much of Crysia’s native water species have not seen the light of day for centuries. However, this too has been solved by the relocation and restoration projects used on other planets.


  • Crysian- the most notable species to have risen from Crysia. Crysians are highly adaptive humanoids which are naturally apt with handling and conjuring Mana. Their body structure has been hardened and empowered by many years of Mana coursing through their blood.
  • Traditional Crysian- considered to be the “original, natural Crysian,” Traditional Crysians share almost all similarities with the common Crysian. Due to their way of life by means of magic rather than technology as their common tool for living, they do share a major difference. In most cases, Traditional Crysians have closer ties with Mana flows, although it isn't entirely conclusive as to why. Traditional Crysians also tend to have innate capabilities that are not commonly found within Crysian society, which can be attributed to traditions by certain Traditional civilizations. Physically, their bodies are more welcoming to Mana consumption, but are inhibited in some cases because of this. Their skin is slightly tanner and their facial features more defined.

Native Species

  • Duruv: A very large animal that serves as Crysian livestock. Being an herbivore, they are kept on large, controlled fields to allow proper development. Duruv produce very sweet milk and are a very appetizing source of meat. Although they are mainly herbivores, Duruv may occasionally eat Mana crystals as a form of treat. This can alter its milk to contain magical or regenerative properties and is usually exploited for beneficial purposes.
  • Heranok: an extinct Crysian reptile that had been brought back using restoration technology. With a length up to 30’ and a shoulder height of 13’, Heranok are highly adaptive and dangerous creatures. The default attributed of the Heranok possess a long snout with two rows of teeth, two forearms and two forelegs, two “utility” arms, a tail with opposable claws, and a defensive layer of scales. However, many variations of Heranok have existed.

Heranok are most dangerous because of their bountiful stem cell reserves. From the time of their birth, Heranok will immediately adapt to their environments in a unique way. Heranok young begin life with a thin skin layer and two stubs on their back. Within weeks of being out of the shell, the Heranok’s skin will begin developing defenses or adaptations to fit the environment it is posed in. After a few months, the Heranok’s stubs (by now, it may have grown multiple utility stubs) will develop into whatever appendages are necessary to survive in the habitat, or whatever the Heranok requires the most. This powerful adaptation, along with its arsenal of basic predatory equipment, make it very lethal in any environment. Their quick-witted predatory minds serve to be their most lethal weapon when accompanied by their advanced biological progress.

So far, Heranok were only restored to use them for their bountiful cells for various purposes. They are never let out nor are introduced to any habitat(except for rare purposes and for experimental purposes).


In Crysia’s past, there were many separate cultures that greatly defined the regions that used to exist on Crysia’s surface. However, after centuries of blending Crysia’s population into one great planetary country, much of the cultural segregation began to dissipate.

In recent years, much of Crysia’s culture is completely immersed in the pursuit of higher knowledge. Despite the vast archives of knowledge that Crysia has cared for and stored for millennium, Crysia and its people continue to grow and advance in every way they possibly can due to their natural passion to advance and improve.


Crysians naturally have their own language, known as Crysan. Although some lesser dialects and languages are known, Crysan is the main language that serves the purpose of communication for the speaker, and works universally with all Crysian settlements and affiliations. Although Crysan is highly efficient in relaying information, Crysians have adapted easy techniques and technology to learn several universal languages when confronted with foreign species. This makes it easy for Crysians to discuss and negotiate with other settlements without having to teach Crysan or take a specific amount of time to learn a different language- possibly one their vocal chords are unable to produce.


  • Mana Technology: Although this term covers a very broad section of technology, Crysians have created some of the most highly advanced technology that runs on the most important fuel in the universe: Mana.

    Crysian technology harnesses Mana as fuel in order to perform an infinite variety of tasks, from managing home life to powering Crysian motherships. Specifically, Crysians have monopolized the use of their unique Mana crystals, which capture Mana within its structure at a very rapid rate, and applied it as a fuel source to larger technology (such as Crysian Planetary Battlecruisers). This clever use of the universal fuel has led Crysians to the pinnacle of ascension.

    Since it is a broad term that covers a large range of tools and items that Crysians use(from home holographic mainframes [Which allow the user to perform practically everything via hologram energy] to mana stream transportation), only a few certain items that have impacted Crysia and its military the most will be shared.

    This type of technology includes:
    • Mothership: A large vessel usually constructed off a crystalline mountain as its base and main power supply, Crysian motherships serve many purposes. Their gargantuan sizes can fit well over one million Crysians within and have enough space to fit warships of various sizes within its protective barriers.

      Crysian motherships base their shapes off the structures they are built around, which mainly conforms to a cone or pyramid shape. Crysian motherships have several layers that make up their entirety, from the inner workings to the main hull to the outer shell. The inner workings serve as the mothership’s core processing center, where all commands and decisions are made along with the maintenance of the structure itself. In the main hull houses most, if not all of the Crysians that live on the mothership. The outer shell is where most of the ships are docked along the orbiting Barrier Rings, which serves to protect the mothership from outside forces and preserve a healthy atmosphere.

      Retaining its own gravity system and artificial weather patterns, motherships can serve to be colonization vessels, preservation vessels, or weapons of mass destruction. In the military, Crysian motherships are manufactured by the thousands and are used to retain the perimeter of Crysian space and to explore further into deep space.
    • Planetary Battlecruiser: Crysians, being very efficient with whatever tools are at their disposal, developed a very lethal weapon. During the times of Crysian’s outward advancement, they stumbled upon many, many civilizations which served to be very hostile- too hostile to be let into the cosmos freely. With many engagements against battling planetary systems, Crysians had to come up with a weapon that could utterly overwhelm their opponents.

      By inhabiting a large moon or small planet, the Crysian military first terraforms it to match the required criteria of the structure. They then begin building immediately from the foundations of the moon/planet, starting from the mantle outward. By terraforming, Crysians can reheat the inner core and artificially apply a Mana source from the core, much like Crysia itself does. once this takes effect, Crysians then plant their Mana crystals all about the surface until the majority of the crust is covered. Then, once the planet is approved and has accepted these attributes, Crysians begin to build upward until they have formed an “outer crust” over the planet/moon’s surface. This is turned into the hull of the Planetary Battlecruiser and is outfitted with the latest weaponized technologies.

      Crysian Planetary Battlecruisers are made solely to overwhelm planets and fleets. Due to their sheer size, they can store Crysian motherships by the dozens and be equipped with tens of millions of Crysian artillery. The largest benefit to Crysian Planetary Battlecruisers comes from being built off a planet/moon; by positioning the Battlecruiser into an orbit around an enemy system, the Battlecruiser and then barrage relentlessly from all angles until either the enemy system is reduced to chunks of rock or eventually surrenders.

      Despite their size, Crysian Planetary Battlecruisers have been made in the dozens and continue in production.
    • Mana Cell: The main power extractor used by Crysians, Mana cells are components able to retrieve Mana from Mana crystals or by various other means, including from the very atmosphere. Mana cells that are commercially sold come in a cubic meter, although sizes can vary to match crystal structures. Each standard cell carries approximately 22 kilograms of Mana crystal per cell, which can power anything from a neighborhood to a small spacecraft- indefinitely. As long as the crystal is intact, the Mana cells can last as an infinite power source, under favorable conditions of course.

      Crysians, however, have full access to other version of Mana Cells, such as those that can be attached to a crystal structure or “crystal tree.” These power sources deliver power variable to its size. small crystal trees can be used to power larger craft, while one large tree can be used to power a small city. On Crysia, crystal trees benefit from the planet much better than being off-world, benefiting the general populace with favorable power conditions which cannot be depleted in any amount of time.

      Crystalline mountains serve as the largest power source from Crysia. They are only used by the Crysian military or by those on Crysia itself, due to their rarity. Despite few being sold off, many are restricted from individual use. Few are grown (or actually develop) off-world.
    • Mana Warpdrive: using Mana as a not only a fuel but as a tool used for various means, Crysians have been able to successfully synergize the magical aspect of Mana with the technological aspect to create a warp drive. This essentially grants fast movement over long distances within a short amount of time via wormholes. Crysians have mastered this warp drive use to its science, able to accurately travel to the required destination or an exact location in space.
  • DNA Creation/Restoration: Although a primitive technology, Crysians can use DNA restoration to fully restore beings to their original form- including, in most instances, their memories and quite possibly an original part of their soul. The process is very tedious and difficult, but usually ends up successful thanks to the highly trained practitioners specialized in the subject. This restoration can also be altered to the point that they can recreate new species or strains of a certain strand. Or, in the end, create their own strand altogether.
  • Artificial Intelligence: These intelligences range from androids that can serve multipurpose functions (ranging from a house aid to a political adviser) to Hunters- highly advanced assassin droids. Most recently, Artificial Intelligences have been implanted with the DNA of Crysians of the past in order to try and replicate who they used to be. So far, results have varied from successful to divergent. Although it may seem separate, much of the AI’s intelligence comes from the Mana itself. The magical properties have been known to induce a form of consciousness in most AI’s and have been encouraged by Crysians to be developed further. This has helped with much of Crysia’s AIs in the form of sapient interaction and sapient conceptualization and strategy.
    • Cyborgs/Robotic vessels: as a subclass to artificial intelligence is artificial ligaments or vessels. This can range from an arm or leg to the entire body- even parts of the brain. Although it is not efficient at retaining biological benefits, it is still widely used by Crysians who find artificial implants to be superior to one’s own biological structure. In most colonies and Crysian cultures, Artificial replacement is encouraged due to the immense durability and capabilities of Crysian technology. Since these implants are fitted to the Crysian, rarely is there a Mana crystal required to power these parts. Instead, the implants run directly from the body’s Mana cycling.

      Robotic Vessels, although mainly run by artificial intelligence, can also be implemented by biological Crysian individuals(this is mainly done in the Crysian military). Robotic Vessels can range from starships to mining machines to simple data organization.


In Crysia’s past, there has been a deity which had guided Crysians to advance in the best ways possible. Although not able to make direct changes, the deity Crysus helped shape Crysia into what it would become via influencing the best and brightest of Crysia that was brought forth at all times. Aiding these “deity-blessed,” Crysus pushed Crysia into realizing their full potential. When Crysia went through their third technological revolution, Crysus and the Crysians were finally able to make contact with one another as they sought him out. By the fourth technological revolution, Crysus had formally become a part of the Crysian way, no longer ruling over but serving with the Crysian populace. Today, he is a part of Crysian politics and serves as the home world’s greatest protector alongside the Crysian military. He is most respected and still revered by most.

Although it is prohibited, many Crysians have inhabited foreign colonies and self-proclaimed themselves as their new deity/deities. Because of this, many races of different planets have Crysians as unofficial gods to their worlds. The benefits of having a Crysian watching over one’s planet may have many benefits, but Crysia does not support this kind of behavior and severely regulates these individuals. In extreme cases, these individuals are actually restrained, removed of their capabilities and replaced by designated protectors in order to not instill dramatic changes to these places. Deity representation by Crysian citizens can be punishable by many different means, including permanent removal of memory or of Crysian genetic benefits(removal of accelerated Mana restoration, strength and regeneration, etc.).


Crysia is undoubtedly one of the most influential political figures in its entire territory. With over 500,000 different planetary systems under its protection, with a large portion of it being mutual peace agreements, Crysia as a political aspect has dominated much of the galaxy it resides in. With little threat facing Crysia, it stands simply to spread knowledge and supplies to all those within its range in order to better the general well-fare of Crysia’s neighbors and distant territories.

Crysia’s most recent settlement has involved the dimensional guardians, known as Edge Reapers, to be a common partner with Crysia’s direction in the future. Using its vast military to aid higher universal threats, Crysians aid in bestowing what peace they can to all with the aid of Edge Reapers.



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