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Primary Canon

Finite Eternity



Dominant Race(s)

Infinitely Variable

Major Deities

Eleina, Tilos, Fyuroth, Caril

Official Languages

Common, Inumerable Others





Orbital Period


Rotation Period


Boravel is an average sized planet known for its interplanetary phenomena. It is frequently referred to as "the Sealborn."

Boravel contains a unique aetheric pulse that draws life forms from other worlds to it. All new arrivals materialize at a place called the Keyhole, where they must decide which path to take: Community, Serenity, Freedom or Power.


Boravel is divided into four distinct continents (Selus, Alsiim, Reln, and Alkarath), each patterned after the whims of its respective deity. They are separated by oceanic straits that converge together into a single ocean. All four continents connect together at a single point called the Keyhole.



Selus is a simple continent shaped by the goddess Eleina for community life. It is mostly fertile plains, rolling hills, boreal forests and fresh-water springs and lakes. It is ideal for agriculture, mortal habitation and so forth. It contains many cities and towns across its expanse.

Its most notable city is Rift. A massive city located at the beginning of Selus's Keyhole land strip. Rift is the government capital and specializes in general commerce. Few people actually live in Rift, but rather live in settlements that pepper the landscape around its walls.

The goddess Eleina dwells in the highest chambers of Rift's massive cathedral.


Alsiim is a lush continent shaped by the nature god Tilos. It was designed for life to live in its natural course and is as abundant in Mana as it is in plant life. Alsiim contains habitats of numerous varieties, from jungles to tropics to mountain forests.

Mortals that reside on Alsiim adhere the laws of Tilos and follow the natural order. They live within the forests usually in small settlements, using only what they need and nothing more. As such, settlements are often homes built into hollowed trees, across great canopies or dug under massive routes.

Tilos dwells in the heart of Alsiim: a sacred, vibrant forest called the Glade.


Reln's landscape is a careful balance of everything. It's like a planet of its own in its range of climates. Fyuroth shaped Reln to be the ideal home to any and all that wish to reside in its borders, allowing anyone to live wherever they want and be whatever they want.

The most notable city, Devil's Run, is marked for its crudely crafted black citadel where Fyuroth resides. The structure was crafted by a massive community of devil-like beings who live at its base and worship Fyuroth.


Alkarath is a region full of marshes, dense forests and caverns. It is perpetually shrouded by thick storm clouds that echo their threats of rain across the sky. The sun rarely peaks through the veil of clouds. Caril formed the continent to be a place where an individual could seek his own power and potential, acquire their own dreams and focus on their own lives. Settlements in Alkarath are mostly monarchy-type societies with the more powerful or influential being in command.


Major Landmarks


The most iconic location on all of Boravel. The Keyhole is the centerpiece of the planet and its aetheric anomalies. It is a massive, dome-like cave almost a mile in diameter and half as high, with four distinct openings that lead to each of the Borelian continent's connected land bridges. In the center of the Keyhole is a large statue. At the base is an inscription that can be read by any being; it labels each of the four openings as "Community", "Serenity", "Freedom" and "Power", each leading to Selus, Alsiim, Reln and Alkarath respectively.

The four deities of Boravel each channel a portion of their power into an aetheric vortex centered around the Keyhole. The vortex pseudo-randomly draws living beings from other worlds into the Keyhole. This can happen as frequently as an hourly basis or as sporadically as several days apart. Only beings with enough mental faculty to make a decision on which of the four paths to take are pulled into Boravel.



Native Species





Despite the secluded nature of the four continents, the base of each of their theologies are very similar. The main theology is that the four deities created the world together. However when it came time to create sentient life, they each had their own views on what was most important. The debate turned heated and eventually they decided to divide the world into four equal parts, each deity having total reign over one part


Borelian Calendar


Notable Characters



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