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Primary Canon

Ellon Chronicles



Dominant Race(s)

Humans, Fae, Elvish, Creaton

Major Deities

Mana (Mena)

Official Languages




Orbital Period

Rotation Period

Ellon is a planet of the Manaverse, born of a semi-sentient energy source erroneously translated as Mana. It bears four continents and two quasi-continents, the former of which are broken up into a handful of countries. Home to many intelligent species and races, the people have yet to figure out interplanetary/interdimensional travel, but there are some outsiders in their midst.




Known to Ellonites as The Land of Order [...]


Known to Ellonites as The Land of Peace [...]


Known to Ellonites as The Land of the People, Pereas was the created when the "tenderest of Mana's children" chose to carve out their path to a homeland together. Of these children, two factions were formed by their ancestors. The first formed by three facets of Mana's children all alike in their direct ties to certain magickal leylines buried deep within the the core of the world: the Elvish, incredibly humanoid save for their tall stature and eternal youth; the Fae, enigmatic beings of mischievous character and unbridled power; and the Creaton, furthest in similarity to the rest of Pereas' people in that they were born half of the beasts the siblings so feared. Together these magicked people formed a pact of solidarity in keeping with reverence for their connections to the world and formed the Sy’tri Alliance. The second formed by what we know today as Humanity, the least innately gifted of all of Mana's children. They chose not to form the same solidarity as their extended kin. Instead, they lived alone, exploring the lands not taken by their brethren, ever-seeking to learn more about the land they had claimed than to just honor where it came from.

Issues arose when Humanity progressed faster than the Alliance. Its peoples spread and learned and built and ascended to an understanding that even they could not exist peacefully with. They developed prejudices for the kin they had traveled with, turned against them for not forming together, and deemed them lowly for their lack of curiosity and magicked features. The Creaton, worst of all, for they were viewed as savages––beasts half-born of the monsters humanity and its brethren had sought to escape. These opinions, however, were not reserved for the Alliance. The peoples of the section faction fought each other, in turns; those who figured themselves as the more innovative and knowledgable eventually split apart and traveled to the northwest regions of their land. Into the deserts where no one else would chase them and built up an impressive empire known as the Winoan Empire. Those who did not dare to venture in the harsh climes of the north, settled alongside a massive river and lake which cut them away from the Alliance, and kept them free from the critical eyes of those who ran.

Over time, the people in this second group came to care for one another, not prizing their knowledge above each other, but instead glorifying compassion. These people came to realize that Mana had allowed them to create Pereas as it was originally intended: for the People. Realizing their mistakes, they formed a marvelous bridge and docks along the lake and, although it was not with great difficulty, some began to form a relation with their lost kin. The kingdom that formed became known as Alsonde.


Known to Ellonites as The Land of the Gods [...]



Known to Ellonites as The Land of Innovation [...]


Known to Ellonites as The Land of Magic [...]

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