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Primary Canon

Eyes of the Zodiac



Dominant Race(s)

Humans, Bischotoru, Oceran Liios, Oceran Haktak, Kujira, Karkotoru, Oceran Tanuki, Oceran Kappa

Major Deities

Αlfa, Ωmel

Official Languages




Orbital Period

Rotation Period

Ocera is a planet within the Manaverse orbited by a single moon. It is considered a sister planet to Rokans.






Iartyaxse is a continent located in Ocera's western hemisphere, south of the planet's equator. It is connected to Gesene via a land bridge in the northeast. This continent has the warmest climate of any area on the planet, and the least annual rainfall. A considerable amount of this continent consists of savannas, steppes, deserts, and xeric shrublands. Bodies of water are considerably scarce on this continent. Scattered across the continent are several plateaus, mesas, and other variations of table landforms. A collection of buttes lie near the southwestern edge of the continent. While civilizations of various species can be found on this continent, this continent is mostly populated by Bischotoru. This was also a major home for the Oceran Liios prior to their extinction, although traces of their civilizations can be found in various locations across the continent. There also seem to be gigantic ruins in the southeastern section of the continent, though their origin are currently unknown...

A small island lies off the northwestern coast of this continent. It is said to be the home of a massive labyrinth.


Ymaryn is a small continent in Ocera's southern hemisphere, located several miles south of the planet's equator. It is the only continent not connected to any of the others via a land bridge. The landscape of the continent consists mostly of many types of wetlands. While forests and grasslands are present on the continent, one would most likely find swamps, mires, and marshes. Even most of the continent's coastline is made up of salt marshes. This continent also seems to receive the most yearly rainfall. As a result of the terrain and weather, most civilizations in this continent belong to the Oceran Kappas. While there are few other civilizations belonging to the other races, they usually are found near the coasts of this continent. Though there tend to be fewer civilizations of any kind the closer one travels through the center. This is the result of a rumor that the exact center of Ymaryn is the most dangerous location on the continent. While the true extent of this rumor has yet to be confirmed, there does appear to be increasing toxicity. There also seems to be semi-frequent sightings of will-o'-the-wisps across the continent.





There are seven archways, known as the Rokain Gateways, that are spread across the planet. There is one gateway on each of the continents, with the exception of Gesene having two. The purpose of these gates are to allow people to travel between Ocera to the planet of Rokans. One of these archways eventually ceased function when its sister archway on Rokans was destroyed by Trajodeas. Also scattered across the continents are twelve relics known as the Zodia Spires. (See the Zodia Spires section below)



Like most other planets within the Manaverse, humans are a major race on the planet of Ocera. They are one of the eight major races that have existed on the planet. The other seven are:

  • The Bischotoru, a race of scorpionlike humanoids.
  • The Karkotoru, a race of large brachyuran creatures.
  • The Kujira, a race of large cetacean humanoids. They're considered relatives to the Rokain Ningyo, and are often seen in their civilizations.
  • The Oceran Haktak, a race of humanoid bovine-felid hybrids similar to the Hakutaku of Japanese lore.
  • The Oceran Kappa, a race of small testudinal beings similar to the Kappa of Japanese lore. They are more commonly found within the continent of Ymaryn.
  • The Oceran Liios, a subspecies of the leonine Liios similar to the manticore of Greek myth. They were considered relatives of the Rokain Liios. At a point in the history of Ocera, this race has gone extinct.
  • The Oceran Tanuki, a race of shapeshifting raccoon dogs similar to the Tanuki of Japanese lore.

Native Species





Αlfa and Ωmel

Ocerans recognize two deities as gods of the planet: Αlfa and Ωmel. While their origin remains an enigma to Ocerans, it is believed that these two created the world as it is now. Ωmel flooded the planet, then rose a massive landmass from the ground and split it apart into six smaller landmasses of varying sizes, creating the six continents of Gesene, Caralnese, Iartyaxse, Ymaryne, Naontla, and Loriamarii. He then linked Gesene, Caralnese, and Iartyaxse to each other via land bridges, then proceeded to do the same to Naontla and Loramarii. Αlfa then proceeded to bring life to the planet, at first creating various plants and lesser species before finally creating the nine races of Ocera. Following this, they then created several other beings that would eventually set the stage for a chaotic series of events in Ocera's history. Once the two of them believed that their work was complete, they retreated from the planet.

While their existence has yet to be confirmed, possible proof exist in twelve enigmatic objects that are believed to have been left behind by them when they left Ocera: the Zodia Spires.

Zodia Spires

The Zodia Spires are twelve monolithic relics believe to have been left behind by Αlfa and Ωmel as they vanished from Ocera. They are scattered across the planet, with two located on each of the continent. Each has the purpose of bestowing a mark representative of the Zodiac constellations. Each mark grants the user their own ability, typically having something to do with the myth behind the constellation.

  • The Spire of Ρhami is located within Caralnese. It bestows the mark Aries's Wings, an ability usually bestowed to the flightless. It grants the gifted the ability to grow golden wings.
  • The Spire of Tavr is located within the labyrinth off the coast of Iartyxese. It bestows the mark Mino-Taurus' Strength, allowing the user to temporarily increase their physical strength and endurance.
  • The Spire of Kark is located along the northwestern coast of Ymaryn. It bestows the mark Cancer's Claw, which allows the gifted to transform their arm(s) into a crustaceous form.
  • The Spire of Δidyμith is located within Naontla. It bestows the mark Gemini's Twin, which allows the gifted to create a single duplicate of themself.
  • The Spire of Λii is located within Iartyxese. It bestows the mark Leo's Shield, which strengthens the gifted's resistance to physical weapons.
  • The Spire of Etha is located within Gesene. It bestows Virgo's Blessing, allowing the gifted to perform (enhanced) healing magic much more efficiently.
  • The Spire of Ζygos is located within Gesene. Unlike the other spires, this one doesn't have a set location on Gesene as it tends to move from area to area. It bestows the mark Libra's Balance, granting the gifted augmented dexterity. In addition, it allows the gifted to detect other bearers of Zodia Marks of significant strength within a 6-mile radius.
  • The Spire of Βisch is located within Naontla. It bestows the mark Scorpio's Venom, which allows the gifted's physical attacks to inject venom into their targets. If they are already capable of doing this, the mark strengthens the venom.
  • The Spire of Toξ is located within Loriamarii. It bestows the mark Sagittarius' Aim, increasing the gifted's visual range.
  • The Spire of Aiγoke is located within Caralnese. It bestows the mark Capricorn's Form, which allows the gifted to transform into a satyr.
  • The Spire of Hiidroka is located within Loriamarii. It bestows the mark Aquarius' Deluge, which strengthens the gifted's affinity to the element of water. It may also allow the gifted temporary hydroimpery.
  • The Spire of Ikhθys is located within the wetlands of Ymaryn. It bestows the mark Pisces' Fins, which allows the gifted to adapt to water.

Each person born on Ocera, regardless of whether or not their species was native to the planet, would have a chance to earn one of these marks. However, even then, most would not know what mark they'd have earned. Thus, should they desire to pursue it, they would have to travel to each of the Zodia Spires until they find the one that would bestow their mark.

It's possible for an individual to gain another mark, but only by taking the mark from another individual. This will only work if the former is of superior strength, and infrequently results in the latter being killed. This frequently occurs either when a person did not earn a mark they desired, or a person wants more than one mark. It is such an extremely difficult process for one person to gain all 12 marks that it is typically thought to be impossible to do so. Despite this, there is one known case of this having occurred in Ocera's history.

One individual, whom would later become known as the Zodiac Lord, was born on the continent of Caralnese. After traveling to Naontla, he was bestowed Gemini's Twin. It's unknown why, but he then began to seek out the other eleven marks and killing each of the individuals from whom he stole the marks. It is after which he began to take over Ocera, but was ultimately defeated and killed. While the incident of the Zodiac Lord is accepted in all versions of Oceran history, it's unknown exactly how he was defeated.

There are rumors of a thirteen Zodia Spire hidden within Ocera. Such rumors, however, have yet to be confirmed.

Warriors of the Eye

Main Article: Warriors of the Eye

At some point after the incident of the Zodiac Lord, the Rokain Gods created the six Warriors of the Eye, the first generation of Chaos Eye Bearers. They relocated from Rokans onto Ocera to act as guardians for the planet, most likely to prevent another incident such as the Zodiac Lord from occurring again.

However, at some point prior to the destruction of the Rokain sky continent Sokohgen, the Hitoyugure Infinic Juptois traveled to Ocera through one of the gateways. He then began to attack the Warriors of the Eye, an unprovoked attack that lead to their demise.


Oceran Calendar

The Oceran calendar differs slightly from that of the Terran calendar. An Oceran year consists of 364 days, which are divided into a total of 13 months. Each month is 28 days long, and consists of four 7-day weeks. Similarly to Terra, Ocera has the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, with each season being 91 days long.


Notable Characters



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