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Primary Canon

Dissonant Rhapsody



Dominant Race(s)

Humans, Androids, Angels

Major Deities

Fioska-Zhenn, Fioska-Minske

Official Languages

Geniitian, Suomi, Croitian[Karran]



Orbital Period

Rotation Period

Greniou (pronounced /ɢre.ŋi.ɵ/) is the neighboring planet of Mantua, the second planet to first harbor life, and the center of the Elite Grenian Empire. The planet is managed by 4 major powers united by one leader, the Lord Premier. It is a world of advanced technology joining the ranks along with Ferona, Kaichrona and Crysia as the most technologically advanced. Greniou has served as the starting point of immense advancement in theory work and leading in genetic modification and creation to suit their needs. They are officially acknowledged as the rival or perpetual enemy of Syelsumoia because of their dark past.




Located in the northern pole, Korriaka is a massive skydome settlement residing above the last remaining body of water in Greniou, the Tyxho lake. It is the political center of the planet and serves as the capitol of the empire. The Korriaka region is vastly unpopulated down below but in their respective Skydome states, also known as the Korri Coalition, activity is mostly what it is known for. There are a total of 634 Sky Micro-Domes above Korriaka's actual territory, most of them housing businesses and government properties. However, it is known that the richest of Greniou each own properties within Korriaka, including the Errin family.

Before the sun goddess Zhenn condemned the planet into an eternal day, Korriaka was once a polar region in which a spiraling spiritual pathway once stood. Most of the humans back then would use it to send offerings to Minske, the moon goddess and the ruler of the night, and communicate with her every 11 years or so in the pathway's very strange appearing cycle. Many animals were once found around Korriaka in abundance such as Polar Bears, Whales, and seaward humanoids. Now in present days, nothing is left bellow other than the last remaining [and melted] ice caps which form their iconic lake.


Scomiriv is the territory residing eastward from Korriaka. Greniou's many mines are located within Scomiriv's mountain chains and is a prized territory to their empire. Production of weaponry and technology, thanks to Greniou's valuable and highly revered metals and other solids, is their main provider for their economic infrastructure and trade. Many interstellar ports are located here, a majority of them being ship docking station transporters that connect to warp gates located in their lot of space. Though Scomiriv is near by it's richer counterpart continental region, there are only a few hundred Sky Domes housing the people in charged of Greniou's mining businesses and traded goods. As for the surface world, it's rich sand dunes and rocky mountains prove to be a very popular settlement for the poor and a great place to take refuge from Inoperables.


Nivoxhere is the southern continent of the world and the center of metropolitan activity for Greniou's upper middle class. Though it is surrounded by two other continental regions that favor Sky Domes and emphasizing differences between rich and poor, Nivoxhere takes the liberty of embracing an otherwise horrible environmental situation by means of adaptation and positive works. Greniou's power plants located in Nivoxhere's high peak mountains feed off solar energy and Decay Streams that hit the region and provide a plethora of energy to power it's atmospheric barrier. Since this region is located within sacred grounds where a historical genocide occurred, many of the cities are heavily guarded with protective force fields and frequency-reversing technology to ward off Inoperables and other unspeakable abominations. Other than that, Nivoxhere, with its canyons and beautiful sands, is a popular tourist site for immigrants.

Nivoxhere is also (secretly)a haven for surviving Angelics.


Ierinbynol is a westward region containing Greniou's solid middle class and workers overlooking their great canyons and iconic saezen metal mountains, the Manacle of Reality, and Kelnebynol Gorkoi volcano. It is the first region to contain a portal or entry point to Greniou's housing network named Network 64 and a large area where immigrants from allied worlds settle and work peacefully. The skydomes settled within their Goroki Canyon Straight are of a newer model, capable of separating themselves from the outside world and partially connect itself to the Network Zero dimension to fit its power and supply needs. Its main power source is not found in Greniou, but in an entirely different place: Greniou's well-known moon, Minske. The heavily concentrated Eon-filled moon provides an unlimited source of power for Ierinbynol since the moon contains a Manacle anchor point (much like Mantua has the Besparadon as a major anchor point) to reel in excess of Eon energy produced from the Besparadon back in Mantua as well as any planet in the Manaverse connected by the Manacles themselves. Many generators, known as Spirals, have receiver towers capable of attracting and harvesting the Eon from the streams above and converting it into an energy source. Therefore, this has earned the region the nickname "The light within the void." or the "Battery."


One of the biggest continents found in Surface World, Vieresky is the center of all the continents and is surrounded by the rest. Mainly composed of two split landmasses connected by an ancient energypoint bridge, Vieresky is the home of Greniou's vast weaponry (one landmass itself is a weapon, the HindCore) capable of distinguishing frequencies and sending out Cuttoff Frequencies to destroy any target it pleases. There are little to no SkyDomes left in Vieresky save for a few pockets of SkyDomes that are responsible for housing important figureheads of the Grenian Council and ISE representatives. From this continent it is fully possible to access Zhenn's realm and a viable exit to leave the planet undetected by the Goddess herself. Though such accesses require clearance from the council. Also, many experimental grounds including the DreamScape Initiative take place here.


Surface World

Surface world is a vast expanse of isolated living sectors organized by the Grenian government. The surface world is covered in a vast amount of sand and mountainous terrain which do provide perfect places to establish towns. Since these sectors are not located in Skyworld, there are some differences to them that do define the fine line of living and culture between the Skyworldians and surface dwellers. Surface dwellers are often tossed the "scraps" of technological advancement that Sky World often seems to get, therefore they are often found with inadequate defense machinery and weapons which are of the utmost importance in that area.

The Surface World is home of many monsters summoned by Zhenn that are specifically programed to attack civilians by nightfall, thus creating the Surface World activity known as "The Blood Purge." Surface World is where most of the poor citizens and immigrants settle in, destined to participate in The Blood Purge every night for the right to live another day, as the Sky World has permitted to happen.

Sky World

Sky World is the middle and upper-middle class territorial region filled with one of the most advanced technology known. It is a literal world replicated in the sky filled with an array of plane-crossing domes containing cities and replicated continents. All sky domes located within the Sky World are built to replicate a piece of what Greniou once was prior to its downfall by Zhenn's and Syelsumoia's hands, often replicating it's once lush fields and myriad of megalith trees and lakes. Sky World Greniou, much like Surface World, is positioned to look like its own actual world separate from the material plane. There are a total of 326 Sky Dome "Countries" and 8 "continents" where more than 40 Sky Dome countries are grouped together in. Life within the Sky World is exceptionally well since it is a world that was purposely made to deny Greniou's grim reality under their magical mega curse. Cities of utmost advancement are located in Sky World and are often deemed to be the pinnacles of advancement among the empire due to their amazing living conditions and order.

Network 12

Network 12, known as "Network Paradise" is a virtual reality or technological reality fabricated as a living sector for the top aristocratic Grenians. Fueled by their creation, Techno Energy and nano building blocks, this "world" is the most closest one could get to a perfect life with its crafted luxuries and every perk a virtual reality-like place can make.

Other Regions

Network Zero

Major Landmarks

HindEdge Ruins

Network Gate

The Manacle of Reality

Tyxho Lake

Root of Besparadon



Native Species



Grenians are one of the very few ex-Syelsumoii territories that retained a very significant amount of their original culture, including part of their old language. Most Grenians today speak a variant of Karran, or upper class Croitian. Because of cultural differences, the Grenian Karra has been subjected to linguistic contamination and therefore holds many words from Greniou's original dominant language, Gennii. Therefore their official language is called Genniitian (Genyshan).

Unlike Syelsumoia, Genniitian does not have exclusivity, meaning that anyone living within the world and it's territories are taught the language equally. It is actually against the law to not make sure every citizen is educated in Genniitian since failure of doing so would open up possibilities of others making up "vulgar" sub languages out of it.


The lack of magical experience and mana caused the Grenians to go through a different path of technological advancement. Most of their technology is not dependent on either, more or so dependent on other forms of fuel such as nuclear fusion or more recently, vibration potential. Greniou is known for efficiency when it comes to creating whatever it needs, using the least amount of energy and materials to still produce powerful technology and weaponry. Being a world that has long figured out space travel and warp drives, Greniou has placed a lot of effort in it's weapon technology.

Grenians specialize in genetics and genome alterations, having the sufficient means to alter genomes of various races to fit their ideal needs.




Notable characters



  • Greniou is the birthplace of famed scientist Hycho Klaoden Garnere, and the planet where the Theory of Frequencies and Vibration Identity plus the creation of the Garnere Range of Frequencies was first discovered, worked on, confirmed, and published in by Garnere himself.
  • There is a series of military-genre action figures marketed to boys that eerily resemble G.I Joes called "Action Joes." They are a very popular toy line that was formerly used to indoctrinate Grenian children in the idealistic standard of being a superior action hero that vanquishes the evils of the people within Greniou's vast empire. In The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds Under One, they are a key point in defining various notions concerning colonial commoners of Causica to the newer generations of Skyworld children, thus fueling the growing hate towards Causicans and the colonies in general.
  • Legends believe that Greniou was once the world where Gentuans originally traveled to in order to shut down their highly malicious and evolved counterparts, the Kygarians. The planet in such legends is called "Kygard." None of it has been confirmed as of yet since there are a total of 600 other planets where they claim they are the fabled Kygard, and the belief of such thing only stems out of Greniou's recent discovery of records illustrating the Gentuan invasion in which is called (according to the records) the "Dies Irae."

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