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The Garnere Range of Frequencies is a formal and organized chart listing the various forms of frequencies based on importance, strength, structure, and purpose. It is considered to be a viable range chart that helps organize and explain the inner workings of the Manaverse in function of these frequencies.


Being a categorization system coined in Greniou, its development began thousands of years ago by the scientist going by the name Hycho Klaoden Garnere. Back then Greniou, as other planets, was populated with various gifted beings who could manipulate their immediate space and objects at will. Curious, Professor Garnere spent approximately the next 300 years observing and proposing many hypotheses on the fundamental nature of their abilities: what they are specifically manipulating, and how the techniques or methods they employ to do so.

At around the fifth technological revolution of Greniou, Garenere reached a breakthrough upon figuring out that everything registered within reality released a series of complex frequencies and vibrations which identified their purpose and were manipulable by those experienced enough. A century later Garnere identified many different classes or categories of frequencies, then publishing his works with the newly-formed Interstellar Scientific Exchange to be pushed for further examination by other specialists all across the universe.

The range itself is constantly updated and changed by the Grenian government and the Interstellar Scientific Exchange to adapt to previously-unknown frequencies.

Range and Purpose

Garnere Range of Frequencies
Category Associated Concept Measured Frequency
Void Vacuum Extremely Low
Material Matter Low
Ectoplasmic Spirit Mild
Elemental Elemental Spectrum Moderate
Manalistic Mana High
Radical Psions Extremely High
Existential Strands Immeasurable

The very first tier is solely dedicated to the bare essential building block frequencies that are found within reality. They are the foundation of all remaining frequencies.


Void Frequencies are considered to be the lowest form of vibration in reality. It is the perpetual "background noise" the fabric of reality radiates, which exists regardless of the presence of any objects within it. It is a direct product of Void Vibrations.


Material Frequencies are frequencies that are emitted by anything, tangible or not, verifying its existence within the fabric of reality. They are mostly composed of Hollow Chains that can be replicated and manipulated into different frequency combinations, determining the purpose of a particular object on a basic level. Their vibration strength and fortitude is directly proportional to the level of complexity and primordiality of these frequencies, but in general, it is mild in order to grant maximum flexibility. Manipulation of Material Frequencies has a greatly varied range of results due to the wide spectrum of specific object-to-reality resonances that exist within this class.

A good example of this is when an object's Register Vibrations are suppressed--this results in said object not registering as an existence within perceivable reality, but they will still continue existing merely as "data" or "information" pertaining to the object, which can be reestablished into practical reality if this feedback signal (the Register Vibration) is restored.


Ectoplasmic Frequencies take a mild-moderate vibration type within the range, being considered the medium point of Tier One.

These frequencies are emitted by none other than Spirit. Their frequency structure is mostly composed of a single yet powerful North Residual Chain to further ward off any changes attempted at it's core and a South Residual Chain. Since Spirit is an essential building block of life, it's overall vibration and frequency structure is organized in a way to not allow it to be changed into something completely different at will. However, it's North Residual Chain is weak enough for Identifier Chains to penetrate it and make changes to the South Residual Chain which will slightly imprint temporary changes to the Core. This kind of frequency is durable and changes usually do not last long.


Elemental Frequencies are a byproduct of the process of Elementalization, directly derived from the Elemental Spectrum.


Manalistic Frequencies , however, are the complete opposite of Ectoplasmic and take on a solid moderate vibration.

They take part of Mana itself, the energy that is the primary driving force of the Manaverse and a reality manipulating component by excellence. Mana can be tangible or simply an essence. However, Manalistic frequency chains are heavily composed of South Residual Chains and have slightly weak and easily manipulated cores. Though the reason behind it is speculated to be that Mana, due to its harmonically adaptive nature, needs to have enough frequency chains meshed together to form a much more durable purpose and presence, yet be easy enough to be manipulated by outside forces and therefore meld with distinct life cycles.


Radical or also known as Free-Radical Frequencies are, by nature, not pertaining to any "true" concepts like Manalistic and Ectoplasmic are. Though, they are frequency chains with extreme vibration levels in general, and are the direct result of the Mind Component attempting to exert its will upon the world in order to produce meaningful changes upon it--that is, the principle behind psychic abilities of any sort. They are “stray frequencies” or rather, a mesh from different kinds of categories that are created and then automatically ordered by the aforementioned will of the source (or manipulator). Perfect examples are Psychics and Diclonius who use psychokinetic frequencies (a type of Radical) for certain purposes and can mold them to perform whatever they desire. Sufficiently strong Radical Frequencies emitted by an individual of equally high Excess Potential will, more often than not, transcend psionic potential and instead become reality manipulation.


Tier Two

This tier covers the extensions and sub categories of the first tier. [Prototype and subject to change]





Notable Uses

  • The Godless Projects: Years after the range was officially published, Garnere along with Grenian and Syelsumoian scientists used their knowledge of the different categories of Tier One frequencies in order to craft and breed a being capable of freely using each category without any limits. Normally, any being capable of manipulating something is restricted solely on a single [and rarely a double] category within a tier. Psychics are restricted to Radicals, Pyroimperists restricted to Manalistic, and so on. Up to recent times, it was impossible in nature for something to be born with the ability to freely manipulate all forms of frequencies at a single time. This is how Crebrimpery, an artificial attempt to dawn a being with the power over the range, was born. Out of that, the Vibranant race was created to withstand such stresses of being able to command over each tier at once. Normally any being without those enhancements and power cannot take the strain of constantly sensing and channeling every type of frequency. Vibranants are especially skilled in using multiple tiers at once but usually take a preference to a specific tier but not so much to limit themselves to that specific preference, though.

Theories connected to the Range