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Primary Canon

Cult of Ustream



Dominant Race(s)

Humans, Kapiir, Dragons, Nocturnes

Major Deities

Deskarta, Malkarrys

Official Languages

Croitian, Suomi



Orbital Period

Rotation Period

The Planet of Syelsumoiia is a constitutional monarchy planet consisting of five continents and a rule over smaller extra planetary territories. It is the only planet within its solar system to be technologically proficient, and at the same time, experienced with utilizing magical abilities of its people within its military, as well as in the production of commercial items.

Found within the Syedeoic solar system, it is the only planet in there that does not have any moons orbiting it. Instead, the world is constantly lit by auroras at night.


Syelsumoiia is dominated by a large body of ocean that contains many archipelagos down south and large continents up north. Typically in every noted continent there are mountain chains that dominate a particular portion of an area. Since the planet is notably cooler due to deity activity and tampering, it is a world filled with many wind currents that carry over vast amounts of moisture into the land from west to east in the northern hemisphere and east to west in the southern. Northern and eastern countries tend to be much colder and dryer than their western or southern counterparts because of the amount of mountains obstructing moisture-carrying winds. Typically they only register 10 inches of snow or rainfall every month as opposed to 15 inches per month with nearly every north western country.

In the southern hemisphere, there are not many obstructions that prevent winds from carrying over vast quantities of water from the oceans. The south is in a near-continuous state of snowfall not only because of it's position within their deity's sphere of influence, but because of certain winds from hitting their lands uninterrupted. Such winds are called the Aamurusko, or Aurora winds.

Volcanic chains make up for most of Syelsumoiia's islands. And although most of them are inactive, they are in a state where they release gases into the air, somewhat warming up most places where they are located at.



Metsamaa, also referred to as the cradle of the woodlands, is a continent located along the farthest north (though not quite reaching the north pole), known for its seasonal variety and historic importance--and the fact that it is the main provider of the world's basic production infrastructure. Most of the continent is dominated by dense forests, but contains wetlands along the warmer south. It is also considered to be the true hub of the Rosean Empire, as aside from having a metropolitan presence, it is also the continent housing the Celestial Tower and the Rosean Palace. Metsamma's population is known for their silk trade and are esteemed as the creators of highly-valuable scarves in the world.


Silänteen is the third largest metropolitan region in the world, and the only continent that rests between all four frontiers. Most of its seasons revolve from summer to autumn, making it one of the only places in the planet that is not completely engulfed by Malkarrys' influence. Silänteen's marshes and hill ranges house the remaining population of various species of reptiles usually found in both hemispheres of the world. It is also referred as the Marxus Point and, second only to Croitia, is a region of extranormal activity originating from Deskarta. Due to this, Silänteen is occupied with floating mountains and chasms that harmonize with Mana in strangely unusual ways.


Aurinkeht is an industrial continent, with famous volcanic chains spread through the land. Though once home of the empire's independent nation, Auran, it is now a culturally-centric continent, home to Northern Syelsumoia's natives. The Kartaiervo Volcano can be found in Aurinkeht, which is the only volcanic landmark in the world deemed to be sacred.


Kartaiera is part of the Southern Frontier and the only continent that geographically shares land with the Northern Frontier. It is unique in various forms: ranging from weather, wildlife, and including ancient history. The continent houses most of the Trinity Ruins and, more importantly, the Ketko Manacle which maintains the continent's abundant density of Mana and covers Kartaiera in a self-sustaining barrier that functions as a large-scale greenhouse to counteract Malkarry's influence. It houses the highest percentage of immigrants from the rest of the world, namely from Aurinkeht, and it is also the only continent in the world in which people can be born with special abilities due to the Ketko Manacle.

Kartaiera's northernmost tip is relatively hot and covered in savannas due to it position relative to the Equator, with its geography smoothly transitioning into forested areas and mountain ranges, with the southernmost region being nothing but an expansive tundra. Kartaiera was once part of Croitia over 783 years ago.


Croitia is for the most part the polar continent of Syelsumoia: being completely dominated by a harsh, cold climate akin to year-round winter. It is abundant in religious and ancient history, said to be the original land where all beings in the world were created. Though a number of wars have occurred in Croitia, these have led to the eventual expansion and complete settlement of the rest of Syelsumoia. The original language, Croitian, also originated there. Croitia is considered the spiritual center of Syelsumoia, being a land with heavy extranormal activity often attributed to deities. A considerable amount of Manacles stationed throughout the continent tie it with the Hyphur Plane--this has caused a majority of Croitia's landmass to be harmlessly isolated from the rest of the world.

The Plains of Knowledge, a polar region dominated by Hyphuras, is the source of a vast majority of Spirit Energy for them; most beings settling within it are Nocturnes and the aforementioned Hyphuras, who guard and protect the region. Mythologically, Croitia is said to be the prison where Malkarrys is kept in and the only pathway in the material world leading to both the Netherworld and Null-Void Estancias. Mount Karryshouma can be found here, which is the only mountainous landmark in the world deemed to be sacred.


North Eastern and Western Frontier: Within the Northern provinces and territories, the climate remains at a very stable 50 degrees during the spring months an average of 65 degrees during most of summer, and dipping well below zero during the fall and winter months. These decently sustainable conditions are thanks to the large range of forests found Northward and a great amount of mountain ranges that allow for greater airflow during the year. The coastal plain of the Metsaman seaboard gives way further inland to forests and the rolling hills of the Shiira-- these forests, in fact, are a staple found only within the Northern hemisphere as a result it's constantly changing weather conditions. Although this frontier is divided and away from it's sister frontier, The South, it cannot escape its own share of tundra-like conditions. Moving more Northward, one may find the Northern pole and the Tundra regions like Rosea bay and the Rosean Kingdom Island which house a complex tundra ecosystem of their own.

South Eastern and Western Frontier:

Marxus Point:The small percentage of Marshes found just deep south of Silanteen cuts southward until hitting Peridot forest and interrupted by the dry and frigid atmosphere of the North-South boundary. Considered the center of the world, the Marxus is the only place in Syelsumoiia that has the luxury of maintaining a comfortable temperature of 60 degrees for more than one season.

Major Landmarks

Celestial Tower

The Rosean Palace

Plains of Knowledge

Temple of Zaillernosi

Trinity Ruins

Saezerite Catacombs

Mount Karryshouma

Kartaiervo Volcano


The planet is fiercely dominated by tundra conditions year-round, yet retain many areas and regions most commonly found in other worlds that support life. 67% of the planet currently experiences tundra-like conditions while the other 33% hosts seasonal changes; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn respectively.


Native Species

Nocturne [Homo Nocturna Spiritum]:

Syelsumoii Human [Homo Frigus Perpessio]:

Peacock Psydrake [Draco Pavus Psychicae]:

Southern Kapiir Wolf [Lupus Gemina Cauda]:

Tundra Shapeshifter [Fera Mutat Candor]:

Southern Skullhide [Draco Osseus Pellem]:

Northern Pegasus [Equus Fuga]:



Ever since recordable time, Syelsumoia has always had an everlasting language that is still popular in modern times, Croitian. This language is considered the Mother Tongue of Syelsumoia and the base for other branches of language like Grenian and Helialen-Celafrite. In both the Northern Frontier and the Southern Frontier, Croitian is widely spoken but at the same time the language itself is divided in two forms, Karra and Vespaht.

Karra Croitian, or Classical Croitian is a variant of Croitian that is spoken mostly by Northern Frontier citizens where their civilizations are notably more advanced than their Southern kin. Karra is ironically the "original" Croitian, but is often a rarely spoken and written down form in the south.

Vespaht Croitian, or Vulgar Croitian is the second and more modern variant of Croitian mostly spoken by the common people; notably in the Southern Frontier.


Syelsumoii technology is by far the most advanced of its young solar system. They have long achieved space travel and invented technology that directly works along with the powers most inhabitants possess. The planet itself is surrounded by advanced weaponry and defense forged by the greatest minds to ever come out of the empire, which has been proven almost impossible to breach.

Modern conveniences for the citizens of this planet are considerably well. Most advanced technology the planet produces quarterly never make it out to the public and remain within the military and scientific branches, only letting a fraction of it to reach the hands of the every day Syelsumoii man or woman. In present time they are able to enjoy instant communication via SpecScape; a series of bionic eye lens that allows one to read messages, access public databases, and even monitor their own health. Other things would include nanomachinery and other futuristic-like things.


Legends and accounts from various witnesses through the Everlasting Tablets have acknowledged two gods as the supposed creators of the planet, Deskarta and Malkarrys. The name Deskarta stems from an old draconic tongue, meaning "warm light", while the name Malkarrys means "dark dream." Unlike other worlds where the threads of life have enabled habitation upon an uninhabited rock, Deskarta and Malkarrys are believed to have crafted the planet out of an unknown source. Most popular theories believe the source was from the immensely strong energy the two gods have surging through their very bodies.

Deskarta is considered the core of the planet, creating and maintaining half the life of the beings, and the one responsible for distributing warmth throughout the world in respective seasons. Whereas Malkarrys is considered the guardian of spirits, maintaining the other half of life for the beings, and in charge of reincarnating the Syelsumoii inhabitants and overlooking the winter and fall seasons. Both gods worked in peace for many millennia until the God of Death, Rion(or known there as Zyernosi) provoked them into a devastating battle for the planet. Unknown to them, Rion only did that to implement population control as that is his job. During this time, many believe this cataclysmic battle is what wiped out more than half of Syelsumoia's population. Because of that, Edge Reapers were summoned on behalf of the Goddess of Life to stop the tremendous loss of life. As a result, both gods were sealed within two entirely separate locations; Deskarta within the core of the planet, and Malkarrys within the Hyphur Plane. A prison within the material world and the immaterial world.

However, their prisons were not enough to quell the battle. Although the two mighty deities were sealed, their enclosure was weak. After 270 million years, Deskarta was the first to break free of his prison, ultimately triggering an effect that allowed Malkarrys's prison seal to weaken further. With this opportunity at hand, Malkarrys manifested a proxy made entirely from a fragment of his soul and energy, Nosii; Karros, a Psydrake. In response, Deskarta himself converted his form into a human in order to hunt the proxy. However, not long after doing so, Edge Reapers hunted down the human deity to seal him up once more. Worried about the proxy made by Malkarrys to set his master free and to claim the planet in his name, Deskarta chose a female within a human tribe to bear his sons in hopes that they may purge Karros and fortify Malkarrys's seal. After a series of events and a war, Deskarta's son, Valkoinen, defeated Karros and sealed his spirit within a half of his once-divine blade, thus thwarting Malkarrys's plans and ultimately leading to a new era of peace and advancement which will eventually crumble once the two deities re-emerge and resume their battle.

It is said that because of Malkarrys's seal weakening, the planet grows colder by the year due to his incredible amount of energy leaking through to the material world.


Syelsumoia is managed by The Imperial Circle led by the Rosean Emperor or Empress from the Roseasilmillaan family. Although there is a heavy presence of royal influence in the matters of the general well-being, The Imperial Circle is split up into three divisions that dedicate time to its respective citizens and dictate certain aspects of the Syelsumoi motherworld and its empire.

The Imperial Circle consists of The Chairmen of Countries, or the local politicians that manage each individual country. The House of Continental Ministers, who overlook the Chairmen of Countries and manage Continent-Wide relations and laws. And finally the Circle of Imperial Primes, who overlook other territories of the empire and even have a fair amount of power over planets under Syelsumoia's command. Although these three sub-divisions of The Imperial Circle manage law making and other crucial things, it is always up to the Emperor to decide over relations and have the last word about proposed changes to the government and it's people. In recent times this form of government began to fail due to each sub-division of The Imperial Circle trying to thwart each others propositions and making it relatively difficult to pass Imperial Laws because of constant arguing.

There is also a Kingdom Judicial Branch who is a mediator between The Imperial Circle and the Emperor. If neither of the both sides cannot come to an agreement or one of them challenges an already established law, any propositions are usually taken to the Kingdom Judiciary for the final verdict.


Notable Characters


Creational Convergence

Creational Convergence is what Syelsumoia's First Genesis is known as. Both forces of the mortal world in the form of two gods spent eons upon eons in what can be called a sacred dance between entities in order to shape their world. Unlike other worlds, Syelsumoia was the result of early creational practices by newly-dawned Creational Gods under Areonie, therefore required billions of years of refinement and careful sculpting by Malkarrys and Deskarta themselves. Once the planet was successfully created, both deities settled and remained prominent and watchful of the evolving beings they had placed there. Their kingdom was complete.

In terms of historical milestones, this era covers the creation and early spawning of life. Humans were yet to appear while the only beings walking upon the planet were mere reptiles and bugs. However, time passed and allowed these reptiles and bugs to evolve. Soon, dragons and other intelligent life began to appear.

Harmony between realms

Age of Collapse

Dawn of the Second Genesis

The Frozen Era


  • The Kosuosiikuoeigel is a self defense and state of being mechanism that is innate to those born in Syelsumoia, though those who's family has been in the world for generations tend to have strong Kosuosiikuoeigel forms and are longer lasting. Aside from it being commonly associated with final battles or a fight-or-flight connotation, the Kosuosiikuoeigel is also a spiritual trait that allows the regulation of body temperature within Syelsumoia. Since the planet itself is unbearably cold and even inhospitable for outsiders, the Kosuosiikuoeigel, being connected with the world itself, lessens the damage of weather. Lore states that it was created to be a defense mechanism for when Rion returned to the world. [WIP]
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