Valen Scarletburn

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Valen Scarletburn


Vale, Five, Vhshalenrrysk, Valen E. Errin


24 (Alter Timeline, Standard Canon Time), presumed to be in his 20s (Dissonant Rhapsody)




Eastern Grenian Angelic (Carrier of ProtoVibrana-396 Gene)





Soul Phantasms

Photoimpery, Manipulation of Decay


Cult of Ustream, Sadistica Seins, Scarlet Mercenary Company (Dissonant Rhapsody), Imperial Navy, Errin Conglomerate


Arias Errin (Father), Miquella Azarova (Mother), Emriesk Errin (Brother),Sciana Zawilec (Cousin), Dairo Errin (Uncle),

"I'm going to bury that leather-skinned whelp......"
— Vale livid upon finding out Ziolang hurt Emma.

Valen Scarletburn (proper Croitian name: Vaiilen Eelaizhon Airiesaire [/vei.ɭen/ /i.lɐi.ʒɑn/ /ai.ɾ]; unofficially Valentyn Ariasevich Errin in the Grenian Identity Archives) is an East Grenian Angelic born to Grenian parents whom settled in Syelsumoia. He is a marksman who was part of the now-defunct organization sector known as the Sadistica Seins. Unbeknownst to Valen, he is the son of rebel leader Arias Errin and grandson to the famed Iyoza inventor Canilla Taiyono-Errin. Valen is also the younger brother of governor Emriesk Errin of Korriaka, who becomes, in the Prime Timeline, Premier Emperor of Greniou.

In the Prime Timeline, Valen is featured as a major character in the Dissonant Rhapsody canon, particularly during the plots of Bloodline Purity, Rose Within the Fire, and Non-Existent Frequency.

In the Alter Timeline, Valen is involved in the Cult of Ustream canon. He is a regular member who joins the Cult of Ustream early on in Season One. He appears with his fellow companymen of the Sadistica Seins in an attempted raid on the Cult of Ustream (notably Emma Isokoski, who later joined the Cult alongside him). He plays host to the deity Oikeus until late in Season One, when Oikeus is released after killing Cuwind. After this, he stays with the Cult of Ustream, acting as a bodyguard to Stefani Roseasilmillään and lending his skills as a marksman to the group.


Due to the powerful magical tampering done to him by the followers of Oikeus, Vale's appearance differs from his kin, much to the point where he seems unrecognizable. Vale possesses long, abysmal black hair which reach up to his lower back, pale skin, and scarlet eyes. In his culture it is forbidden and a sign of betrayal and humiliation when a man cuts their hair, so Valen will always act defensive about the length of his hair and will never cut it. In order to manage the ridiculous length to fit combat standards, he trims most of the hair covering his face and combs it over to his right side. He splits up two tails of hair and binds them with scarlet red silk which is a common cultural sign of the Southern Syelsumoii tribesman plus giving him the ability to see clearly without any obstructions. Because of his genetics he is slightly taller than the average Syelsumoii man reaching at about 6'4".

Due to his job as a servant to Stefani, he is usually seen wearing a black suit with a white base shirt and red tie which could arguably be referred to as his "signature look."

At some rare times when Oikeus' influence was at it's weakest, Vale's hair and eyes sometimes change color. His hair turns blonde and his eyes switch to a Prussian blue color. Though there is no explanation as to how it happens, it is speculated that something within Valen is trying to reverse all the changes made to his soul and physical being by Oikeus, ultimately manifesting in these aesthetic changes for a brief period of time.


Cult of Ustream

Upon appearing in the Cult of Ustream canon, Valen was seen by the Cultists as a violent and thrill-seeking man, often enthralled by the thrill of battle. Though unknown to the other Cultists at the time, Oikeus was majorly responsible for shaping Valen's personality; he molded the man into one who craved bloodshed and desired carnage. Valen, under Oikeus' influence, would derive strong pleasure from murdering innocents. Otherwise, Valen was a very emotionally-restricted man, who opted to not express any amount of his inner feelings. This also showed the man's incredible sense of self-control, though his emotional restrictions eventually began to loosen up as Valen experienced a greater degree of autonomy from Oikeus, and became more acclimated with the Cult.

There also exists a deeply analytical and philosophical side to Valen. He tends to express his world views and musings on situations behind his so-called "Perceptual Door" - a state of mind which he created. Towards people he considers himself to be on familiar terms with, he is quite respectful. He never attempts to treat anyone as beneath him, but even with careful consideration towards this way of thinking, he still treats everyone with a frank indifference.

Post-Oikeus Arc

Valen's personality undergoes a gradual shift during and after his ultimate battle with Oikeus. All of the values that he had tucked away beneath Oikeus' impressions of ruthless killing begin to resurface - he begins to value the gift of life drastically more, and displays concern for the safety of others. [More to be added]

Dissonant Rhapsody

In the Dissonant Rhapsody timeline, Valen stays under his moniker of "Codename: Five." He retains the strong, aggressive personality type that he displays in his early Cult of Ustream canon appearances throughout the entirety of the canon. However, his anger and aggression are at dangerous levels - to the point where he considers himself to be an "angry, psychotic savage."

Skills and Abilities


  • Cryokinetic Magic: [Finish later]
  • Crafting: [Finish later]

Inherent Abilities

  • Metallic Hide: The metallic hide, as it is called, is an exclusive genetic trait expressed by the Errin clan of Angelics. Valen is able to manifest an incredibly strong metal "armor" that engulfs his body. The metal is of a strong material which also is easily manipulable by itself and by its wearer. It modifies it's strength, rapid regeneration, and durability constantly, most notably in battle when it senses an incoming attack which makes it adapt to the possible force it will be struck with and strengthens accordingly. In the fight between Ziolang Hirasu and Valen in Cult of Ustream canon, it has been shown to be strong enough to withstand intense heat without melting off and so far has not been pierced by anything but the Impossible Blade. After his battle with Oikeus, Valen gains the ability to dawn Faith Armor. According to Arias Errin, the metalized hide has its own slight "sentience" and is therefore a separate, semi-conscious being, though it has so far not been proven to be a fact.

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Manipulation of Decay: As a result of the bindings that Oikeus had upon his Soul, Valen also gained usage of another ability that he has assimilated into his natural usage: the manipulation of decay. Valen is able to influence the rate of decay of various things, and uses it as a way to extract the very life force of a decayed being. As this is a part of his body, he is able to imprint the effects of decay upon his weaponry, and his use of Mana.


  • Corruption:


  • Desert Eagle: A strong piece of weaponry which Valen "creates" almost every time he fights. This weapon has a powerful reputation of having a fast trigger and strong recoil power.
  • SRM Arms Model 1216: By far the most powerful semi-automatic shotgun Vale can create. The magazine runs parallel to the barrel, and is made of four tubes - each with its own spring and follower. Each shell contains 200 projectiles that can provide a painful and wide spread range of attack for the user.
  • Noire Macabre: The only bladed weapon he has is half of a godly longsword from Syelsumoia. The Noire Macabre blade is the exact opposite of the White Lightning Blade in terms of the effects it bestows on the user and the field.


In combat, Valen adopts a very defense-oriented style that places heavy focus on enduring attacks and keeping his enemies at bay. To this end, coupled with his abnormally high pain tolerance and endurance, he often makes use of his metallic form to provide layers of armored protection. During battle, Valen is often the one to initiate combat with warning shots, mostly done by way of either a Desert Eagle or an Uzi. At this point, he opts to switch to his core defense in order to observe the enemy's techniques, attacks, and to gauge their power. Valen is an extremely patient fighter, preferring to observe in order to formulate a strategy before switching to offense himself. If one were to attempt to classify his style, he would likely be summarized as a 'tank' due to his endurance, defense, and heavy artillery that ultimately deal massive amounts of damage.


    • Attack Metal Formation: The Attack Metal Formation is the more common form of Errin metalized armor that loses focus on taking blows but instead focuses on delivering strong and devastating power. This form is highly manipulable by the user and can adopt sub states such as Aeronautic state or Seaward state, air and sea uses respectively. In this formation the armor is less thick and more flexible. Only key parts of one's body has thickened armor padding in which massive amounts of pressure and force can be channeled at. Valen's Attack formation uses energy such as mana and eon as a medium to fuel its power and ease of mobility which is expressed with various vents extending from his arms and back. With his Aeronautic state there are two spiked rods on his back that serve as a skeleton of sorts in order to produce artificial wings made out of light Mana. [Update this with more detail]
    • Defense Metal Formation: The Defense Metal Formation is a bulky black metal-type armor designed to take massive blows and effortlessly distribute the force equally throughout its durable form. When Valen transforms into this, his entire body is covered in a thick shell of sorts conforming to his body, making it seem as if he is a literal walking statue. The only thing that does not turn into metal is his hair. Instead, it transforms into a phantasmic white ethereal hair which is still not known what it truly does.


Prime Timeline

Alter Timeline

Cult of Ustream


Early Life

Born approximately 11 years after the failed rebellion of Causica, Valen Ellison Errin is the second-born, and youngest male child of Arias Errin and Miquella Azarova-Errin. Valen grew up without any knowledge of his father, and barely any memories of his mother after she abandoned him. He always struggled with an inner beast, known as Oikeus, who often demanded sacrifices and slaughters to keep them alive in a symbiotic relationship. Pitted against a deity-like force and abandoned by his mother, Valen was forced under these circumstances to live alone in the deep polar regions of the southern Syelsumoian hemisphere. At the age of nine, he was fully capable of surviving on his own in the wild, up to the point where he even began to act like a savage animal. However, by the age of 10 he was picked up by a group of polar fishermen and taken to a town near the heart of the Croi Island to be assimilated into a tribe-managed orphanage ran by Celine Borghild, Emma's mother.

Within that orphanage his life changed. Though unbeknownst to all of them at the time, Valen met the individuals who would become his future associates and partners, Klaus Nortigren and Emma Isokoski (Sadistica Seins Codenames Three and Four, respectively). During his time at the orphanage, Valen formed an unbreakable bond of friendship between himself and Emma, as well as a very light-hearted friendship with Klaus. Unfortunately, by the age of 12, his friend Klaus would betray him, and in a blind rage, Valen severely damaged the orphanage building, forcing him to go into hiding once more. But this time, under the careful eye of Emma's father, Edvard Isokoski: The Patriarch of the Isokoskis. Between this time and the time where he is arrested, Valen and Edvard forge a father-son relationship where Edvard taught him how to forge weapons and to sustain himself with mere blood. Due to this close relationship, Vale eventually got roped into Edvard's dangerous activities and eventually made enemies with The Society of Faces. Shortly after his 15th birthday, Valen was arrested after a battle between him, Emma, Celine, versus The Society's chieftain, who was severely respected among the Northern Governmental powers. During this time, his contact with Edvard is completely cut off for unknown reasons, Edvard vanishes, and Vale is left with very little memory of the event.


Upon turning 17, Valen would finally be bailed out of prison by none other than the empress of Syelsumoia, Magda Roseasilmillään. Although Valen was confused as to why he had been set free by the empress, it would turn out that she had a plan for him. Magda was recruiting him to be a part of the Syelsumoian branch of the Sadistic Seven, also known as the Sadistica Seins, however as a bit of a personal requirement given to him by Magda, Valen was to join the military for a short time to learn proper discipline. Within a month he joined the Imperial Navy and was retired with minor honors by 21, with the rank of Lieutenant Minor. In organization, Valen was known as "Five." Under her, Valen would serve the group which would dedicate themselves to equalizing the Northern and Southern Syelsumoian frontiers, and killing off any major political or economical threats.

Under Oikeus' claims, during this time Vale meets Morika Roseasilmillään, whom all believed to have been sent to oblivion a few years prior. They quickly familiarize with each other and the former keeps Morika's survival a secret for unknown reasons.

Timeline Split

At this point, while serving with the Sadistica Seins, Valen would find himself following a life-changing path which would ultimately see him and his partners sent to a different planet - Euthora. In The Grenian Conspiracy canon, Valen is instead sent to Causica along with Stefani Roseasilmillään and Emma in order to initiate the plot of Bloodline Purity.


  • "The doors of perception are merely a fantasy which I shall refuse to open again... Valen... do not fall into that open door again."
  • "A reaper? That's it? There are much more bigger vermin to kill than a simple thing with a sharp edged weapon and a blanket around it. Trust me." - Valen, to Jason Shaver and Judas Numidius during The Debt
  • "Kill it, oh flying Azure one."
  • "AQAWaa"
  • "fuck"
  • "...You do know how sick that looks, right?"

"Coming from a man's perspective, no." -Gaga showing her disdain of Vale's blood spitting, Season 1.


  • In both Prime and Alter timelines, Valen lives his life without knowing of his father. However in Dissonant Rhapsody he eventually meets a monument dedicated to his father, Arias Errin . This does not occur in Cult of Ustream, thus fueling his resentment in that timeline a bit more than in the other one, where he eventually learns and understands more about his father.
  • Vale often expresses his Angelic characteristics during and outside of battle. He expresses his free nature and preference of keeping active rather than idle. Speed and endurance is also a trait he carries from his heritage.
  • The name "Valen" is a reference to the ancient character "Young Master Valen" or "Vhshalenrrysk Ikko" of the Grenian epic "God's Avatar (Dierdurev Fiosko)."
  • Though related to Emriesk Errin, Valen's Soul Component is not as potent as his brother's, hence why his soul and body can't withstand carrying a portion of Emriesk's God Armor without brutally harming him in more ways than one.
  • Valen is classed as a "Fallen Angel." Wingless Angelics are often discounted as defective and weak. They even tend to be born smaller than their kind. Because of this Valen does not have wings, is unable to imprint on beings, nor has the potential to transform into his kind's ultimate form. However, he has an immense disposition to transform into an Inoperable.
  • The "doors of perception" mental state that Vale created to keep Oikeus under check gets its name from the Californian '60s band "The Doors." Further inspiration of said mindset which is the result of Vale's strong mind comes from a William Blake quotation, from his famous work "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell": "If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite."
  • Stores the Noire Macabre and spare ammo under his bed with his underwear.
  • It is said that Valen's resemblance to the Errin family is the least in his lineage. He fails to exhibit the family trait of high charisma, knack for science, and political savvy. However, the only trait he does have that distinguishes him as an Errin (that is not related to combat) is his eyebrows, commonly known as the "Errinbrows."
  • Valen and his grandfather look nearly identical (With the only differences being the eyebrows and Vale's eyes being less narrowed than Canilla's), causing Hisao to think Canilla has returned from the dead the first time he meets Vale in "Strange Chemistry."
  • Arias states that Valen inherited his mother's "Heartless stare." and unapproachable aura.
  • He is classified, racially, as a Grenian Syelsumoii.
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