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Jack Evans
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Jack with his typical kit.









Unknown origin, currently Ferona



Soul Phantasms



Osyrhic Legion, Interstellar Scientific Exchange (Messenger's Memoirs), Cult of Ustream (Cult of Ustream)


Sam Evans (brother), Dean Evans (adoptive father)

"I've truly no idea what I used to be. I don't think that's important anymore, though. What's important is what I choose to be now."
— Jack, upon meeting Judas Numidius during the beginnings of the Osyrhic Legion

Jack Evans is a cyborg of unknown origin whose body design is based on that of a Lycan. A systems engineer and inventor by passion but a samurai by profession, he possesses extremely high levels of both intelligence and physical strength. Jack also cooks as a sort of hobby.

During the Prime Timeline, Jack and his brother Sam Evans form the two halves of Feronite technology and manufacturing conglomerate Evans Technology Corporation, an interstellar supplier of Feronite technology and holder of government colonial contracts.

During the Alter Timeline, he has been estranged from Sam for forty years, and instead is one of the Cult of Ustream's many members.


Standing at six feet, nine inches, Jack appears short when compared with real Lycans, who stand on average about seven feet, three inches. Despite this, he is still quite tall when compared with most denizens of the Manaverse, and is of a thin, lithe build, yet extremely strong. His synthetic fur coat is mostly pure black, with lit ring markings around his wrists, tail and ear tips. These markings change color depending on his current mood. In addition, Jack has long, silvery hair that reaches down to the base of his tail, which is usually tied back to prevent it from getting in the way while he fights, and dark silver eyes which are often barely visible when shaded by his hair. Much like Azzan Dmitryus, Jack prefers to not wear upper body clothing, however he wears lightly-woven reinforced pants held up by his martial arts belt--black with three gold notches to indicate rank--and blackish shoes. Finally, he wears a watch on his left wrist that acts as a sort of second brain, and usually carries his blade housed in a saya on his back, and two belts full of shurikens slung across his chest.


Prime Timeline

In the Prime Timeline, he has reunited with Sam, and is generally a much happier person. However, he and Sam still shared the same experiences prior to reuniting with one another, and so he is still very much the same Jack as in Alter.

Alter Timeline

In the Alter Timeline, Jack is somewhat of a reserved tactician, and a little bit obsessed with finding his brother Sam. Despite this, he manages to be quite open about his past, even if he has no idea of the full extent of it. He tries to help his friends whenever possible, and despite not being a true Lycan, he shares in their loyalty instinct.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms



Jack uses a variety of equipment throughout all three major timelines--Prime, Alter and Drei.

All Timelines

  • Two types of shuriken:
    • 85% adamantium bronze shuriken: Standard-issue shuriken made of a green-tinted 85% adamantium bronze alloy.
    • PSM-100X Concussive Shuriken: Manufactured using a patented process by el-Payraki Weaponsmiths, these explosive shuriken are packed with a top-secret explosive mixture of liquid fire, a near-pure Feronite explosive liquid made with 95% Mana-sensitive esayine--a compound of esayite crystals dissolved in a weak acid, and 5% liquefied pure Mana, bound by a congealing agent, contained within a 100% adamantium shuriken shell. The esayine is detonated remotely by Jack by way of his watch, with the Mana in the compound acting as a catalyst.


In combat situations, Jack taps his previous experience fighting multiple enemies at once to come up with tactics on the fly. However, he sometimes may forget to do this if the battle is particularly heated, and will instead assist others by acting as a control unit. Having been trained in a local Feronite martial arts school along with Sam (albeit separately to avoid contact between the two) by Dean, he is quite quick on his feet and very adept in close-quarters combat. Jack possesses neither a Soul Phantasm nor the ability to utilise magic, but has been upgraded with Crysian technology in the Alter Timeline to compensate.

Jack's main fighting style revolves around the use of his blade and martial arts. He uses the sword as both a weapon and a shield to deflect magical or mundane projectiles or more complex single target attacks, which is usually followed by a blade or martial arts counter maneuver. In addition, if there are multiple enemies at range, he will loose a barrage of his PSM-100X Concussive Shuriken, often mixed with regular shuriken for added bleeding or wounding damage over time. He is sometimes seen using the Reaper Blade, an enchanted ninjato often compared with the weaponry used by the Reapers of the Hell Superdimension, as a tool to break through magical protections.